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7 Black Quartz Countertops to Make Your Kitchen Look Amazing

Want to transform your kitchen in a bold, modern way? Get black quartz countertops! Black countertops are the latest trend in kitchen design. They’re sleek, and they can add gorgeous contrast against white cabinets and light flooring. Plus, quartz offers many benefits as a countertop material.

If you’re looking to update your kitchen, we have 7 amazing examples of black quartz counters to inspire you.

7 Black Quartz Countertops to Make Your Kitchen Look Amazing

1. Matte Black Quartz

The matte finish of these black quartz countertops helps soften the space. Shiny black counters can be gorgeous, but they can also be a little intimidating or, at times, cold. A matte finish will help make your kitchen a little more inviting and help create that rustic modern farmhouse look that everyone adores.

The light gray veins in this particular countertop add a marbled effect and character to the space. We love that the matte finish also creates a soapstone-like effect.

A countertop like this pairs well with light gray or cream cabinets, black appliances and black windows.

We also love the built-in, undermount sink on the island, which allows you to prepare food while conversing with guests.

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2. Large Vein Pattern

One big advantage of quartz is that you have so many options when it comes to the look and style. We love veined quartz because it mimics the look of natural stone. Some black quartz countertops counters have small veins that are also beautiful, but there’s something special about ones with prominent veins.

They make a statement, and they catch your eye.

The large white veining on these black countertops complements the off-white cabinets and helps tie the whole look together. The matte finish softens the space and is perfect for kitchens with bright overhead lighting.

3. Marquina Midnight Quartz

These Marquina Midnight quartz countertops are bold and elegant. We love the large white veining and the 3D effect it creates. This particular countertop has a polished finish, which can help make a smaller kitchen look bigger.

It comes in 2cm and 3cm sizes, so you can choose whichever one works best for your kitchen.

These countertops look beautiful paired with beige or white cabinets, and they work well in both modern and more traditional style kitchens.

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4. Cambria Charlestown

Nebraska Furniture Mart offers 3cm black quartz countertops from Cambria. Lovingly called Charlestown, these countertops feature white and gray veining that meanders along the surface.

The great thing about these countertops is that they are backed by a full lifetime warranty and are sustainably produced. They’re also made in the U.S.

The polished finish adds to the richness and elegance of these countertops, and they pair well with just about any color cabinet, even dark wood.

The veining and style of these countertops make them best-suited for modern kitchens, but with the right colors and cabinet styles, they can look gorgeous in a farmhouse-style kitchen.

These counters work really well for islands, and they look stunning with undermount sinks – especially black steel farmhouse sinks. The all-black look creates a seamless, modern kitchen. You could even use this same material for the backsplashes in your kitchen.

5. Vesuvius Solid Black Quartz

If you prefer the look of solid black quartz countertops, Wilsonart’s Vesuvius is an excellent option. This fine scale countertop has just the slightest hint of white or glass spec, which creates a virtually solid black look.

This is a black countertop that can work in just about any kitchen, whether you have light or dark cabinets.

In the kitchen above, the black windows and dark cabinets complement the dark countertops, while the light backsplash adds terrific contrast. The color combinations create a warm and cozy space.

If you’re going to go with dark cabinets and windows, consider choosing a copper or stainless steel sink rather than black steel. Copper or stainless will add wonderful contrast against the dark countertops and cabinets.

Plus, Wilsonart’s countertops are backed by a 10-year warranty. Their quartz countertops are non-porous, so they’re highly resistant to stains, chemicals, heat and moisture. It’s the perfect material for a home kitchen.

6. Black Counters with Gold Veining

If you’re going for an elegant, modern look, these black counters with gold veining are perfect. Gold is such a wonderful contrast against the rich black and charcoal colors of these counters.

If you have warm tones in your kitchen, counters like these will really complement your space and help tie the whole look together. But even if you don’t, the warmth from the gold veining will help soften the kitchen and make it more inviting.

And if you’re open to more options, you can also find gorgeous black and gold quartzite countertops with more dramatic patterns, like the one below:

These patterns may be too dramatic for some people’s tastes, but for an island, it could add character without being too overwhelming.

Of course, you can find variations of black and gold quartz countertops. Some have subtler shades of beige or brown. But this color combo really helps create a natural, earthy look in the kitchen.

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7. Simple Black Quartz

These black quartz countertops look stunning in this modern kitchen and pair well with the black and stainless steel appliances. Pendant lights and a matching black sink really tie the whole thing together. The black and brown seating is a nice touch.

The white veining matches the cabinets, and we also love how they extended the countertop on each end to wrap around all the way to the floor. It creates a seamless look that takes the kitchen up a notch.

For a small and modern kitchen like this, it’s the small details that make the space both functional and beautiful.

The wrapped countertops also make maintenance a breeze. There’s no need to worry about knicks, spills and other issues that can come with wooden islands.

While these homeowners chose white veined quartz, you could easily choose a light gray or brown veining for your own kitchen countertops.