Makeup Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

17 Cool Makeup Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

Having a smaller space doesn’t mean that you can’t keep your makeup collection tidy and organized. We’ve rounded up 17 cool makeup storage ideas for small spaces to make your life easier.

17 Cool Makeup Storage Ideas for Small Spaces

1. Simple Bins and Organizer Trays

Makeup Organization and Storage for SMALL Spaces | Judi the Organizer

If you don’t have any drawer space for makeup storage, this idea is perfect for you. Take a bin – whatever depth or size you prefer – and put organizer trays inside. The trays will help keep your makeup items and tools separated and organized. And you can keep the bin wherever you want, like in a closet, on a shelf or even under the bed. It will keep your collection organized without creating visual clutter.

You can grab containers and drawer organizers like the ones in this video from Amazon.

2. Joseph Joseph Viva Cosmetic Storage – Minimalist Storage Idea

JOSEPH JOSEPH VIVA COSMETIC ORGANISER | Minimalist decluttered makeup organisation and storage

If you’re a minimalist at heart and don’t have a whole lot of space for makeup storage, the Joseph Joseph Viva cosmetic storage organizer is a great investment.

You can find this organizer in a large size (get it on Amazon) with a mirror and a medium size (get it on Amazon). Both have deep and shallow compartments that are perfect for storing your makeup items. There’s also a drawer with a magnetic closure to keep everything tucked away and tidy.

3. Tabletop Storage and Palette Organizer


If you don’t have a lot of countertop space in your bathroom or on your vanity, here’s a great storage solution for you. Youtuber @AnnePmakeupandmore shares her makeup storage solution, which is this amazing little organizer from Amazon.

It’s a tall organizer, but it doesn’t take up a whole lot of space on the countertop. There’s a top transparent cover that can be opened either way and has lots of space for your tall items, like foundations, toners, lipsticks and more.

The two drawers below give you space for eyeliner and eyebrow pencils, blush, concealer and more.

You can choose between solid and acrylic drawers, so you can hide everything away or make it easy to see what’s inside.

If you have palettes, try this organizer, which won’t take up much space and will keep everything organized.

4. DIY Compact Vanity

Minimalist Makeup Vanity DIY For Small Spaces Under $50!

If you’re short on space and on a tighter budget, this DIY vanity is an excellent option for storing your makeup.

To make this little DIY vanity, you’ll need:

If you have some space in the corner of the room or next to your bed, you can easily put this vanity together and use it to keep your makeup organized and off of the bathroom counters.

5. Wall Vanity and Storage

Makeup Vanity For Small Spaces & Small Bedrooms

For small spaces, it’s important to make the most out of your vertical wall space. With this makeup storage idea, you can create your own little wall vanity that won’t take up much room and will still keep your makeup tidy.

All you need are two picture ledges, like this classic 36” one you can get from Amazon (it comes with two shelves). If you’re renting or just don’t want to put any holes in the wall, try these picture ledges that use Command strips to stay on the wall.

Grab a compact organizer for your essentials and a few cute jars (we love these ones) to store your brushes and pencils. Voila! You have a simple wall vanity that will keep all of your makeup stored and organized.

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6. Makeup Bags


YouTuber Alexandra Beuter shares a lot of really helpful tips for storing makeup in practical ways, especially when you’re short on space. While she shares a lot of ideas here, her travel makeup bag is perfect for the everyday person who wants a simple, minimalistic way to store their makeup.

Makeup bags are great for storage because you can put them just about anywhere, from closet shelves to storage baskets or even under the bed. And you can find cute bags for every sized collection. Plus, when you travel, you can just grab your bag and go – no need to repack everything.

Here are some bags that we love:

7. Acrylic Makeup Organizer

Minimalist Organization: How to organize your makeup

If you have a modest makeup collection and not a whole lot of space, a simple acrylic organizer is a great option. In this video, YouTuber Jess puts her organizer on a deep windowsill, which is another option if you want to keep your countertops empty.

You can grab this same makeup organizer on Amazon.

8. Desk Vanity


Here’s one of our favorite makeup storage ideas for small spaces because it keeps all of your makeup out of sight. For this idea to work, you’ll need to have a decent amount of wall space or enough room for a 48” wide desk (which you can get on Amazon). It’s an especially deep desk and you can easily use it in place of a dresser.

Add drawer dividers and start adding your makeup items to your drawers. This is a simple makeup storage idea if you have a little bit of space to spare.

9. Drawer and Standup Organizers

COLLEGE MAKEUP COLLECTION + Organization For Small Spaces | Jackie Ann

Makeup organizers are really one of the best investments you can make if you’re short on space. This storage idea uses a combination of drawer and standup organizers to keep everything tidy and easily accessible.

10. Compact Palette and Brush Storage

7 Easy DIY Makeup Storage Ideas!

YouTuber Brittany Vasseur shares a lot of great makeup storage ideas here, but her tips for palettes and brushes are perfect for small spaces. Grab a small palette organizer and a glass jar for your brushes. It’s a simple yet effective way to keep your makeup tidy.

11. Mason Jars

Creative makeup storage ideas for small collections | CharliMarieTV

While this video shares a lot of great tips for makeup organization, the mason jars idea is great for small spaces and will help keep moisture and dust away from your products. Look for jars with airtight lids (like these ones).

12. Drawer Dividers or Organizers

IKEA ALEX 5 DRAWER ORGANIZATION | Amazon Makeup Storage + My Favorite Organizers | Jackie Ann

If you have drawer space but not a lot of counter space, drawer organizers are great for makeup storage. You can find them in a bunch of different sizes and styles to meet your storage needs. This set from Amazon has 25 pieces and four different sizes, so you can store a wide range of items.

13. Simple Drawer Organizer

My small makeup collection | organization + storage

We’ve talked a lot about using drawers for makeup storage ideas for small spaces. And that’s because they’re such a simple and easy way to keep your makeup organized without taking up a lot of space. The setup in this video uses a simple drawer organizer and a mason jar to keep everything tidy.

If you have a smaller makeup collection, this 2-drawer organizer is compact and will still give you enough space for your products.

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14. Vanity Desk

DIY Vanity for Compact Spaces

Compact vanities are such a great way to store your makeup and give you a place to get ready without taking up too much room in your home.

For this idea, YouTuber Typical BlaQueen uses a simple, compact writing desk as a vanity and practical makeup organizers to keep her collection organized. You can also tuck your products away in the drawers if you want to save even more space. If you have some space in the corner of your bedroom, then you can easily recreate this idea in your home.

15. Rotating Makeup Organizer


Rotating makeup organizers are great for small spaces because you can store a lot of products in them without losing easy accessibility.

We love this rotating organizer because there’s plenty of room to store products, both tall and small. And there are smaller compartments for jewelry or other small makeup items.

16. Tall Drawer Organizer

Small Space Makeup Organization + Vanity Tour 2020

If you have a big makeup collection but not a lot of space, a tall drawer organizer or tower may be the best solution for you. This 7-drawer chest should give you more than enough storage space for your makeup and won’t take up too much room. Add drawer organizers to keep your collection even tidier.

17. Rotating and Drawer Organizers

Organizing my Makeup | Vanity & Makeup Organization | Lisa J Makeup

If you have a big collection and want makeup storage ideas for small spaces, using a combination of rotating and drawer organizers is a great option. As you can see in this video, this makeup collection is big. But it’s organized and tidy using this combination of storage options.