15 Insanely Fun and Healthy Edible Thanksgiving Centerpieces
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15 Insanely Fun and Healthy Edible Thanksgiving Centerpieces

The Importance of Table Decor

Being festive brings light and joy to occasions – the extra work is quickly seen and extremely appreciated. Imagine the difference in seeing a home decorated to the nines in Thanksgiving decor versus a home that serves cheeseburgers and not a turkey in sight. Going the extra mile is what being a host is all about! Now, if you are a guest this Thanksgiving season, this list has also got you covered. Nobody wants to show up to a dinner party empty-handed, this in-depth list of edible Thanksgiving centerpieces will be the perfect guide to bringing a wonderful gift or decorating your own dinner table. 

15 Insanely Fun and Healthy Edible Thanksgiving Centerpieces

1. Cheesy Delight

The idea of making an easy centerpiece for Thanksgiving is a wonderful idea…but adding cheese to it makes it sound even better! Who can’t resist this decadent cheesy display, topped with nuts and carrots? The healthy fats from this meal will have you scooping up another bite. The attention to detail when placing the “turkey feathers” and the single red bell pepper slice as the turkey’s face and neck is genius and beginner friendly! 

Another super creative idea for making the popular cheese ball is this amazing pine cone cheese ball recipe – Perfect for as an edible Thanksgiving Centerpiece.  

2. Spreading the Cheer! 

If you are a cheese fan, but want a heartier centerpiece than the one above, this one is the option for you! You can do edible Thanksgiving centerpieces many ways, but this one may be the quickest on the list! This is perfect for those with a busy schedule during the holiday season. Whatever cheese you like, shape it into a circular form (you may need to heat your cheese for this part). Now all you need to do is add pretzel sticks, candy corn beak and edible eyes! Make multiples of these and bring them as dinner gifts to family and friends houses’ to share the Thanksgiving spirit! It will certainly be an unforgettable present. 

3. Fuel Yourself Right

In need of a healthy twist? The holidays always come with good times, holiday cheer, and lots of food! If you feel you’ve eaten all the cookies and stuffing your heart can handle, this will be a splendid change of pace for you. For this tablescape, array fruits in a triangle pattern across a plate with half a pear for the turkey’s body, round fruit seeds for the eyes, and scrap paper for the beak and feet. Voila! You have a beautiful centerpiece that will have all eyes on it and won’t have you unbuttoning your top pant button from being overly full.

And here is the vegetables version:


4. Kid Friendly

A great snack idea for any kids during this Thanksgiving season! They will be overjoyed to receive this creative centerpiece tray! The spread of cheese and crackers with pear for the turkey is a great mid-day snack for the kiddos! Add a few veggies to the tray and watch everything be gone because of the fun design. Thanksgiving centerpieces are always for adults; let’s make a centerpiece for the kid’s table! 

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5. The Show Stopper

Are you the person who enjoys going above and beyond in all that you do? This expert level turkey will blow away all other edible Thanksgiving centerpieces. Yes, this may be more work than the usual centerpiece, but the payoff will be very worth it. This large-scale piece and attention to detail will make guests stop in their tracks. Large pumpkin body, red corn face and wheat adorned tail make up this turkey. This centerpiece will be edible but you won’t want to even touch this piece of edible art! 

6. Ranch Lovers Unite

Who knew vegetables could look so scrumptious? This centerpiece shows that it can easily be done. The best part? The glue to the vegetables will be ranch dressing! The ranch can be a make or break situation, but for those who love the taste, this Thanksgiving centerpiece will seem like it is made for you! The turkey look-alike art is going to be the highlight of any dinner party! Serve your guests a healthy centerpiece appetizer or post-dinner nibbles with an easy to eat and tasty centerpiece! 

7. A Chocolate Twist

Chocolate turkey may not sound appetizing to you, but as soon as you see this masterpiece, you will completely change your tune! Many edible Thanksgiving centerpieces are not chocolate themed, and that’s why this centerpiece is a great way to enhance your table and after-dinner dessert! With such a fun and whimsical look, chocolate dipped pretzel rods with candy corn feathers and a sugar-featured face, passing these out during dessert will be a memorable experience for everybody in attendance!

Another great option for a chocolate treat and turkey centerpiece is this charcuterie board. 

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8. Elevate your Hors D’oeuvres

A centerpiece that is also a grazing board? What a marvelous idea! An easy to setup board that allows guests a chance to snack on food and make conversation while your 5 star meal is waiting to be ready. Make one or make multiple! This easy centerpiece makes setup a breeze. Another great aspect is you can use whatever ingredients you want for the board, not just what is shown in the picture. Here’s a helpful tip: this centerpiece will go great with some extra dips on the side as well! 

9. Cornucopia of Fun

Edible Thanksgiving centerpieces don’t always have to be turkey themed – this is a great example of this! A cornucopia is another excellent way to celebrate the Thanksgiving spirit while keeping an upscale and festive table. Bake it yourself or purchase a basket-shaped cornucopia and fill it with anything your heart desires! Match this idea by using bread, tomatoes and broccoli, or change it by filling it with candies, chocolates or cheese! Anything you wish will go great in here – making this option the most customizable on the list! 

Here is a great YouTube tutorial on how to make cornucopia. 

How to Make a Cornucopia

Here is another insanely cute version of cornucopia that can work perfectly as a personalized dish – really like it!

And if you are looking for a sweet version of this dish, you can easily switch the bread with ready-made waffle cones (like this pack from Walmart) and get these adorable fruit cones! 

Make sure to check this cone holder stand with 6 holes from Amazon if you want to keep them standing on the table. 

10. Keto Friendly

During the holiday season, we come into contact with many people and not everybody eats the same things. Diet restrictions often come into play, and guests and hosts alike take caution in making certain food dishes. With this edible Thanksgiving centerpiece, you can give your Keto friends a loving nod. Filled with only meats and cheeses, this meal features no grains or fruit, just two little capers for decorative eyes that will be placed to look like the turkey’s. Layer salami and prosciutto to create a centerpiece spread that meat eaters won’t forget! 

Here are a few more keto-friendly ingredients that you can add to your Thanksgiving board:

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11. A Bowl of Cheer

Clever is an understatement when it comes to this centerpiece! Tracking down what you need is easy as well. In a circular vase, fill it with Thanksgiving colored M&Ms – we’re talking orange, brown and yellow candies to really set the tone. Next, take colored construction paper and cut out a circle for the turkey head, along with feather-like shapes for the tail. This artsy, DIY turkey centerpiece will be a fun way to display your candies this Thanksgiving. 

12. Quick and Stylish

We get it, you have a thousand things to do and guests are coming in 10 minutes. Here is a simple edible centerpiece that can be completed in almost no time! Grab a clear bowl and tape eyes and a paper triangle for the beak onto the round bowl and there you go! Surprisingly, it looks like it takes more time than it actually does. Now, it’s up to you to fill it however you’d like! This calls for chocolate covered almonds and tall chocolate sticks to look as though they are the feathers, but don’t feel the need to stick with what has already been done – get creative and have fun! 

13. Elegant and Festive 

Are you looking for an edible centerpiece that is elegant? Fit for royalty, this centerpiece boasts delicious red apples, with a scooped out middle for a tea-light candle to perfectly sit atop and gleam as guests gather around to feast. This two-ingredient list is easy, yet visually appealing to watch as the floating votives flicker while the conversation grows. Thanksgiving can be festive in many ways, who says elegance can’t be a way to celebrate? 

14. An Upscale Ambiance

If you are a fan of the last idea but want a twist, this edible centerpiece will be perfect for you. Take a long, shallow box and place an assortment of candles, small pumpkins, red berries, and decor leaves for a show-stopping centerpiece. Pumpkin and red berries such as cranberries or red currants are easy and edible ways to create vibrant, gorgeous colors for your candle centerpiece. Edible Thanksgiving centerpieces will take on a whole different feel once this centerpiece is debuted during the holidays.

To make this centerpiece even more amazing – add these delicious pumpkin rolls – that are just so good! 

And if you want to go wild with your edible Thanksgiving table decor – check out these breathtaking grazing tables:

15. An Understated Approach

Understated and festive. does this sound like you? We know it’s not the healthiest option, but hey… holidays are a good time for having some treats no? Then look no further! Sugared fruit adorns the platter because nothing screams fall than in-season fruit. The sugared aspect brings a festive touch. Go to your local produce aisle and find the season’s ripe, in-stock fruit for this elaborate edible centerpiece. Dusting with beautiful sugar crystals will make your mouth water and eyes light up by this glamorous centerpiece idea – not to mention how simple it is to achieve! 

And a delicious chocolate version would be:

Final Thoughts 

Your family centerpiece for Thanksgiving should be a reflection of who you are. Having a table that matches your personality adds a wonderful appeal for holiday dinners. Edible Thanksgiving centerpieces are the cherry on top for holiday festivities. This list is a manageable and overall beginner friendly way to begin making Thanksgiving centerpieces that are beautiful, low cost and quick to manufacture. In no time, friends and family alike will be calling you asking for their own edible centerpiece advice.