17 Best Corner Bookcases That Are Full Of Style
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17 Best Corner Bookcases That Are Full Of Style

Most Stylish Corner Bookcases

These days, decorative storage and ample space are difficult to come by. Corner bookcases are a wonderful addition to any home. Showcase your books and favorite belongings with pride as you create a beautiful corner that exemplifies who you are and your unique personality. If you would like a wallflower-esq, subdued bookshelf or a piece that sets itself apart from the rest of the room as an anchor piece – you will find whatever you are looking for on this list!

17 Best Corner Bookcases That Are Full Of Style

Contemporary Corner

Corner bookcase white

Starting off the list with a very strong contender, this all-white, minimal corner bookshelf boasts storage space and design strength. The open wood planks that make up the five separate shelving units are a wonderful way to showcase your books and favorite objects. If white is not your cup of tea, this sleek bookshelf comes in multiple finishes tailored to your liking. 

Oversized Luxury

Brooxie Corner Bookcase

Who says you can’t have upscale design with maximum functionality? An artfully worked piece. This tall, corner bookcase looks as though it is real wood, but is actually melamine coated; making it easier to clean and extremely durable. This corner bookcase boasts a height of almost 6 feet tall, topping the list as one of our tallest shelving units out of all the corner bookcases on this list!

Tip: Pair this bookcase with some gorgeous wall art to create a stylish reading nook.

Elevated Ironwork

Paulo Iron Corner Baker's Rack with Wooden Shelves

Let’s take a look at this art deco inspired corner bookshelf – with straight, clean, iron lines throughout the entire skeleton of this bookcase, adorned with natural wood shelves and is perfectly encased between the triangular ironwork shelving outlines. Wipe this lovely bookcase down with a dry cloth and voila! That is all the cleaning you will need to do with this low maintenance, timeless piece.

A Color Pop

white Corner Bookcase wayfair

This large, all white, corner bookcase is out of the ordinary with an intriguing pop of color. This fun and refreshing all-white shelving unit has an extra eye-catching yellow cabinet that gives the entire bookshelf a “Wow” factor! With high amounts of functionality such as high shelving for almost any item you can think of, this corner bookcase will be able to store all of your books with ease- all while adding an extra element of hidden storage behind the colored cabinet door. The White wood with the small yellow color pop is a surprising and great way this bookshelf stands out from the other corner bookcases.

A Rich Twist

Casual Home 5-Shelf Corner Ladder Bookcase WHITE AMAZON

A fun twist to the current selection so far, this bookcase from Amazon has the structure like a ladder, with the top shelf coming to a point. It’s a great way to show off your collection of books, objects, and trinkets in a stylish way. The white color gives a richness to any space. The corner ladder shelving gives the perfect space for display, with each ascending shelf unit becoming progressively smaller and smaller. This draws the eye upward and perfectly adds a gorgeous touch to any corner. 

Small Yet Regal

Miranda Corner Cabinet bookcase

An elegant piece for any corner that needs lower height corner bookcases. Neat and simple molding line the sides of this bookcase, with two vintage nickel hinges and a similar polished centered hook for opening. This minimal corner bookcase is upscale in the simplest of forms. The bookcase has hidden shelving, so all your belongings will be tucked away, with only the top surface a space for highlighting objects. The subdued and small compactness can hold a few books and trinkets that you love. This small corner cabinet would be a great addition to any living room, dining room or space you want to add sophistication to. 

The Compact Bohemian 

Shelton Natural Rattan Corner Shelf

If you would still like to save space but the above option doesn’t suit your design style, try this rattan bookcase that brings a natural flair from the outdoors, right into your own home! The corner bookshelf has rounded, overarching pillars that turn into the legs of this quirky and whimsical piece. The small size allows it to fit in any tight space – and the lightweight material makes it possible to hang at a high point in your corner. This can be great for extra shelving and functionality wherever your heart desires it!  

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The “Cool” Corner

Corner Shelf Unit Wall Mount 5 Tier Wood Floating Shelves

A modern, cool approach to the typical bookcase. This rustic white bookshelf from Amazon vertically zig zags to beautifully showcase a special corner in your home that gets to be adorned with this fun and youthful bookcase. There are five shelves that make up this corner bookshelf and it can be easily hung with quick installation! The thick engineered wood creates study, flat lines for a stylish corner bookcase.

An Overstated Shelf 

L-Shaped Corner Bookcase with open storage

This large “L” unit corner bookcase from Amazon creates a large space for books that boasts the size of a small library…so if you need heavy-duty shelving that will hold a good amount of weight, then this tall, light-colored wood shelving will be your best bet! This tops the list as one of the tallest coming in just under 6 feet! Make this the main focus of part of the room with the luxuriously spacious 7-tiered shelving unit. The study bookcase can create a wonderful addition to your interior. 

Its Own Personality 

Shelf Industrial Corner Bookcase and Shelf Amazon

This A-shaped corner bookcase has a unique look. Made of industrial wood and metal, this corner shelving unit is expected to be a talking point amongst conversation in your home. This unique corner bookcase boasts personality – with an unmistakably individual feel. It fits nicely against the wall and doesn’t occupy too much floor space.

A Clean Aesthetic

Cutshaw 6-Tier Iron Corner Bookcase

Proudly show off your belongings with this 6-tier corner bookshelf that comes in three separate finishes such as rustic brown, dark brown, and cherry. This is for the traditional-styled home that needs a beautiful and functional addition to a corner. The smooth and rounded shelf edges give a soft touch to the powder-coated, manufactured wood that comprises this tall and simple corner shelving unit. 


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Gorgeous and Kid Approved 

Dawni Steel Corner Bookcase

This steel, gold corner shelf from Wayfair gives a grand look, with its high-top arch that beautifully frames the piece and gives it a stand-out aspect. 5 tiers high and rounded glass shelves, this corner bookcase is more than shelving – it is a focal point. If your concern is little children’s safety, this piece comes with an anti-tip kit that allows you to fasten the structure to the corner walls! This easy-to-clean beauty will look great in any room or space. 

A Strong Foundation

Jamul Metal Corner Bookcase

A wide, corner bookshelf made of steel means this bookcase is going nowhere without your permission. This corner bookshelf stands strong in any room – in a rustic or a white color option, this piece showcases your belongings in a matter-of-fact way. Ample storage means this is a bargain purchase. You won’t have to worry about finding space to put your books and belongings any longer. Whether it be your living room or bedroom, this is a no-brainer buy! 


Fancy Edge Corner Floor Lamp with Shelves and 3-in-1 Dimmable LED

A corner bookcase and lamp in one? This amazing Wayfair find can be yours as well! Built-in LED lights line the corner part of the 5 tiered corner bookcase. Made with manufactured wood and an included light, this gorgeous bookshelf comes in 6 different colors to fit any design aesthetic. A wonderful twist to the typical bookcase because the extra light source adds warmth and brightness! All while saving you the cost and headache of going out to find a lamp. This is the perfect addition to your home or to send as a gift! 

Unique Shelving

Alessandrina Corner Bookcase

Create a one-of-a-kind-looking corner with this intriguing piece. The tallest and most creatively designed shelf on this list. The warped-looking shelf gracefully caves along the bookcase. This corner bookcase will have all the eyes in the room’s attention. Embossed in light wood, this grand and unique bookshelf can be an heirloom for many generations.

Stylish Grid

5 Tier Corner Shelf with Grid Plate

This gorgeous bookcase from Amazon has a vintage industrial look. With a Rustic wood look board and black metal frame design, it’s a great way to bring out the corner of any room, without leaving it bare and unattended. Revamping a corner draws the eye across the room to all corners, all while giving you the opportunity to display your most loved belongings!

Multipurpose Bookcase 

TribeSigns 5 Tiers Corner Shelf Bookshelf, Modern Small Corner Bookcase Plant Stand, White

This wonderful, soft-spoken bookcase from Walmart is a special addition to your living room or bedroom. This piece does not draw attention to itself, but once you notice the small decorative sides, you will see just how lovely this corner bookcase is. Add your books, picture frames and plants to this shelving unit. This bookcase is made in mind for sturdiness. The wobble-free legs provide a strong foundation that will continue to keep your items safe. 

Cultivate Your Design Style

Using corner bookcases to express your favorite aesthetic is a wonderful way to upscale your design style and home. This comprehensive list gives you options on which bookcases will be best based on your needs, sizing, and decor! It goes to show that a corner bookcase is the unsuspecting gem that you’ve been needing as the final touch to your room. Corner bookshelves can store more than books – they can be a showcase as a reminder of all the belongings you love and admire.