Best Dilly Dally Vanity and Where to Buy It
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Best Dilly Dally Vanity and Where to Buy It

Are you into the vintage look and style? If so, a Dilly Dally vanity is one of the hottest items in the industry. Unique, beautiful and offering a midcentury modern style, it’s very difficult to locate these pieces and buy them because many are from the 1960s.

What is the Dilly Dally Vanity?

The Dilly Dally vanity is the brainchild of Luigi Massoni. The Italian industrial designer lived from 1930 to 2013, but he is recognized around the world for his works in the 1960s and 1970s. Among these designs is this stunning vanity.

In fact, it’s difficult to call this piece just a vanity because it’s truly a multi-functional piece of furniture that follows modular design concepts.

On the outside, the vanity has a barrel shape, but you can:

  • Remove the seat, which fits perfectly into the cylinder, to complete it
  • Open up the top to reveal the interior vanity storage
  • A mirror is built into the vanity top and opens with ease
  • Chrome metal also provides an upscale look and feel to the vanity

Hidden storage, a stunning mirror and leather upholstery make this vanity a work of art. The chair is comfortable and built-in. Since both the chair and table are on casters, they’re easy to maneuver and allow you to maximize your space.

The chair’s height allows the user to comfortably slide underneath the tabletop to apply makeup.

Small and compact, the Dilly Dally is the perfect vanity solution for:

  • Apartments
  • Lofts
  • Small spaces

Collectors around the world covet this vanity because it offers a unique style that provides a level of functionality missing in today’s furniture. Owners are purchasing a vanity that acts as a decorative piece, fits a chair and storage inside and even a mirror. Massoni’s design focus on functionality has led to what most people call the “perfect vanity.”

Many of the vanities that you purchase in this style have been refurbished and restored to their natural beauty.

You’ll find the Dilly Dally most often in red, but there are sets that feature a white leatherette or a brown leatherette. If you want to purchase a vanity, you must find sellers that are professionals who have experience restoring the vanity, or be lucky enough to come across someone with an original in good condition.

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Where Can You Buy the Dilly Dally Vanity?

The Dilly Dally has been out of production for decades, and finding them can seem like an adventure for buyers. You’ll come across many of these pieces in high-end auctions or on websites that cater to collectors.

When making your purchase, you must be diligent and inquire about:

  • The restoration process, if one was undertaken.
  • Return policy, if the item arrives damaged or is misrepresented in some manner
  • Authenticity and where the item came from, whether it be a collector or an estate

While you’ll find many online retailers claiming to sell this vanity, the following are among the most reputable:


1960s Luigi Massoni for Poltrana Frau Dilly Dilly Vanity - Set of 2

You can typically find at least one seller of the Dilly Dally on Chairish. While options are more limited on this site, shipping is usually more favorably priced.

You can sometimes find deals on these vanities, too. A 10%-20% discount can make this vanity even more affordable.

Right now, there’s a seller in Brooklyn, NY offering this vanity, and local pickup is free.

With Chairish, you have the option to ask the seller questions so that you can verify the authenticity of the vanity. The company works primarily with vetted and professional sellers.

Luigi Massoni ‘Dilly Dally’ Vanity Set With Table and Chair in White Leatherette

1st Dibs is a great place to find a Dilly Dally vanity because they always seem to have at least one available.

The most common colors you’ll find on this site are red and white. You may also find some that are reupholstered and look brand new.

The vanities on are from sellers in locations around the world. Because this is an Italian vanity, most sellers are located somewhere in Europe. Shipping can be steep, but it’s a small price to pay for having a piece of history in your home. has an application process and works primarily with professional sellers or galleries, so you can rest assured that you’re buying an authentic product. You also have the option to ask sellers questions before making your purchase.

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How to Decorate the Dilly Dally Vanity

The Dilly Dally vanity is designed to be its own piece of modular furniture. While it’s not really practical to decorate it like another piece of furniture, there are some ways you can style it to make a statement in your home.

Here are some ideas:

Fragrance and Lipstick Organizer

We love how this person used their vanity to organize their fragrances and lipstick collection. And you can see in the vanity’s mirror that they have plants in the corner nearby to create a more earthy atmosphere.

The round shape of this vanity makes it perfect for blending in with your plant collection and other boho-style décor.

Funky Vases and Matching Wall Color

How fun is this vanity setup? The wall color matches the Dilly Dally vanity, and the black and white marbled vase really makes a statement against the pink. If you want to create a retro vibe in your space, this is certainly one way to do it.

But even if you can’t find this vanity in pink, you can still follow the same idea by decorating the top of your vanity with a vase that really makes a statement. Faux hydrangeas will add to the drama if you don’t want to use real flowers.

The Dilly Dally vanity looks gorgeous on its own and doesn’t really need any extra styling, but if you want to make yours stand out, these are some great ideas.

This true retro vanity from Luigi Massoni is a joy to have at home and one piece of furniture that you won’t regret buying. Despite being an antique and in high demand, you can still find some great options from the stores listed above.

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