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22 Best Family Halloween Costumes to Try in 2023

Need help planning your family Halloween costumes? We have 22 costumes for you to try this year.

22 Best Family Halloween Costumes to Try in 2023

1. S’mores

Here’s the perfect costume to celebrate Halloween and the fall season. Mom and Dad can dress up as graham crackers (use brown foam and yarn to DIY it!). The kids can dress up as marshmallows and chocolate bars. We love that they decorated their wagon to look like a bonfire.

2. Sugar Skull Family

This sugar skull family costume is more elaborate, but so worth it. You’ll need a few guitars, sugar skull makeup and skeleton jumpsuits. You can wear clothes from your closet, or head to the thrift store to find the perfect attire for your costume.

3. Troll Family

We love fun and wholesome family Halloween costumes like this one. Everyone can dress up like a character from the Troll movies, including Prince Gristle, Poppy, Branch and DJ Suki.

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4. Beetlejuice

Looking for costumes that are a bit freakier? This family dressed up as characters from Beetle Juice, and the parents look horrifying. To recreate their spooky costumes, you can find Adam and Barbara masks online. The little ones can dress as Beetlejuice and Lydia.

5. Home Alone

If you’re looking for a super simple but fun costume idea, dress up as the characters from Home Alone.

Mom and Dad can dress up as Marv and Harry, and the little one can dress up as Kevin. For Harry’s costume, glue some feathers to a beanie. For Marv, you’ll need makeup to recreate the iron burn on his forehead. A little beanie and a red sweater will help the little one look like Kevin.

6. Mars Attacks!

This family costume idea pays homage to the 1996 film Mars Attacks! Mom and Dad can dress up as President James Dale and Martian Girl. The kids can dress up as Martians.

7. Family of Aliens

If Mars Attacks! isn’t your thing, you can dress up as a family of aliens and an astronaut. The kids can dress up as aliens in spaceships. Mom and Dad can dress up as the astronaut and alien leader.

8. Mario Family

Mario Bros is an iconic video game series loaded with fun characters that the whole family can dress up as, including Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Toad and Princess Peach.

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9. Bank Robbers

Here’s a fun family costume that’s really easy to put together. Wear striped shirts, black pants, combat boots, black beanies, and robber mask and gloves.

10. Addams Family

One of the best family Halloween costumes is Addams Family. Everyone can play a different role, from Morticia to Gomez, Wednesday and Pugsley.

11. Farmer Family

Farming is an honest, hard profession that keeps the world turning. You’ll love this little cow costume for your toddler, but mom and dad also get to have fun. He can wear a traditional farmer’s costume with overalls, a pitchfork and a button-down shirt.

She can wear a similar shirt, jean pants and a cowboy hat to complete the costume.

12. Monster Mash

It’s a Monster Mash, or it will be when your family crashes the party as the Werewolf, Mummy, Frankenstein (adult costume), Wicked Witch and other classic Halloween costumes. With the Monster Mash theme, you have so many options for costumes that you can wear time and time again.

13. Wizard of Oz

Wizard of Oz has so many options for a family, so you can pick and choose your favorite characters from the movie. You’ll love the Adult Lion, DorothyTin Man, Wicked Witch and Glinda options.

14. The Weather

Weather family Halloween costumes are cute and quirky. You’ll find a lot of great options, such as a little rainbow or sunshine costume for kids. Adults may have to be creative to create their costumes, especially for the lightning.

15. The Flintstones

The Flintstones is a fast and easy costume option to recreate. You’ll find Fred and Wilma’s costumes are easy to find. Finally, Bamm Bamm is an easy costume to find, or you can choose a cute Pebbles costume if you like.

16. Rock, Paper, Scissors

A family that plays rock, paper, scissors together is one that stays together. You’ll find this costume a fun option to DIY. However, there are some costumes that can help you speed up the process. This is a complete family costume that you’ll love.

17. Where’s Waldo

Where’s Waldo? The search is on, and it looks like you and your family may all be Waldo. Adults can use this unisex costume, and kids will appreciate this adorable costume.

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18. Grinch Family

A list of family Halloween costumes without the Grinch isn’t much of a list at all. You’ll find this costume to be a lot of fun. He will need a Grinch costume, a Cindy Lou costume for your little one and, for her, a Martha May Whovier costume.

19. Ghostbusters

Are you ready to zap ghosts with your partner? Ghostbuster costumes are a fun choice. You’ll find great costumes for him and her. And for the ghost, this costume is perfect for your little one.

20. The Incredibles

The Incredibles are the iconic superhero family that will save the world – including baby Jack Jack. You’ll find costumes for him, her and the baby. If you have a puppy, there are also dog costumes that you can buy.

21. Ice, Ice Baby

Yes, we’re talking about the iconic Vanilla Ice song, but it’s just a play off of the lyrics. Both adults will need to dress up as bags of ice and baby can be dressed in blue and really completes the costume.

22. Chicken Coop

Farmers with an adorable, little chicken coop filled with kids. If you live out in the countryside, you’ll appreciate this costume. You’ll need to outfit your children first, and we love this costume.

Adults will need a pair of overalls (men and women), cowboy hat and a plaid shirt (men and women).