17 Insanely Cute Gray Bedroom Ideas
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17 Insanely Cute Gray Bedroom Ideas

Gray Bedroom Ideas

Gray is the perfect bedroom color because it complements most colors and can easily brighten up a space. But with so many design and décor possibilities, finding the right look for your room can feel overwhelming. We’re going to share 17 insanely cute gray bedroom ideas for inspiration and to help you create the room of your dreams.

17 Insanely Cute Gray Bedroom Ideas

1. Cabin Theme

We love cabin-themed gray bedroom ideas, and this one is so cozy. Rather than going all gray, they chose to paint a dark gray accent wall behind the bed. The white curtains and bedding contrast nicely against the dark color.

Whitewashed furniture and a big white area rug make this room complete.

We also love the big barn door and word art on the wall. The cubbies in the bedframe add some extra hidden storage to help keep the room tidy.

Recreate this look:

2. Board and Batten Wall

Adding board and batten to a gray wall can help soften up the space and create space to display artwork and plants. The simple metal frame bed, floating nightstands and minimalistic bench help save space to make this small room cozier.

While the white board and batten add contrast to the wall, you can choose to paint your boards a slightly lighter or darker color to stick to the gray theme. Just make sure that you incorporate some pops of color to keep the room from feeling too drabby. Placing plants on the shelf, for example, helps break up the gray to make the space feel a little more welcoming.

Recreate this look:

3. Gray and White Theme

Gray and white can be a beautiful theme for any bedroom, especially when you incorporate different shades of gray into the mix. The fuzzy light fixture breaks up the dark gray colors and softens things up. The artwork above the bed and the dark gray accent wall adds depth and balance to the space.

Recreate this look:

4. Dark Gray and Green

Are you looking for dark gray bedroom ideas? This room combines dark gray walls with hunter-green bedding and rustic elements to create a natural and inviting space.

While the room has a more masculine feel, it isn’t cold or uninviting. The messy bed and shaggy throw blanket help make the room look lived in.

Recreate this look:

5. Textured Walls

The textured gray walls in this room contrast nicely against the white floors and light bedding. The gradient theme carries over into the bedding to tie everything together. There’s nothing too over the top about this room, and that’s what makes it so appealing.

You can recreate the wall design with sponge painting or even wallpaper. Be sure to choose grays that are in the same family if you’re going to experiment with painting.

Recreate this look:

6. Rustic Boho

The bed curtains and fairy lights in this boho gray bedroom really make you want to curl up with a good book or a Netflix marathon. The wooden bench, antlers and plush area rug tie the look together.

If you don’t have a canopy bed, you can still recreate this look. Just tie each corner up higher to keep the curtain in place – just like they did in this photo. Try using fairy lights that are battery operated for a cord-free, cozy space that you’ll love spending time in.

Recreate this look:

7. Gray Glam

The silver décor and reflective furniture in this room make it feel glamorous. Soft textures and mood lighting make the space inviting, and we love the simplicity of the layout. A simple white, silver and gray palette really tie everything together.

Recreate this look:

8. Industrial Theme

We love industrial-themed gray bedroom ideas because gray is the perfect color for this look. This bedroom design makes smart use of wall lighting to add volume, and the hanging pendant lights are a nice touch. In addition, the gray textured accent wall helps tie the design together.

Recreate this look:

9. Blue and Gray Bedroom

Blue and dark gray are a perfect pair in this room. The brown and beige accents ground this look, while the chandelier and area rug help make the space a little cozier. The clean design and minimalistic approach create a space where you can escape the stresses of everyday life.

Recreate this look:

If you are looking for more beautiful accent chairs – check out this list of chairs here that are full of style

10. Elegant Gray and Gold

This stately room features a gray, white and gold palette, which complements the warm wood floors nicely. The reflective dresser helps make the space look bigger, and the comfy accent chair invites you to sit down and relax for a while.

The décor on the nightstand and the candelabra chandelier adds farmhouse charm to the space.

All of these design elements work together to make this small bedroom feel much more spacious than it really is.

Recreate this look:

11. Pink and Gray

We love this adorable pink and gray bedroom with its silver accents and plush throw blanket. The roses add a feminine touch, and the neatly made bed looks so cozy. Placing mirrored surfaces near the window helps reflect light to make this smaller room look much bigger.

The velvety texture of the bed and blanket helps soften up the space and make it a little more welcoming.

Recreate this look:

12. Cozy Gray

If you’re looking for cozy gray bedroom ideas, here’s a cute one. We love the highly placed chair rail and contrasting shades of gray on the walls. The brown and blue-gray accents help add some earthy tones to make the space a little more inviting.

All of the décor complements the dark furniture, which add some drama to the room.

But the natural lighting is what really makes this room so cozy. Ditching the curtains and sticking to blinds allows you to let in as much or as little natural light without adding too much bulk to the room.

Recreate this look:

14. Green-Gray Palette

Green-gray colors are so soothing and help create a clean-looking, fresh space. In this room, the white flooring and light bedding really complement the green-gray walls, browns and beiges. In addition, the creative use of a chair as a nightstand gives this room a more relaxed vibe.

The fluffy comforter is really the star of the show here. It makes you want to jump into bed and drift off to sleep.

Recreate this look:

15. Dark Gray and Mauve

The mauve, pink and beige tones complement this gray bedroom wall. The dark gray accent wall contrasts the gray headboard and wildlife inspired artwork. The dark colors really make the mauve and pink throw pillows and blanket pop.

A cute chandelier and a few décor accents help bring this look together.

Recreate this look:

16. Gray and Navy

Gray and blue work so well together, especially a cool navy blue. The charcoal blue, navy and textured gray walls create this other-worldly vibe without being too cold and uninviting. Linen bedding, an area rug and a plush throw blanket soften things up.

We love the pendant lighting above the nightstand, which frees up more tabletop space. The wall’s concrete texture can be recreated with sponge painting or wall panels. Just make sure that you choose a navy blue that matches the warmth or coolness of the gray on your walls.

Recreate this look:

17. French Country

This French country inspired gray bedroom is luxurious, cozy and elegant all at the same time. The soft textured walls, exposed rafters and oversized curtains add drama, while the accent chair, table and chandelier make the room fit for a queen.

The color palette for this room is very neutral and muted, but that’s what keeps it from being too over-the-top.

Even if you don’t have the same gorgeous ceiling as this room, you can recreate something similar in your own home that’s every bit as glamorous and beautiful. In case you really like the wooden ceiling and thinking about recreating it, here are 17 amazing wood ceiling ideas for bedrooms we really like.

Recreate this look:

Final Thoughts

No matter your personal style, you’re sure to find a gray bedroom idea that you love on our list. Use these room ideas as inspiration and add your own personal touches to really create a bedroom you look forward to sleeping in at night.

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