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7 Best Bean Bag Chairs We Love the Most

The iconic bean bag chairs has been transforming the way we think about home furniture since the 1990s. They are cool, comfortable and can fit easily to any room. Here are seven of the best bean bag chairs you can buy online. 

7 Best Bean Bag Chairs We Love the Most

1. Chill Sack Bean Bag Chair & Lounger

Bean Bag Chair & Lounger

Chill Sack is one of the best bean bag chairs. It’s big enough for the whole family, but it’s also:

  • Tear resistant
  • Filled with foam – and refillable, too!
  • Protected by a machine washable cover

Unlike other bean bag chairs, Chill Sacks are filled with comfortable foam. And the removable cover is made from a luxuriously soft microsuede that’s easy to maintain.

The Chill Sack chair and lounger come in dozens of colors (black, brown, navy, charcoal, cream, etc.) and has a large size of 34” H x 60” D x 60” W.

With a weight of 57 pounds, this bean bag lounger isn’t going anywhere. At the same time, it’s still light enough to move around the room if you decide to change the layout of your room.

Chill Sacks are great for small spaces because you can place them just about anywhere, even in awkwardly shaped corners.

And because this chair is filled with shredded foam, it conforms to your natural body shape when you sit in it. It’s so comfortable, you could easily take a nap. Just don’t let the dog know how comfortable it is – you may never get it back!

Like other foam-filled chairs, Chill Sacks take about three days to expand fully, so give it a few days before you start using your new seat.

2. Homguava Giant Bean Bag Chair Sofa

Homguava Giant Bean Bag Chair Sofa lovesac alternative amazon

The Homguava bean bag sofa is the elegant version of the classic bean bags. With a six-foot diameter and a height of 34-38″ when fully fluffed, this chair provides ample space to relax. Filled with shredded foam, it offers a cloud-like seating experience, while the soft and delicate imitation mink fabric adds a touch of warmth. What we like about this bean bag is that it looks much better than most of the bean bags. 

Its versatile use makes it perfect for the bedroom, living room, office, or game room. The easy-to-maintain sofa cover is water-resistant, and if there are any stains, a gentle wipe with a soft wet towel will make it look as good as new. Make sure to check more details about this amazing bean bag sofa – available here on Amazon

3. Big Joe Memory Foam Bean Bag Sofa

Big Joe Extra Large Memory Foam Bean Bag Sofa

Looking for the best bean bag chairs that are big enough to be used as sofas? Big Joe’s Fuf Media Lounger chair is a great option.

Big Joe claims that their Fuf Media Lounger will never go flat and that it’s big enough to fit two people – but we won’t judge if you don’t want to share.

One thing we love about this bean bag chair is that it has sewn-in handles, which makes it easy to move around the room and to re-fluff when needed. Other bean bag chairs can be awkward to move. You need to roll them around the room, and it can be a pain to get them back into the right spot.

The Fuf Media Lounger is filled with comfortable shredded foam and has a large size: 74” W x 49” D x 32.5” H. And with a weight of 43.5 pounds, this chair is still easy to move on your own.

The chair arrives compressed, so it will take a few days to fluff out and reach its intended size.

4. Sofa Sack – Plush Bean Bag with Super Soft Microsuede Cover

Sofa Sack - Plush Bean Bag

Sofa Sack’s plush bean bag is extra large at 7.5 feet in length. Filled with memory foam and made with a microsuede cover, the jumbo bean bag is a great choice for kids, adults – anyone.

You can easily fit two or more adults on this bag.

Charcoal is the most popular color choice, but you can choose from an array of color options, including green, pink, purple and over a dozen others. Product dimensions are 48″D x 90″W x 34″H.

However, this is a 100% beanless bean bag and uses soft microfoam instead. The foam is malleable and contours to your body, making it even more comfortable and form-fitting. Double stitching is used in the entire construction of the bag to make it as durable and long-lasting as possible.

5. Chill Sack Bean Bags Large Bean Bag, 7-Feet, Charcoal Micro Suede

Chill Sack Bean Bags Large Bean Bag Amazon

Chill Sack’s bean bag chair features a 7-foot radius, making it a large seat perfect for fitting two or three adults. The micro suede fabric has a charcoal gray color, which is perfect for frequent use. Stains and spills are easy to hide on this color, but you can also choose from numerous other colors, including camel, chocolate, navy, red, purple, blue and many more.

Microfiber surrounds the memory foam interior, which maximizes comfort and helps the bean bag maintain its shape.

The bag is a bit heavy at 98 pounds, so you’ll need some help moving it to its desired location. Dimensions for this model are 84″D x 84″W x 34″H.  A few of the additional perks that make this bag one to try, include:

  • Inner liner features a safety zipper to keep children safe
  • Furniture-grade memory foam maintains its shape even with daily use
  • Removable cover is machine washable (just put your unit on cold)

Even if you’re near 6’7”, you’ll fit on this alternative with ease. If you do lose stuffing over time, you can purchase more from the manufacturer.

One thing to certainly keep in mind is that this is one very large bag – be sure you have the space for it.

6. Intex Classic Beanless Bag Chair

Intex Classic Beanless Bag Chair

Intex’s beanless bag chair is one of the refillable options that people absolutely love. The bag is just the right size to sit on and watch a movie or play video games on. You can inflate or deflate the bag whenever you like.

If you don’t have enough seating room for guests, pull out this chair and inflate it.

Save room when your guests leave by deflating it and storing it away. Unlike some of the memory foam models on this list, the weight is a mere 5.5 pounds, and the chair can be inflated to maximum dimensions of 27” H x 41” W x 42” D.

Anyone with kids will be happy to know that the upholstery is made from PVC material and designed to be water resistant. The water resistance minimizes the risk of stains and keeps the bag looking like new for years to come.

The solid, light gray color looks great in any space, but keep in mind that the closure is not childproof. Since this alternative is filled with air and not foam, there is also a risk of air leaks occurring if you plop down on the chair too hard or puncture it.

For this reason, I recommend the Intex model for adults or mindful teens and not younger kids who may puncture the exterior.

7. Grovelane Large Sunbrella® Bean Bag Sofa

Grovelane Large Sunbrella® Outdoor Friendly Bean Bag Sofa

Grovelane Large Sunbrella® offers one of the best bean bag chairs with a massive bean bag sofa. Offered in seven color options to fit in any space.

Pre-filled and made of foam, the sofa has a zipper closure and tear resistant fabric, perfect for kids or pets. You’ll find this sofa fits just right in a home theater or family room. Two adults can comfortably sit or lay on the sofa, which has a smooth, micro suede material.

Soft and comfortable, the sofa weighs 27 lb. and has dimensions of 27.5” H X 51.25” W X 36.5” D.

What makes this bean bag chair so impressive?

  • Amazing sofa-like design 
  • Durable, soft material makes you feel like you’re sitting or lying on a cloud
  • Perfect for outdoor use as well

 The foam is designed to maintain its shape for years of use without losing its firm yet soft feel that keeps you sitting on it day after day.