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27 Insanely Cute Preppy Wallpapers to Customize Your Phone & Laptop

Want to show off your preppy style on your phone or laptop? We have a huge collection of preppy wallpaper ideas to help you get started.

Preppy Wallpaper for Laptops

Laptop users will love the fun wallpapers that we’ve listed below:

1. Lilly Pulitzer Seashells

Lilly Pulitzer is the embodiment of the preppy style – and this wallpaper is adorable. If you love the beach, then this is the perfect background for your laptop. We love the mix of mint, turquoise, pink, orange and peach. It has summer vibes written all over it.

2. Pink Palms

Do you love palm trees? Then you’ll love this pink preppy wallpaper. You can download the full-size wallpaper right from Pinterest and make it your new laptop background in seconds. It’s perfect for a tropical aesthetic.

3. Preppy Botanicals

If you love the botanical-themed trend, this wallpaper is for you. It features watercolor leaves and flowers in fun, preppy colors, like peach, pink, blue and dark teal. The muted colors are perfect for laptop backgrounds if you’re trying to keep things minimalistic.

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4. Under the Sea

The bright colors and ocean theme of this wallpaper make it perfect for a laptop wallpaper. It features fish, coral, seaweed and other underwater creatures – all outlined in bright pink, purple, blue, green, yellow and orange. This design was inspired by Lilly Pulitzer.

5. Feeling Foxy

Here’s another beautiful Lilly Pulitzer preppy wallpaper featuring adorable pink foxes and flowers. It’s the perfect laptop wallpaper for animal lovers who also love the preppy look.

6. Pink and Blue Paisley

Paisley patterns are perfect for the preppy aesthetic, and this wallpaper combines them with tropical flowers and foliage. The teal and dark blue hues contrast nicely against the pinks, purples and yellows.

7. Hibiscus and Tropical Flowers

Continuing with the tropical theme, this wallpaper features beautiful hibiscus flowers and green foliage. Smaller light pink flowers tie the design together. We love the teal background and the vintage feel of this preppy-style wallpaper.

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8. Paisley and Sunshine

This adorable wallpaper features hand-drawn paisley patterns with cute sun doodles. The muted blues and yellows contrast nicely against the brighter peaches and pinks. It’s the perfect wallpaper for laptops if you like busier patterns.

Pink Preppy Wallpaper

Pink is one of the hottest colors of the year. You’ll love the wide range of pink wallpapers that we have listed below, starting with one of my personal favorites.

9. Gold and Pink Marble

Wallpapers don’t have to have crazy designs. The simplicity of this pink and gold marble wallpaper is what makes it so gorgeous. The light pink, gold and white swirls add depth and contrast that create almost a 3D effect.

You can use this wallpaper for your laptop or your phone, and it will complement your preppy aesthetic perfectly.

10. Preppy Wallpaper Smiley Face 

This wallpaper has so many elements: smiley faces, quotes, animals, flowers, fashion brand names and more. It’s a fusion of preppy and retro – but all in pink. You can add this wallpaper to your laptop or your phone to show off your love for all things retro and preppy.

11. Pink Leopard Print Wallpaper

Leopard print designs are so popular right now, and each one of the wallpapers featuring this print is slightly different. The main difference between them all is the color and size of the prints. You’ll notice the artist’s choice to use just a simple light and dark pink when designing this wallpaper.

If you have a taller device, the height of this wallpaper will be perfect.

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12. Realistic Green Leaves Wallpaper

Realistic green leaves are the focal point of this preppy wallpaper, but you’ll also love the cloudy pink background. The leaves can come from any evergreen plant, but they’re extremely detailed with different shades of green, creating a 3D effect.

13. Flower Mayhem Wallpaper

Flowers fill many wallpapers because they are neutral in style. You’ll love the light pink background of this flower and its sharp petal colors. Each petal has a very distinct shape with oranges, yellows and pinks used in the flower’s petal.

14. Pink Leopard Print

A pink, leopard print is another iconic choice for wallpapers. You’ll find that this wallpaper tiles very well, which will reduce lines when you add it to larger phones. The color scheme uses three main shades of pink, with a light background, darker circles and medium color in the middle of each “leopard print.”

15. Duck Wallpaper

Every time that I see this wallpaper, I chuckle and smile. You’ll be greeted with a pink background color and a very prominent duck staring you down in the middle. The wallpaper is a great discussion piece for anyone who sees you open your phone because it’s as hilarious as it is adorable.

Preppy Wallpaper for Phones

Your phone’s generic wallpapers need to – go. We have a few wallpapers that we would like to share that are perfect for any smartphone.

16. Boho / Preppy Wallpaper

An aesthetic preppy wallpaper that is more on the boho and vintage side than any other on our list. This wallpaper features a very muted color scheme, yet the artist did a wonderful job with shading to make this my personal favorite.

You’ll find flowers in different stages of bloom.

White, pink, orange and yellow flowers fill the space. If you’re a fan of flowers and want to find a wallpaper that will fit into any season, be sure to check this one out.

17. Lily Pulitzer Watercolor Phone Wallpaper

Watercolor wallpapers are a major trend right now, and Lily Pulitzer embraces this look like very few can. The wallpaper shows very prominent, pink flowers with splashes of white and purple.

You’ll love the subtle shading that really makes each flower “pop” and adds to the preppy look and feel that you want from your wallpaper.

18. Tiger Wallpaper

Are you a fan of big cats? If so, you’ll love everything about this tiger-inspired wallpaper. The wallpaper has a very curious tiger who is in multiple directions, sometimes jumping and other times pouncing.

You’ll find pinks, pastels and oranges filling the background of this wallpaper.

19. Happy Flowers Wallpaper

A preppy wallpaper that anyone can get behind. You’ll love the pastel color-scheme, featuring smiling flowers and waves of pink, very light orange and yellows. Each flower has white petals and a smiley face in the middle.

If you prefer a preppy wallpaper that is sure to put a smile on your face, this is a great option.

20. Beach-Inspired Wallpaper

Beach-inspired wallpaper rarely looks this unique and fun. You’ll find starfish, coral, clam shells and more on this wallpaper. Colorful is an understatement with this wallpaper, which features multiple color options:

  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Reds
  • Pinks
  • Blues
  • Purples
  • Greens

21. Watercolor Wallpaper

What a fun wallpaper design! This design is made to look like watercolors, and you’ll find fun flowers, leaves and other shapes that remind you of the warmer months of the year.

Preppy iPad Wallpaper

Are you using an iPad and want to find a wallpaper that works perfectly for your device?  We have a treat for you with amazing wallpapers below.

22. Abstract Summer Wallpaper

Blue, summery and fun, this abstract wallpaper adds in an array of blues and whites that are neutral and preppy. You’ll appreciate the look of this wallpaper, which can be put on his or her iPad.

23. Summer Wallpaper

Summer may be coming to an end, but it’s a season that everyone loves. You can remember all of the fun in the sun during the season with this wallpaper. You’ll find that abstract design will leave you in awe as you wonder what flower petals you’re looking at when you open up your device.

24. Colorful Seashells

Colorful, fun seashells are the focal point of this wallpaper. You’ll find numerous color options and a variety of shell types listed. Colors available in this preppy wallpaper include:

  • Pink
  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Blue
  • Orange

Whether you love collecting shells or a day out on the water, this is one of the wallpapers that you need to add to your iPad.

25. Seashell Paradise

Seashells are a bit of a classic with people of all ages from all generations loving seashell-inspired wallpaper. You’ll love the muted colors and random, darker shades for some of the shells in this wallpaper design.

26. Good Vibes

Open your iPad and smile when you see this “Good Vibes” wallpaper. The wallpaper features fun, calming colors and random smiley faces with cute smiling faces and flower petals for eyes. You’ll love the cute rainbow at the bottom of the image, leading to the smiley face at the end of the rainbow.

27. Flamingo Collage

I’m getting a lot of Barbie vibes with this flamingo wallpaper. You’ll love the light pink background and an array of flamingos, facing either left or right on the screen. Each flamingo is slightly different in color with darker shades, whites and pinks added to the flamingo outline.

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