17 Amazing Wood Ceiling Ideas for Bedroom
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17 Amazing Wood Ceiling Ideas for Bedroom

Are you looking for amazing wood ceiling ideas for your bedroom? We’ve rounded up 17 insanely stylish ideas to transform your bedroom ceiling.

17 Amazing Wood Ceiling Ideas for Bedroom

1. Exposed Loft Beams

In this modern rustic bedroom, exposed beams and timber framing tie the loft space with the rest of the bedroom. The ceiling features large, exposed beams and shiplap sections. If you have vaulted ceilings, you can recreate this stunning wood ceiling in your bedroom.

2. Planks for a Small Bedroom Ceiling

If you’re looking for wood ceiling ideas, here’s a great option. These distressed planks fill the small and awkwardly shaped ceiling well. Crown molding ties the whole thing together and elevates the look.

You can use reclaimed wood for this project, or you can choose any kind of hardwood for your project. If you want to create a distressed faux look, you can use superfine sanding blocks on your planks before staining and finishing.

3. Wood Slat Ceiling

The wood slat style looks gorgeous in any bedroom, and it’s surprisingly easy to DIY if you have an extra pair of helping hands.

For this project, you’ll need the following:

You can nail each plank in by hand, but a nail gun makes things move along faster. Just make sure that you’re cautious and practicing all safety protocols when using your nail gun.

This is a project that comes together pretty quickly, and creates a beautiful wood slat look that’s different from the usual planked ceiling.

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4. Coffered Ceiling Beams

A coffered ceiling will instantly transform your bedroom. The idea above places the wood beams on top of a colored ship lap ceiling.

The dark color really complements and contrasts with the warm wood beams. You can find tongue and groove ship lap boards that will help bring this project together more quickly.

Choose quality wood for your beams. It may be best to have a pro install the beams, as big wooden beams can be quite heavy.

5. Plywood Ceiling (That Doesn’t Look Like Plywood)

If you’re looking for budget-friendly wood ceiling ideas, here’s a great one that uses a special type of plywood called RevolutionPly plywood. The end result looks like wood paneling.

Along with your panels, you’ll also need:

The plank framing helps give this ceiling a more polished and farmhouse look.

6. Pickled Wood Ceiling

Pickled wood is sometimes referred to as whitewashing. The process involves treating a light-colored wood, like pine or ash, to make it look even lighter. The end result is beautiful, and it helps soften up the look of a wood ceiling, which can sometimes be harsh.

You can use a whitewash product like this one from Minwax to pickle your wood boards.

In this idea, the pickled wood is used to create a chevron pattern with the planks. The beams draw attention to the pitch of the ceiling to add drama and beauty.

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7. Farmhouse Barn Beam Ceiling

This barn beam ceiling adds rustic charm to the room, especially with the stunning chandelier at the center. The vaulted ceiling beams add drama, but this is one ceiling project that you should leave to the pros.

Reclaimed barn wood would make a great choice for this ceiling design. If you want to recreate this look, get a pretty chandelier (we love this one) to hang.

8. White Vaulted Ceiling Beams

If you love the look of the vaulted ceiling beams in the last idea but want something a bit more modern, here’s a great option. These white vaulted ceiling beams create a modern farmhouse look.

Both sides of this A-frame ceiling have shiplap with exposed beams. The suspended coffered ceiling pattern really turns this ceiling into a work of art.

9. Distressed Wood Tray Ceiling

Tray ceilings can add volume to a room and make it feel much bigger than it really is. With this idea, distressed wood planks are used to add rustic flair to the room.

The chandelier helps soften things up and completes the look. You can pickle the center wood beams to create contrast.

10. Log Beams

If you want to create a true cabin feel in your bedroom, log beams are a great choice. If you don’t want or can’t use real logs, faux logs are a practical alternative. They’re lighter and easier to install.

For the planked ceiling portion, choose a color that’s slightly lighter than your beams. This will allow a nice contrast between these two ceiling components.

11. Cedar Planks

Looking for wood ceiling ideas to cover up a popcorn ceiling? Cedar planks are perfect. The great thing about this project is that you don’t need to scrape your old ceiling. Instead, you can install the planks right on top.

Cedar planks are readily available at local hardware stores. You’ll need a cordless brad nailer and liquid nails for this project. You can paint and seal your planks if you like, but they look just as beautiful when they are rustic.

If you want to soften or lighten the planks up a bit, you can apply whitewash. You can make your own pickling solution by mixing 1-part white latex primer/sealer with 3-parts water.

12. Rustic Coffered Ceiling

Here’s a rustic take on the coffered ceiling design. With this idea, you install planks atop the shiplap ceiling. These thinner planks add some depth, but they’re not quite as dramatic as a traditional coffered ceiling.

The materials and tools for the job are relatively simple and straightforward. If you have basic tools, like a nailer and a miter saw, you can get the job done easily. The tricky part is measuring. If you have a pair of helping hands, measuring and installing the planks will go along much more quickly.

13. Recessed Herringbone

Recessed wood ceiling designs are always eye-catching, adding beauty and a little drama to the room. This recessed herringbone design is a showstopper. Best of all, you only need to work on a portion of the ceiling, so things move more quickly.

This project uses pallet wood, and you only need a few simple tools to get the job done:

Arranging the herringbone pattern will require some planning and lots of measuring, but the end result is gorgeous. We really love how the edges of the planks really contrast against each other to create sharp lines.

14. Shiplap Ceiling

A classic shiplap ceiling is always a great choice for the bedroom, and we love how this ceiling uses a rich, dark stain for dramatic contrast. The tray ceiling design draws attention to the wood planks.

You can use any kind of wood planks you want for your ship lap ceiling. Oak, pine and cedar are all great options for this idea.

You don’t have to choose a dark chocolatey brown for your stain. You can go with whatever stain color will complement your home, or you can pickle the wood for a lighter or distressed look if you want.

15. Laminate Flooring Planks

You don’t necessarily need to use hardwood for your wood ceiling ideas. Laminate flooring planks are so easy to install and look just like the real thing. This a low-budget option that will give you the look of wood without the high cost and maintenance.

You can even find peel-and-stick tiles that look like wood, but you’ll want to make sure that you use your own adhesive if you go this route. The last thing you want is for your ceiling tiles to start peeling or coming apart.

This is a project that is so simple. The most important step is to find the studs so that you can lay your planks perpendicular to them. A stud finder will make this step a breeze.

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16. Rustic Exposed Beams

If you can get a hold of some beautiful wooden beams, you can bring this wood ceiling idea to life relatively quickly. The design is simple, but the results are stunning.

Reclaimed wood beams would be great for this project, especially if you’re going for that farmhouse or rustic look. The knots and grain patterns will really add to the charm and beauty of the project.

Choose a stain color that complements the rest of your room or the theme of your home.

17. Farmhouse Aesthetic

Here’s another similar exposed beam look that’s a bit more modern. This idea uses precision cut planks rather than rustic beams with different widths and shapes.

These planks have been whitewashed to create a more modern farmhouse look. You can use your own pickle solution with diluted white primer or you can buy a whitewashing product.

Final Thoughts

These 17 wood ceiling ideas add rustic charm to any bedroom. Most of these ideas are DIY- and budget-friendly. You can grab the majority of materials at your local home improvement store.

No matter your style or taste, you’re sure to find a wood ceiling design you love on our list.