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7+ Insanely Gorgeous Pit Couches and Where to Buy Them

A pit couch is the epitome of comfort. These modular sectionals allow you to create one giant sofa bed for the ultimate in living room relaxation. But their flexible design also allows you to add more seating for entertaining.

There are so many gorgeous pit couches out there, but we’ve rounded up 7+ of our favorites.

7+ Insanely Gorgeous Pit Couches and Where to Buy Them

1. Wade Logan Sectional

6 - Piece Upholstered Sectional

Wade Logan’s modular sectional is a versatile pit couch that you can arrange however you want. Put them together to create a big sofa bed, or separate them to instantly add more seating to your space when you’re entertaining.

The seats rest on an engineered wood frame with resin feet and a sleek black finish. The neutral-colored polyester upholstery is easy to maintain and pairs well with any home color scheme.

The modular design is really what makes this sofa special because you can easily arrange your seating however you want. And it’s not a huge sectional sofa either, so if you have a smaller or awkwardly shaped space, this couch will be perfect for you.

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2. Belffin Oversized Modular Sectional Sofa

Belffin Modular Large Sectional Sofa with Storage Seat Oversized U Shaped Couch

Belffin’s oversized pit couch is huge (116.6″D x 195.8″W x 33.5″H), and its modular design allows for a virtually unlimited number of options for arranging your seating.

You can quickly transform your layout from L-shaped to U-shaped with a chaise lounge. You can also add modules if you want. Every armrest and backrest are alike, so they can be placed anywhere you want. And each armrest or backrest has a supportive leg to prevent turnovers.

You can also adjust the positioning of the armrest and backrest to find a comfortable position.

But here’s another awesome thing about this pit sofa set – it has storage. Each seat has a hidden storage compartment. That’s a lot of extra storage for your living room!

This sofa set comes with 14 throw pillows and will absolutely become the focal point of the room.

If you have a large entertainment room, this kind of pit couch set is perfect. You’ll never run out of space for guests. Plus, this sofa set comes in three colors (light grey, green and blue).

3. Latitude Run Rejine Sectional

Rejine 8 - Piece Upholstered Sectional

Latitude Run’s Rejine sofa is the perfect conversation pit couch. Its modular design allows you to rearrange the seating however you want while still maintaining that U-shape layout that’s perfect for conversations and entertaining guests.

Put the ottomans together to create a giant pit couch or place them at each end to create two chaise lounges. Add pillows and throw blankets to create a cozy vibe. The gray and beige colors of this sofa are perfect for farmhouse- or rustic-style homes.

But the clean lines of this sofa also make it perfect for modern-retro style homes, especially if you choose the mustard or hunter-green colors.

The upholstery has a corduroy fabric that’s soft and comfortable, and the tapered black feet add to the retro style of this sofa.

Everyone raves about how comfortable this sofa is and how easy it is to put everything together.

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4. Willa Arlo Interiors Espinosa Sectional

Espinosa 6 - Piece Upholstered Sectional

We love the mid-century modern appeal of this pit couch, which comes in mustard and dark green corduroy. The L-shaped frame and ottomans allow you to create any kind of seating arrangement you want.

With a width of 133.5,” this sectional is better suited for larger spaces. But despite its large size, this sofa still has an inviting feel.

We love that you can place the ottoman at the center to create one giant sofa bed that’s perfect for lazy weekend afternoons, movie watching or reading.

There’s plenty of space for throw pillows and blankets, too.

While this sofa has a more modern design, it will still feel right at home in a farmhouse-style home or a traditional space.

If you have a bigger family or entertain often, this large modular sofa will be perfect for you.

5. Merax L-Shaped Sectional

Merax L Shaped Sectional Sofa Couch Sleeper Bed with Storage Ottoman and Chaise for Living Room

Merax’s sectional sofa is a bit different from other pit couches on our list. Most pit couches are U-shaped and have an ottoman that you can place in the middle to make it one big sofa bed.

But this sofa has a pull-out section that’s designed to make it a sleeper sofa. When pulled out, it looks just like any other pit couch. And the included ottoman has hidden storage, which is always a bonus.

Did we mention there are even built-in cupholders?

We love that this couch isn’t huge like most pit couches. If you have an average-sized living room, this sofa is ideal.

Merax’s sofa has a more traditional style, so it complements most homes. It comes with a set of throw pillows, but you can also add your own. A colorful throw blanket would be a nice contrast against the light-colored upholstery.

6. Wade Logan 4-Piece Sectional

Arzuaga 4 - Piece Upholstered Sectional

Looking for a smaller sectional pit couch? Wade Logan’s 4-piece sofa is perfect. This corner sectional has a reversible design that allows you to customize your seating however you want.

The corduroy upholstery is soft and comfortable, and the included ottoman is perfect for relaxing after a long day.

When you invite guests over, the ottomans can serve as extra seating.

The pillowed backrests eliminate the need for extra throw pillows, although you can add them if you want.

For smaller homes or sitting rooms, this 4-piece sectional is ideal and won’t take up all of the space in the room.

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7. Wade Logan Arbas

Arbas 6 - Piece Upholstered Sectional

Here’s another gorgeous pit couch from Wade Logan. This 6-piece set can seat up to six people, and you can arrange your seating in so many different ways. The chaise lounge can be positioned on either end of the sofa to create that deep seated look that’s ultra-cozy.

The upholstery is contemporary soft to the touch. With neutral white or gray color options, your new sofa will easily fit into your home and complement your décor.

Setup is simple, and the comfortable cushions will make it hard to resist an afternoon nap.

8. HONBAY Modular Sofa

HONBAY Modular Sofa Sectional Couch U Shape Sofa with Ottomans

HONBAY’s modular pit couch has that classic U shape and allows for a variety of seating options. There are two ottomans, a sofa sleeper, a 4-seat couch and a chaise lounge. These pieces can be arranged separately, or you can put them all together to create one big sofa bed.

The lounge and sofa seats have built-in storage – perfect for storing your throw pillows, blankets and more.