How to Wear White Sneakers

Best Tips on How to Style White Sneakers

White sneakers pair well with virtually any casual outfit. Whether running errands, hitting the town with friends or heading to the gym, you can’t go wrong with a clean pair of white sneakers. But just like any other type of footwear, there’s a right way and a wrong way to wear these shoes. Here’s how to wear white sneakers in any weather.

How To Style White Sneakers

There are countless ways to style white sneakers. Let’s cover some of the best ways to wear these classic sneakers with different outfits and seasons.

How To Wear White Sneakers with Shorts

White sneakers naturally pair well with shorts of virtually any style or length. But it’s important to choose the right sneaker style to match your shorts and the rest of your outfit.

White Sneakers Outfit

When you’re pairing sneakers with shorts, stick to a low-top style. A pair of Keds or Vans will work well with shorts, especially if you’re wearing short shorts. Stay away from dad sneakers. They’ll draw too much attention to your feet and will throw your look off-balance.

Keep in mind that white sneakers pair with any color, so you can wear them with:

  • Denim shorts
  • Black shorts
  • Ripped shorts

When styling your shoes, make sure that you’re wearing no-show or ankle socks. You want your socks to sit as low as possible. Stick to white socks for a clean look.

Speaking of clean – make sure that your sneakers are sparkling. When you’re wearing shorts, your bright white sneakers will be attention-grabbing. So, don’t step out the door unless your white sneakers are clean and fresh.

Let’s look at some style ideas for pairing white sneakers with shorts.

Daily Outfit Roundup

To keep it casual, pair white sneakers with high-rise denim shorts and a simple t-shirt. You’ll stay cool and comfortable while still looking stylish. Choose a white or light-colored shirt to match your sneakers.

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For a lunch date, party or day out with friends, pair your slip-on white sneakers with a pair of white denim shorts and a colored tee. The white shorts pair well with white shoes, but make sure that you’re choosing a darker color for your top for contrast. Accessorize with a statement necklace and neutral-colored bag. This look is well put-together while still being comfortable.

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For a sporty look, wear white athletic shoes with yoga shorts and a loose-fitting top. A lightweight, long-sleeved top will work well if you’re headed out early in the morning or after dark when the temperature is cooler.

How To Wear White Sneakers with Dresses

Yes, you can wear white sneakers with dresses if you’re going for a casual look. Like with shorts, you want to make sure that you’re choosing low-top sneakers with ankle or no-show socks. Slip-on sneakers are great, but Keds and Vans are other great options. Steer clear of athletic or running shoes unless your dress is ultra-sporty.

Generally, sneakers look best with dresses that are just above the knee or longer.

Here are some style ideas to give you inspiration.

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Pair your white sneakers with a casual black dress and military-style jacket. This look is casual but still put together, which makes it great for running errands, shopping, lunch with friends or sightseeing if you’re traveling.

5 Ways to Style Your White Sneakers for Spring

White sneakers look great with a midi dress. This one has a slit at the front for a flirtier look. The pink color is soft and feminine, and the white pattern pairs well with the white shoes. A denim jacket completes the outfit, along with a taupe bag. This is a look that you can wear just about anywhere and still look well put-together.

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For a modest look, wear your white sneakers with an ankle-length dress. This dress has short sleeves to keep you cool and a deep V-neck to draw the attention upward. Accessorize with a cute over-the-shoulder bag and a pair of sunglasses.

What Color Matches with White Shoes?

White is a perfect color for shoes because it pairs well with virtually any color that you can think of wearing. You can easily wear:

  • White or dark pants
  • Reds, blues, black, gray, beige, etc.
  • Olive, tan, navy

In fact, the colors that you should be worried about come from matching your tops and bottoms rather than your shoes. White shoes are some of the most versatile. You can even wear animal print pants or hot pink and your shoes won’t look out of place.

White jeans and shoes also go together, but if you go all white, it may be overkill and look out of place, especially if you have a light skin tone.

If you want to wear brown, grey or black dress pants with your shoes, they’ll still look great. Choosing white shoes is opting for one of the rare shoe colors that go well with virtually anything you own.

The one problem is keeping them clean.

If you’re going to choose white shoes as your go-to shoe option, you want to make it a point to take good care of them and clean them often. Wearing white pants and shoes looks great, but if the shoes have scuff marks or dirt on them, they will stand out for all of the wrong reasons.

How To Wear White Sneakers with Jeans

Jeans and white sneakers are a match made in fashion heaven, and it’s a style that you’ll want to really embrace. You can rock out with these styles in summer, fall, spring and winter, and they’re a safe classic.

If you want a look that never really goes out of style, this is it.

So, how do you wear white sneakers with jeans? Let’s take a look.

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A look that we adore. This outfit is simple yet fun and classy. You’ll want to grab your white sneakers and add in a:

  • Tucked-in light top
  • Blue jeans
  • Dark coat
  • Black socks

And add in any accessories that you like. A black purse and socks really make the difference here because they create a beautiful contrast with your white sneakers.

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Classy and comfortable, this is another hip look featuring ripped or distressed jeans. You’ll want to wear your white sneakers, light blue jeans and a dark top. If it’s cooler outside, like in the fall, add in a mid-tone jacket.

And don’t forget to accessorize here.

Add in a purse and glasses, ideally the same color as your shirt and jacket, respectively, to finish your look.

10 Ways to Wear White Jeans After Labor Day

White on white is often a big “no-no,” but it’s the perfect combination when it involves your sneakers and jeans. White jeans are a great option that is in style right now, but you need to be careful with the rest of your outfit here.

We highly suggest avoiding any additional white attire, but you might be able to get away with a white purse because you’ll be wearing:

  • Dark color shirt. Ideally, a dark gray or even summery tones.
  • Dark jacket – a must-have.

If you opt for the jacket, you can add in a white purse or clutch to finish the look. But you can also leave them at home if you’re going to a festival or event and would rather not have to lug around these accessories.

How To Wear White Sneakers in Winter


If you don’t know how to wear white sneakers in winter, you’re not alone. White can clash with snow on the ground and look out of place during the winter months. But if you put the right outfit together, you’ll look and feel great.

Julia, in the video above, recommends her own rule of 5 for wearing white sneakers.

And it’s a concept that we agree with here.

  • Choose 5 outfits that you would like to wear with your white sneakers
  • If you don’t find five outfits that you’ll wear with the sneakers, you don’t buy them

However, some ideas for styling your outfit around your white sneakers are:

  • Black pants/leggings and top to allow the sneakers to pop with a nice cape
  • Black turtleneck and leggings
  • Jeans and hoodie
  • Gray or darker chunky sweater dress

As you’ve seen in the rest of the article, white is one of the best shoe choices you can make because it’s versatile.

Once you know how to wear white sneakers with your outfits, you’ll have a go-to, plain sneaker that looks stylish and fits well with all of the outfits you put together. However, if you have a basic white sneaker, it may not look good with a very fancy dress – depending on the style. You can also swap sneakers out for shoes in this case, and they’re bound to look fabulous.

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