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17 Insanely Stylish Black Bedroom Ideas

Black Bedroom Ideas We Absolutely Love

Dark bedrooms are all the rage, and when done right, they can be absolutely stunning. But how do you decorate a dark room? We’re going to share 17 amazingly stylish black bedroom ideas to inspire you and help you create your dream bedroom.

17 Insanely Stylish Black Bedroom Ideas

1. Play with Textures

Some of the best black bedroom ideas are ones that incorporate different textures. In this bedroom, you can see velvety designs on the black walls, furry blankets, and satin and cotton bed linens. 

Layering textures this way helps soften up the dark color and make the space more inviting. Add a table lamp and a bright window, and you have a space that can feel extra-cozy.

2. Add Gold Elements

Gold is the perfect complement to black, and it will add a luxe feel to your room. Place gold pieces strategically throughout your room to break up the dark color and brighten up the space a little.

Gold will also complement natural wood floors and create a more grounded, earthy feel.

Try hanging a pretty gold sun mirror (we love this one!) or adding some bronze sconces (these ones are beautiful) to the wall.

3. Go Black on Black

Black furniture in a black room may sound like overkill, but black on black can be stunning if you have other colorful elements in the room.

In this bedroom, they’ve incorporated green plants in earthy terra cotta pots. The photos on the wall have golden frames along with the mirror on the dresser. The wooden handle of the scythe and window frame help break up the dark colors.

If done properly, black on black can be beautiful.

4. Add Curtains to the Bedframe

One of the trendier black bedroom ideas is to hang black curtains on the bedframe. In this bedroom, the curtains help make the room look a little more welcoming and cozier.

You don’t necessarily need to hang black curtains. Instead, you can choose a rich purple or green, or even a bright color to add contrast. Sheer curtains (like these ones) will give it a wispy and ethereal feel.

5. Choose Accent Colors

If you don’t want your black walls to feel too overwhelming, choose a few accent colors to break it up. The white carpeting and bed linens in this bedroom help brighten things up. Gold and pink add femininity and a luxe feel.

We love the floral ceiling and shaggy carpet, too.

6. Hang a Chandelier

A chandelier will add a touch of class to your black bedroom and make it feel more luxurious. Crystal chandeliers are perfect for dark bedrooms because they’ll catch the light and help make the space feel bigger and brighter.

Sputnik and waterfall chandeliers are also great options for black bedrooms, but try to avoid anything too industrial or modern.

We love this chandelier from Amazon. It has gorgeous crystals and candle pendants that make it a great addition to any dark bedroom.

7. Add Mood Lighting

Warm mood lighting can help make the room feel warmer. The small table lamp, candle and tree lights help add some brightness to the room without it being too harsh.

Make sure that you choose lights with a warm glow. Edison bulbs are great for this purpose. You can also find lighted cherry blossom trees on Amazon to help recreate the look in this bedroom.

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8. Add Antique Furniture

Modern furniture can certainly have a place in a black bedroom, but antique furniture can make a statement and give your room a stately feel.

Queen Anne, Rococo and Louis XV furniture are great options for black bedrooms, especially if you can find them in rich or muted colors.

If you have the space, a little loveseat like this one from Amazon will complement your black bedroom well – especially in this rich green color.

9. Add Plants for Pops of Color

One of the best black bedroom ideas is to add greenery to your space. In a dark bedroom, the green color will really pop and instantly make the space feel more welcoming.

In this bedroom, they’ve also added yellow flowers that help complement the warm lighting and light golden bedding.

The natural elements soften the harshness of the dark colored walls. Look for plants you love in your local nursery, or go with a nice faux plant if you don’t want to worry about caring for plants. You can find faux Ivy and even fiddle fig trees online that look every bit as bright and beautiful as the real thing.

10. Add Texture to the Walls

Textured walls, like the ones in this bedroom, can make the room feel cozier and softer. You can recreate this look with sponge painting a French wash. You can find many types of painting techniques and products that can help add texture to your wall, even ones that can create a metallic look.

You’ll need to choose two different colors – one light and one dark – for this to work. If you’re not confident in your painting skills, you can always apply wallpaper, like this textured wallpaper from Amazon. It will instantly add texture and is far easier to apply than paint.

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11. Incorporate Whites and Grays to Soften the Space

Black bedrooms don’t have to be completely dark. You can add bright whites and grays to soften up the space. In this bedroom, they’ve added a white accent chair and light gray and white linens to the bed.

The natural wooden dresser and white and gold art tie the whole look together. The contrasting colors create a space that feels surprisingly bright and airy.

12. Add Fun Wallpaper

Fun wallpaper can help liven up your black bedroom. You can find plenty of black wallpaper options, including those with:

You can also find wall decals that allow you to make up your own designs. This is a fun way to experiment and let your creativity shine.

You can find both wallpaper and decals that are affordable and easy to apply.

13. Make Black an Accent Wall

Are you looking for subtle black bedroom ideas? If you don’t want to commit to painting all of your walls black, why not just paint an accent wall?

An accent wall behind the bed, for example, can add a plush, velvety feel to the room and make it feel more grounded. Add a few black décor accent pieces to tie the look together, like:

The earthy tones throughout the rest of the room help make this room feel cozy and welcoming.

You can also do the opposite here and have a bright accent wall. As long as you have décor elements that tie the two colors together, you can make either option work well for black bedrooms.

14. Let in Natural Light

Natural light can instantly make a black bedroom feel brighter and less harsh. If privacy isn’t a concern, skip the window treatments and let the sun shine through.

Sheer curtains are another option to let natural light in without compromising on your privacy. These black sheer curtains are a great option because they will complement the dark walls while still letting natural light through. If you have white or gray accents in the room, you can simply choose an ivory or white sheer curtain instead.

15. Get Wild

One great thing about black bedrooms is that they really make earthy colors pop. That’s why they’re the perfect match for animal print accents.

The leopard and zebra prints in this bedroom complement each other well because of the dark colored walls and other earthy accents. It creates a wild yet welcoming space.

We love this leopard print blanket from Amazon and this cheetah print rug. Add a shaggy black area rug and you’re on your way to recreating this bedroom look.

16. Add Molding to the Walls for a Luxe Feel

Molding is a fun and easy way to make your bedroom feel more luxe. Today, you can find molding kits online and onlays to recreate walls like the ones in the room above.

Combining different molding and paneling options together can help create interesting walls that are true works of art.

17. Add Shaggy Carpets

Shaggy carpets are always a great addition to any bedroom, and black bedrooms are no exception. In dark rooms, they help add more texture and make the space feel softer and more inviting.

If you have the space, add more than one area rug for a plusher, more luxe feel. We love this rug from Amazon because it’s available at such a great price and comes in a wide range of sizes.

Final Thoughts

These 17 black bedroom ideas are so stylish and will leave your space feeling luxurious and welcoming. Remember that your bedroom is a personal space and should be a reflection of your style, so choose colors and décor that you love.

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