15 Creative Master Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas
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15 Creative Master Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas

Do you have an unused corner in your bedroom? Maybe you have some extra space at the end of your bed. These empty spaces are perfect places to add seating. Whether you want to create a reading corner or a place to relax after a long day, we have 15 creative master bedroom sitting area ideas that you’re sure to love.

15 Creative Master Bedroom Sitting Area Ideas

1. Cozy Neutral Sitting Area

Here’s a sitting area that will fit into any space – no matter your style. The neutral colors make the space feel so cozy and inviting.

We love the macrame wall art and the olive plant in the corner. They both add texture and natural beauty to this bright corner.

How to Recreate This Space in Your Room

2. Rose Gold Reading Corner

Looking for master bedroom sitting area ideas with a feminine twist? This rose gold reading corner is gorgeous.

Everything from the cozy armchair to the footrest, feathery accents and arched mirror pairs together perfectly.

Just kick up your feet and dive into your favorite book, or use this space to knit, crochet or just relax.

How to Recreate This Space in Your Room

3. Lounge Chair Seating

The chaise lounge in this sitting area looks like the perfect place for an afternoon nap. At night, the flickering candle and floor lamp can really transform this little spot into a cozy place to unwind.

Adding fresh flowers, a warm throw blanket and a pillow just take the comfort level up a notch.

While this space is simple, the colors and farmhouse style make it a focal point of the bedroom.

How to Recreate This Space in Your Room

4. The Ultimate Reading Nook

Bedroom sitting areas don’t get much cozier than this! This master bedroom has two large chaise lounges that are about the size of a twin bed, with a beautiful round table between the two. Foot stools at the end of the loungers provide an extra place to sit and relax.

Lamps are attached to each lounge to allow for some late-night reading.

Add in a plush rug and throw blankets, and you have a sitting area you won’t ever want to leave.

How to Recreate This Space in Your Room

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5. Bench and Armchair Sitting Areas

If you have a spacious master bedroom, you can create two sitting areas – one at the end of the bed and one in the corner.

This colorful bedroom is so bright and inviting, but if your room doesn’t get as much natural light, you can swap the bright patterns for neutral ones.

How to Recreate This Space in Your Room

6. Fancy Reading Area

Looking for antique or Victorian-style master bedroom sitting area ideas? This space combines contemporary and vintage together for a fancy reading nook.

The oversized armchair is made in the French provincial style, and its velvety upholstery looks so plush and comfortable.

The dark gray and black colors are a nice contrast against the light gray walls, and the plant helps soften up the space.

How to Recreate This Space in Your Room

7. A Reading Corner for Two

If you have a little alcove in your bedroom, you can create this reading corner for two. This cozy space has two comfortable armchairs, an ottoman coffee table, floor lamps for reading and a side table.

The blue and brown color scheme is grounding and calming, making it the perfect place to escape to after a stressful day.

We’re not big fans of the dark and velvety drapes in this room, but they do complement the floors. Light-colored window treatments would make the space feel more open and bigger.

How to Recreate This Space in Your Room

8. Fireside Sofas

This master bedroom sitting area is so dreamy with the cozy fire and sofas. If you have a large master bedroom, you can recreate this space, even if you don’t have a fireplace.

It’s like having another living room in your bedroom.

The neutral colors make this an idea that can work with any style or color scheme. Make sure that you face the sofas towards each other to create a space that makes it easy to converse and enjoy time together.

How to Recreate This Space in Your Room

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9. Cottage Sitting Area

The colors and style of this sitting area remind us of a cozy English cottage. The pale blue and creamy white colors are calming and help brighten up the space.

Hanging your drapes high up on the walls, like they’ve done here, will make your room feel so much more spacious. Adding throw blankets and fresh flowers will help make the space even more inviting.

The blue and cream colors in this space work best for bedrooms with lots of natural light.

How to Recreate This Space in Your Room

10. Simple, Earthy Sitting Area

Master bedroom sitting area ideas don’t have to be big and fancy. They can be simple and comfortable just like this one.

Add an armchair, a cute little throw pillow, a pouf footrest, a side table and some plants. Neutral colors keep the space feeling light and airy.

If you’re going for the cozy feel, add texture with pillows, rugs or curtains. Stick with neutral tones unless you have a big and bright bedroom.

How to Recreate This Space in Your Room

11. Ultra-Cozy Lounge Corner

This ultra-cozy lounge corner is the perfect place to relax after a long day. The papasan chair just makes this space so inviting. The pillows and blankets take the comfort level over the top.

Layers of textures are what make this space so cozy. The plants are a nice extra touch.

You can also add an extra bean bag chair with a shaggy rug if you want to make the space even more comfortable.

How to Recreate This Space in Your Room

12. Vintage Sitting Area

This bright sitting area is all about the vintage desert style. The mint green and pink add punches of color to this otherwise white room.

We love the velvety texture of the headboard on the bed and the armchairs.

Both chairs are situated at the end of the bed, making them ideal for getting ready in the morning or watching TV at night.

Even if you only have a small master bedroom, you can probably add a small sitting space like this to the end of your bed.

How to Recreate This Space in Your Room

13. A Proper Sitting Area

If you’re looking for more traditional master bedroom sitting area ideas, this one is perfect. The chaise lounge softens things up, but the armchair helps keep the formal feel of this bedroom.

High-hanging drapes, a floor lamp and an impressive chandelier tie this whole look together.

While this space looks fancy, it’s actually quite simple. Even if you don’t have a large space like this in your room, you can add a simple lounge chair and armchair to your space to create something similar.

How to Recreate This Space in Your Room

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14. Conversational Sitting Area

In this comfortable sitting space, two cozy armchairs face each other for easy conversation and relaxation.

The floor lamp and corner side table add function to this sitting area, along with the coffee table against the window.

Who wouldn’t enjoy relaxing in a room like this when you have a view like that? But even if you don’t have a view of the beach from your bedroom windows, you can still create a space just like this – one that feels intimate and welcoming.

How to Recreate This Space in Your Room

15. Rattan Bench Seating

If you’re going for a retro earthy look, a rattan bench is a perfect addition to your bedroom sitting area. In this bedroom, the bench is paired with an armchair and pouf to create the perfect sitting area.

A side table and extra lighting make the space more functional, so you can read a book, watch TV or just enjoy your morning cup of coffee.

If you’re going to add a rattan bench like this to your bedroom, make sure that you soften it up with throw pillows and blankets. Adding pretty wall art and décor will help tie the look together.

Natural, earthy tones work best for a space like this one.

How to Recreate This Space in Your Room

Final Thoughts

There are numerous fantastic ideas to transform any bedroom into a stunning master bedroom with a sitting area. Hopefully, this compilation of master bedroom sitting area ideas has inspired you.