15 Best DIY Pumpkin Crafts for Thanksgiving Decoration
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15 Insanely Cute DIY Pumpkin Crafts for Thanksgiving Decoration

Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas With Pumpkins  

Integrating pumpkins to your Thanksgiving decorating is a must this year. This list of DIY pumpkin crafts is most likely one you have never seen. The range of decorations and skill levels of this list make it easy to pick and choose what works for you and the style of your home. Create a Thanksgiving decoration that can be turned up a few notches this year to exude an elegance that people may not be expecting. This unexpectedness will keep you in the running for the most creative this Thanksgiving and for more to come! 

15 Best DIY Pumpkin Crafts for Thanksgiving Decoration

1. Adding Height

Stacking decorated pumpkins is a gorgeous way to incorporate the Thanksgiving fall theme throughout your home while adding a unique spin on the average pumpkin. Stacking pumpkins makes it easy to place them anywhere you need an extra festive touch! Showcase them on the floor, throughout your hallway, in your living room, or on the dining table! No places will be off limits with this DIY decoration. Puff paint pens or paint will be the best way to go about this project – don’t forget the glue when stacking! 

2. Ambiance Of The Year

This is a simple way to achieve an elevated Thanksgiving decoration. Placing a wooden board like this one from Amazon in the center or your dining table with candles and pumpkins may seem too easy – but the outcome looks out of this world. Quickly create a glamorous ambiance that will mesmerize any guest seated around the table as the candles dance on the beautiful pumpkins arranged just right. This goes as a reminder to never underestimate the combination of pumpkins and candles. Here is an inspiring image of this amazing decoration idea with pumpkins:

3. An Ode to Family 

As guests walk up to your door, greet them with a sweet decoration representing your family’s last name. Many people have name plates – you will be a step above with this festive display! Take this time to have fun with your family name or highlight each family member with their own name on each pumpkin. You can’t go wrong with whatever you choose because this Thanksgiving decoration is an instant talking point. Bring together the meaning of family with this Thanksgiving decoration. 

4. Pumpkin Elegance

Let your pumpkin stand out this year with decor that is above and beyond! It’s rare to see a pumpkin be turned into something so stunning, and this is one of those instances. Hot gluing lace, pearls and costume jewels is a great way to create texture and eye catching designs on a pumpkin. This is not your average pumpkin – this one breathes style and personality.

5. Beautiful Reminders

This Thanksgiving decor is all about reminding friends and family what this holiday is all about: how grateful you are to have them in your life. We can all find a silver lining to be thankful for in our busy year, and these pumpkin decorations can help remind us what values we have. Bring thankfulness to your home with some paint and a sharpie with this DIY Thanksgiving decoration. The easy setup and quick dry time makes this very beginner friendly!

6. Frisky Decor

Display your creative side with this pumpkin project! If you like cats, this Thanksgiving decoration was meant for you. It’s as easy as cutting the top off a pumpkin and gluing smaller pumpkins on the inside rim with paper cutouts of cat ears and features. Place the top of the pumpkin on the cat’s heads and voila! It looks like kittens are peering out and greeting each person who walks by. 

7. Decal Pumpkin

Indoor pumpkins that are an extension of your personality is a wonderful way to add to your home this Thanksgiving season. Pull out your fun side with this decal pumpkin hack! Anything goes when it comes to the design, so let your ideas run wild! Each pumpkin will look beautiful in your home because each pumpkin can match any object or design style you already have! Add initials, the date or leave it at gorgeous designs. The great part is it is all up to you! 

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8. Pumpkin Topiary

This is for the more whimsical type. It may be a great idea to take the pumpkins created from number 7 on this list, and allow them to help you with this magnificent decor craft! Hot glue has never had more of an important role than being a part of this stunning DIY idea. The inspiration photos show ceramic pumpkins, but the real thing will be immensely better and more visually appealing. Place one on either side of your front entrance and watch the compliments flood in. 

9. Please Be Seated

Walking into an amazing dinner and seeing the host has already gone to great lengths to determine your seating spot beforehand (and in such a festive way) makes every person invited feel like the star of the show. This is the perfect way to make each and every one of your guests feel like you went above and beyond. Try this pumpkin decor idea as a wonderful way to elevate a dinner party amongst friends and family and watch your party points rise. Utilizing a small pumpkin in this way is genius – and insanely easy! 

10. Your Pumpkin Is Served

What about a different take on pumpkin decor? Incorporating pumpkins in all kinds of thoughtful ways helps make Thanksgiving time that much more special. Bring the decor to the food this year by bringing pumpkins to your table. Creating bowls out of pumpkins and taking out the seeds and adding any side, soup, or salad in a pumpkin bowl will out-do any Thanksgiving decoration you have had in the past!

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11. Heighten the Cheer

Glass containers that beautifully display gracefully stacked miniature pumpkins that will help heighten the Thanksgiving cheer in your home. Each glass container can be placed all across your space – especially on end tables, the guest bathroom and the kitchen counter. The easy DIY pumpkin decor will stun each guest. Although this decoration has only two components, the gorgeous look will be a surprise to anyone who sees it. The added color alone in the home will bring out more Thanksgiving cheer. 

12. Nature Calls

A beautiful way to bring nature indoors! Just because it’s Thanksgiving, it doesn’t mean you don’t give up adding greenery to your home, instead, use this creative trick! Taking off the top of the pumpkin and adding soil to use the pumpkin as a natural plant pot is a genius way to be festive during Thanksgiving. Whatever naturally grows where you live: flowers, shrubs and cactus will look wonderful in this Thanksgiving decoration. Make this project as chic or as whimsical as you would like – anything goes with this beautiful Thanksgiving addition to your home! 

13. A Flickering Delight 

A new take on a pumpkin candle! Light up your home and walkways with this beautiful Thanksgiving decor. This decor hack will be perfect for a home that doesn’t care about looking perfect, because no pumpkin shape is. This can go best in Farmhouse Chic, Boho or Traditional interior designed homes. Find flat pumpkins and cut out the tops of pumpkins, and replace the top with a large, tall candle. It’s up to you whether you would like to stack the pumpkins for height, but whatever you choose; the final effect will be beautiful. Add these to your walkway, outdoor patio or even as a centerpiece for your dining room table. 

14. Deck the Doors 

Let’s create fun DIY pumpkin crafts that defy gravity. A wreath with pumpkins is a fun way to incorporate the holiday feel with this Thanksgiving decoration! Now your guests will be greeted with a special festive touch when they arrive at your doorstep. Grab any wreath you like and a variety of small pumpkins. Lay the wreath out and hot glue the miniature pumpkins in a placement you think is best. Lay a few more hours for the glue to harden and that is all you need to do! Now your home’s door will be adorned with Thanksgiving flair. 

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15. A Different Take 

Carve pumpkins in a chic way…yes, you read that right! Carving pumpkins into minimal, simple leaf and vine shapes will allow your pumpkin to be the star of the night. Thanksgiving is a pinnacle time for fall, so why should Halloween be the only holiday that incorporates them? The repeating patterns of leaves and vines add an elegant touch to the usual carved pumpkin look. Brownie points for cutting the base off and adding a tall candle inside. A tall candle creates a step up from the average tea light that is typically used for lighting Jack-o’-lanterns.

Crafting Wrap Up

Pumpkins can be used for an array of craft projects. Beginner friendly all the way to expert, this list encompasses them all. This list goes to show that Thanksgiving decorations can be chic and completely transform any area to a magical fall oasis. Thanksgiving is a time to bring everyone in your life together and reminisce on how blessed and grateful we are in our daily lives. Use DIY pumpkin crafts for Thanksgiving decoration to gather your closest friends and all do a craft together. However you decide to decorate your home, we hope your fall season is filled with wonderful festivities and Thanksgiving cheer.