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17 Best Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes That Everyone Will Love

Delicious Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. Now is the perfect time to start planning your menu, and we have some of the best Thanksgiving turkey recipes out there. Whether you’re cooking for one or a crowd, you’re sure to find a recipe you love on our list.

17 Best Thanksgiving Turkey Recipes That Everyone Will Love

1. Chipotle Citrus Turkey

Spice up your Thanksgiving with this chipotle citrus turkey. Garlic, lime, orange, chipotle peppers and herbs give this turkey a mountain of flavor. With this recipe, you’ll also find tips on how to choose a quality turkey, how to make compound butter and other great tips to make this year’s turkey the best yet.

Serve it on this gorgeous platter, which features a stunning watercolor turkey.

Mud Pie Watercolor Turkey Platter - Thanksgiving plate

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2. Garlic Butter Turkey with Gravy

Stuffed with citrus and aromatic herbs, this garlic butter turkey is loaded with flavor. We love the presentation of this turkey, too. Colorful apples, berries, orange slices and green herbs make it a feast for the eyes, too. She recommends brining your turkey first. It’s an extra step, but so worth it.

TatyanasEverydayFood also has a great video on how to make this turkey from start to finish – perfect for beginners!

3. No-Fuss Thanksgiving Turkey

The best Thanksgiving turkey recipes are the ones that are both stress-free and delicious. This recipe is jam-packed with flavor, but is super simple to put together. The secret is the citrus and herbs stuffing that gives the turkey such divine flavor.

4. Herb Butter, Wine-Basted Turkey

Looking for a new way to cook your turkey this year? Try draping your turkey in a wine-soaked cheesecloth. This recipe promises to produce the juiciest turkey you’ll ever have – and many commenters agree. Best of all, this recipe is super simple. Just spread the herb butter over and under the skin, wrap the turkey in a cheesecloth and you’re ready to start cooking.

If you don’t have one already, you can grab a cheesecloth from Amazon for less than $12.

Olicity Cheesecloth

5. Orange Glazed Herb Turkey

Citrus, herbs and butter help make the juiciest and most tender turkey meat, but they also make your house smell wonderful while it’s cooking. This recipe uses a honey orange glaze for a little sweetness. Rosemary, sage, thyme and garlic tie it all together. This is a turkey that even the fussiest of eaters will love.

6. Maple-Glazed Roasted Turkey

Turkey recipes don’t have to be complicated to be delicious. Something as simple as a maple glaze can really make your turkey memorable. Along with maple and butter (of course), this recipe calls for apples, celery, onion, lemon, thyme and rosemary. It’s a turkey that’s quick and simple to prepare – and everyone will love it! This recipe uses a turkey breast, which also makes it a great option for smaller Thanksgiving gatherings.

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7. Overnight Turkey Recipe

This is one of the best Thanksgiving turkey recipes if you prefer to eat Thanksgiving lunch. Normally, to eat at 12-1 pm, you’d have to wake up at 4-5 am to start cooking the turkey. But with this recipe, your turkey can cook overnight. It’s hands-off once it’s in the oven, and the turkey comes out moist and juicy. The trick is to cook it long and slow. Slow cooking means that you don’t have to baste your turkey – the moisture does it for you.

And who doesn’t want to wake up to the smell of roasted turkey in the morning?

8. Bacon Roasted Turkey

Turkey and bacon are a match made in heaven, and this recipe takes it to the next level. Bacon and spices are pulsed into a paste and then spread under the skin of the turkey. All of that fat and flavor from the spices will make your turkey unforgettable. Don’t forget to stuff your bird with apples, lemons, onions and aromatic herbs.

9. Cajun Roasted Turkey

Shake things up this Thanksgiving with this Cajun roasted turkey. This recipe adds Cajun spices to the butter that goes under and on top of the turkey skin. Not only will the turkey be bursting with flavor, but the spices will give your gravy a little heat, too. While this recipe was created for a whole turkey (16-18 pounds), you can easily adjust it for a smaller bird or turkey breast. Just halve the spices.

10. Brown Butter Sage Turkey

Brown butter and sage are a winning combination in this recipe. It’s one of the simplest recipes we’ve found for roasted turkey, but it’s still packed with flavor and produces a seriously juicy turkey. Making the brown butter is a little tricky, but you can make it up to a week in advance. If you’re entertaining a crowd, it may be helpful to make the butter ahead of time, so you’re not stressing on Thanksgiving morning.

11. Bourbon Brined Smoked Turkey

Bourbon brine and herb butter – need we say more? This is one of the best Thanksgiving turkey recipes out there if you love smoked turkey. Fresh herbs, butter and brown sugar help give this turkey wonderful flavor while smoking. Of course, smoking takes a little longer, but the flavor and tenderness make it worth every minute.

12. Champagne Turkey

Here’s a turkey worth celebrating. This recipe uses a bottle of champagne and melted butter to make a tender, juicy turkey that everyone at the table will love. Unlike other turkey recipes, this one doesn’t call for brining. Rather, you inject a brine solution into the legs and breast before roasting. You still get that juicy turkey without all the extra work.

13. Garlic Brown Sugar Turkey

This garlic brown sugar turkey uses a dry brine of sugar, salt, pepper and garlic to add flavor and help keep your turkey juicy. Before roasting, the turkey is smothered in brown sugar, butter and garlic to give it a rich flavor. It doesn’t take much to cook a delicious turkey, and this recipe proves it.

14. Crockpot Whole Turkey

Don’t want to be bothered with roasting your turkey? Use your Crockpot instead! This recipe cooks a whole turkey in the Crockpot with garlic butter. Long and slow cooking produces an ultra-juicy turkey. Plus, you’ll also find tips on how to make the skin crispy.

It doesn’t get much easier and less stressful than this turkey recipe.

15. Citrus and Herb Roasted Turkey

Some of the best Thanksgiving turkey recipes incorporate citrus and herbs, but this recipe also includes apples and garlic for a mix of sweet and savory. This recipe couldn’t be simpler, and the author provides lots of great tips on how to cook a turkey and how to choose one. If this is your first time making a turkey, then you’ll love all of these helpful tips.

16. Rosemary Apricot Glazed Turkey

Here’s an excellent recipe for a turkey breast that you can easily double for a larger turkey. It uses butter, apricot preserves and rosemary for a wonderful flavor. It’s so easy to put this recipe together, and the glaze gives it that extra kick that will surprise and delight your guests. We recommend using fresh rosemary and springing for high-quality apricot preserves so that the flavor shines through.

17. Apple Thyme Roasted Turkey

This apple thyme roasted turkey is aromatic, juicy and tender. It calls for an apple cider brine with fresh thyme and cloves. Butter helps keep the meat moist, and the apples add a touch of sweetness. Serve on a platter of green herbs, pomegranates and apples for a colorful presentation.

3 Tips for Cooking and Serving Your Thanksgiving Turkey

1. Invest in a Beautiful Platter

The turkey is the star of the Thanksgiving table, so make it shine by presenting it on a beautiful platter.

Turkey Platter for Thanksgiving

You can find platters in all colors, sizes and shapes. This colorful, Thanksgiving-themed platter from Spode Woodland is made from fine porcelain and features beautiful floral and scroll elements.

You can also keep it simple with a rectangular platter, like this one from Amazon. If you like to add fresh herbs and fruits to your platter, this white tray will really make those colors pop.

White Large Rectangle Meeme Melamine Serving Tray

2. Add Colorful Herbs and Fruits

The right presentation will make your turkey a feast for the eyes and stomach. Add brightly colored fruits, herbs or even flowers to your platter to make your turkey look even more delicious. Apples, rosemary, pomegranates and slices of citrus fruits are all great additions to your turkey platter.

3. Get a Meat Thermometer

One last but important tip – invest in a good meat thermometer. A thermometer will help ensure that your turkey is thoroughly cooked before you serve it to your guests.

You can find digital and smart thermometers right on Amazon that are affordable.

Final Thoughts

These 17 Thanksgiving turkey recipes are some of the best and most loved by people who have tried them. Use them to spice up your Thanksgiving table this year, and use the tips above to really make your presentation unforgettable.

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