20 Top Thanksgiving Nail Ideas To Get Ready For Fall This Year
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20 Top Thanksgiving Nail Ideas To Get Ready For Fall This Year

20 Insanely Cute Thanksgiving Nail Ideas

The holidays are the perfect excuse to have fun with your nail design, and Thanksgiving is no exception. From pumpkins to fall leaves, there are so many ways to get your nails ready for fall. We’ve rounded up 20 Thanksgiving nail ideas for inspiration.

20 Top Thanksgiving Nail Ideas to Get Ready for Fall This Year

1. Fall Leaves

Here’s a simple but beautiful look for Thanksgiving. The glittery blue-green base color is perfect for the season and makes the red and gold leaves really pop. If you’re not a fan of this base color, a nude or even subdued yellow will work well for this design.

2. Leopard Print

If you’re looking for subtle Thanksgiving nail ideas, this leopard print design is a great option. We love the alternating colors, with every other nail being a rich brown color or leopard print design. This is one nail idea that will complement just about any outfit, and it will still look great after the holiday is over.

3. Foxy Leaves

Here’s an adorable nail design for Thanksgiving. We love the cute fox on the ring finger and colorful leaves on the nail tips. The matte finish really makes the design stand out (try this shade from China Glaze for the base). This is one look that will look great all throughout the fall season.

4. Maroon and Gold Leaves

This look is perfect for fall and Thanksgiving. We love the maroon base color and gold glitter gradient. The shimmery gold and red leaves really take this seasonal look to the next level. Maroon is a color that works well with most outfits and complements most skin tones, making it the ideal color for the holiday.

5. Pumpkins and Plaid

Here’s a fun, colorful nail idea for Thanksgiving and fall. We love the plaid pumpkin and orange and white plaid on the ring finger. The solid black nails help make the look stand out. If you’re looking for something more elaborate for the holiday, you can’t go wrong with this nail idea.

6. Rose Gold

There’s something about rose gold that makes us dream about cozy sweaters and fall weather. It’s the perfect color for your Thanksgiving look, and this design adds some glittery copper foil (grab some from Amazon to create this look for yourself) to make it special. This whole nail design is so subtle and pretty. Plus, it will match just about any outfit you wear.

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7. Pumpkin, Plaid and Glitter

We love Thanksgiving nail ideas with glitter and pumpkins. This idea combines matte and glittery fall shades with plaid and pumpkins for a fun fall and Thanksgiving themed look. The pumpkin colors tie the whole look together.

8. Brown and White French Tips

This nail design is simple, subtle and beautiful. The brown and white curved French tips make the look seasonal without being too obvious. It’s a look that’s perfect for fall and will match any outfit you wear. Go with a warm chocolatey brown and cream for this look.

9. Blue and Gold Leaves

Most Thanksgiving nail ideas use browns, maroons or greens, but this idea changes things up. It pairs cobalt blue with glittery gold and white. Pumpkins and leaves complete this fall nail look. If you don’t have time to hit the salon, you can use nail decals (like these ones from Amazon) to recreate this look.

10. Brown and Blue Diamonds

Here’s a gorgeous nail design that you’ll love wearing after Thanksgiving is over. It uses two shades of glittery brown and a beautiful, dark turquoise color. We love the diamond accents on the middle finger and shimmery tones that aren’t too over the top.

11. Fall Forest

These nails look like they belong in a painting, yet the design isn’t too complicated to DIY. Start with a white base and add a few strokes of brown (here’s a great option) and yellow to create the illusion of a fall forest. Glittery gold and orange tie the whole thing together.

12. Rust and Glitter

Here’s a simple nail look for Thanksgiving that’s just as beautiful as anything else on our list. It’s all about picking the right shade, and this rusty, coppery color is gorgeous. The subtle shimmery shades add something special without being too in-your-face. Zoya’s Autumn nail polish is a great option for your glittery shade.

13. Fall Mountains

We love these nature-inspired nails, which feature orange, brown and yellow mountain peaks. It’s the perfect blend of fall colors and is a wonderfully subtle look for Thanksgiving. It’s a look that will work with any outfit, and you’ll still enjoy wearing long after the holiday.

14. Scarves and Sweaters

Inspired by Burberry scarves and cable sweaters, this nail design will get you ready for fall and Thanksgiving. We love the textured nail that looks just like your favorite comfy sweater. Burberry plaid and wine-red complete the look. We love that this look isn’t too obvious for Thanksgiving and will complement any look you choose for the holiday.

15. Gold Metal

These nails are gorgeous, with melting metallic gold accents and a clear base. The rich orange and white tips look fall-themed like waves. This design is a conversation-starter, and will still look beautiful after the holiday is over.

16. Cottagecore-Inspired Fall Nails

If you’re a fan of cottagecore, you’ll love this nail design. We love the hand painted mushrooms and leaves. They complement the solid brown nails. If you have a steady hand and patience, this is a fun look you can do yourself. A nail design kit, like this one from Clara Colors, can help you recreate this design at home.

17. Autumn Leaves

Here’s a glitter gradient design that’s fall-inspired and subtle. The leaves, glitter and base color blend together so beautifully. The leaves in this design are hand-painted but you can easily use decals (we love these ones from Amazon). Choose a rich brown color and silvery glitter to recreate this look.

18. Blue Thanksgiving

Are you looking for nature-inspired Thanksgiving nail ideas? Here’s another excellent option. The gorgeous blue-gray color is perfect for fall, and we love the floral accents. Yellow flowers and brown leaves make these nails a work of art. This is a nail design that will complement all of those warm fall colors we love to wear.

19. Wild and Free

Here’s a great design for those of you who love animal print. The warm brown, beige and rich turquoise colors give this look a fall twist. We love the mix of zebra, leopard and cheetah prints as well as the wavy design that blends all of the colors together.

20. Simple Brown and Clear Design

You don’t need a complicated design to create a beautiful Thanksgiving look. This look features chocolate brown and nude colors – perfect for fall. The first finger features a brown French tip, and the ring finger features a subtle striped design that completes the look. You can easily pull this design off yourself if you don’t have time to hit the salon.

Thanksgiving Nail Tutorials

We’ve shared so many great ideas for Thanksgiving nails, but if you’re new to nail art, you may not know where to start. Here are some great YouTube tutorials that will walk you through different Thanksgiving nail looks step-by-step.

BOMB Glow in the Dark Thanksgiving nails!

In this tutorial, The Nails Queen shows you how to create this gorgeous Thanksgiving nail look at home. You’ll impress everyone with this pro-level look – and your nails will glow in the dark (how cool!).

Thanksgiving Nails!! 3 Easy Designs

In this tutorial, xoJahtna shows you how to create three fun Thanksgiving nail looks. These designs are simple enough for beginners and absolutely adorable, especially the cherry pie. If you’re intimidated by nail art, start with this video.


Here’s another easy fall-inspired nail tutorial that’s great for Thanksgiving. To follow this tutorial, you’ll need a stamping plate (here’s a great option from Amazon). It’s a surprisingly easy process to pull off a look like this, and if you have the right tools, you can create dozens of different looks at home.

Fall Leaves Nail Art

Here’s another fun leaves look that’s perfect for Thanksgiving. Nail Career Education walks you through the steps of creating this design at home. For this look, you’ll need a stamping plate, stamping polish and some patience, but it’s worth the effort.

Easy Thanksgiving Nail Designs for Beginners

LDS Nails shows you how to create two Thanksgiving nail ideas in this tutorial. With this approach, you’ll hand paint your nails before you apply them. You’ll need a steady hand and some artistic talent to make this work, but it’s a tutorial for those who are creative and want to try something different.

Final Thoughts

These nail ideas will help you get ready for fall and the holiday. Whether you want something subtle or over-the-top, you’re sure to find a design you love on our list.