10 Best Mirrors To Hang On Doors
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10 Best Mirrors To Hang On Doors

Mirrors To Hang On Doors

Shelving, art and decor can quickly take up wallspace and suddenly you’re left without a place to put your mirror. Adding mirrors to hang on doors becomes a great option to optimize the leftover space you have, but also a wonderful way to cut costs. Mirrors are seemingly becoming more and more expensive – with large floor mirrors being priced at upwards of $800. A hanging mirror can cut these costs into fractions. 

Why Buy a Mirror for Your Door?

Hanging mirrors are quintessential for any space. Doing so creates reflections that in turn, makes the room appear much larger than it actually is. Who doesn’t want to create the illusion of extra square footage in their home? 

Every space needs a mirror. Getting ready in the morning, or heading to an important event, it seems a mirror check is mandatory and an important part of our day. There are hundreds if not thousands of different kinds of mirrors to buy nowadays, but the main aspect is what will best fit into your space and where do you put it? 

The countdown

No longer is the hanging mirror made for college dorms, plagued with unfortunate funhouse distortions. There is beauty in saving space by keeping a mirror on the back of a door that comes with an upscale frame and a high-grade mirror. Let’s dive-in and take a look at the 10 best mirrors to hang on doors.

1. Sleek Metallic 

MCS Metal Over The Door Mirror With Rounded Corners Amazon

An upscale mirror with a black iron frame could be the mirror you didn’t know you needed! This rectangular mirror with rounded edges, gives a modern appearance. This mirror can be hung vertically or horizontally, depending on your door shape and preference. The best part? There are no tools required, so the process will be easy as can be when it comes to adding this mirror to your home. With a variety of metal finishes, including blush, brass and even light aqua – there is almost no reason this wouldn’t be a great fit.

2. Simplicity is Key

Home Basics Over The Door Mirror

This mirror is slim and can fit on any type of door, from closet to living room door – its simple design allows it to fit anywhere too! This hanging mirror is an easy, natural touch to implement into any home. Another bonus point? This mirror is extremely lightweight and a breeze to hang. This simple mirror to hang on doors can help create the effect of a larger, more open space. Adding inches to your room is just another reason why this mirror should be a top contender for you to consider!

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3. Color Your Life

Over The Door Mirror with 14 Light Modes

This next mirror is all about fun, color and variety! If you enjoy switching up the look of your space with ambient lighting, this LED color-changing mirror is going to be the new way to your heart. This mirror changes to your needs, here’s how: there are many options out there, but how many can switch colors, are dimmable, can create color patterns, and are waterproof all in one? You will be bringing the party to your space all with the purchase of one mirror! Change the color from anywhere in your home from a remote control. 

4. An Additional Light Source

Over The Door Hanging Mirror with Lighting

If you love #4 on the list, but want a subdued, white light surrounding the mirror to backlight it and bring it to life, you will be delighted to know that there is an amazing, brightening mirror for you. This mirror has all the perks of the last, but only with warm and cool toned white light! This top-grade acrylic mirror frame is a wonderful accent and adds a contemporary touch. Most mirrors to hang on doors do not have a remote control like this mirror. Its rounded corners and upscale look can take a space to the high-end look in minutes. 

5. Full Length Contemporary

Full Length Wall Mounted Mirror, Over The Door Hanging Mirror

Choose your color: black or white. This understated mirror comes with two colors to pick from and serves as a sleek look for a full length mirror option. It comes as a surprise for some, but mirrors actually brighten up an area by reflecting and refracting light around the nearby space – so if you are looking for an open and bright addition to your room, look no further! It’s an even better deal knowing that this gorgeous mirror comes in two different sizes that you can adjust to your size for preference with a high quality float glass. The rectangular shape with an aluminum finish adds a touch of minimalism wrapped in a contemporary look. 

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6. An Easy Choice 

Flournory Rectangle Mirror on door

If you want a gold touch, a mirror with that accent will be able to help! This gold framed mirror is a great purchase because of its sturdy frame and shatterproof, top-tier mirror. There are no decals, designs or attention-grabbing add ons, allowing the mirror to blend well with your space and allow you to see the best version of yourself through it. This can be a wonderful addition to any bedroom or bathroom door needing a touch of elegance and function.

7. Brightening Beauty 

Full Length Floor Mirror, Over The Door Mirror WALMART

Out of all the mirrors to hang on doors we have mentioned in this list, is a mirror that is the most contemporary and minimalist of them all. This mirror is seamless with its frameless shape and doubles as a light source. Its convenient, yet hidden ability to quickly brighten up the space and your reflection looking into the mirror are reasons why this mirror will cater to you. This mirror lets you choose from three setting options of light for you to choose which best suits your preferences at that moment.

8. Impressive Length 

Kipp Rectangle Wood Mirror

 If you are looking for a mirror that accommodates a full body view, this large over the door mirror will be the best option for you. The approximately 2 inch wide silver finish frame makes itself a standout piece. Floor length mirrors typically take up a lot of floor space – that is now a problem of the past when this mirror comes into your life! With simple assembly and high-quality workmanship, there is no doubt this mirror will be in your life for a long time. 

9. Jewelry Organizer 

Jewelry Armoire with Mirror and 18 LED Lights ON DOORS

This hanging jewelry armoire will be a great option for a couple reasons. One, it easily stores large amounts of jewelry and two, it lights up and doubles as a bright light so you can see which accessories to choose from! As one of the most functional on the list, this mirror makes it easy to see your accessories laid out so you can be ready for the day even quicker! This mirror takes away all the hassle of a jewelry box. Organize and store necklaces without getting them tangled, all while having a vanity-esq lit mirror. With easy over the door mounting, LED light bulbs, a magnetic open and close door with two color options, it makes this mirror a staple in any closet or bedroom. 

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10. A House Warming Mirror

Wood Full Length Mirror on door

A warm-toned mirror with a premium glass insert will enhance the way you look at yourself from now on. This wooden framed hanging door creates a natural element. It seems that most of the mirrors to hang on doors lack a certain kind of character, but this mirror is the opposite and interjects it into any space. This rustic brown wood frame brings new life to your home. If you have dark baseboards, cabinets, or any brown accents in your home, this mirror will tie it all together perfectly!

The Final Mirror Wrap-Up

The simple, yet effective space-saver trick of a hanging mirror can be perfectly tailored to your design needs – this list is all the proof you need! As you now know, the boring “dorm style” mirror has unprecedentedly gotten the design-upgrade it needed. 

It goes to show that there are many styles of mirrors to hang on doors that can fit into any design style – from Contemporary and Farmhouse Chic to Boho and Mid-Century Modern. Allow one of these mirrors to become a staple in your home and add the perfect touch of openness, functionality and decor.