21 Mason Jar Gift Ideas for Christmas for Everyone On Your List
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21 Mason Jar Gift Ideas for Christmas for Everyone On Your List

Cute Mason Jar Gift Ideas for Christmas

Need mason jar gift ideas for Christmas? We have 21 of the best ideas for mason jar gifts that people will love.

From sweets to hobby gifts and cocktails, you’re sure to find the perfect idea on our list.

21 Mason Jar Gift Ideas for Christmas That People Will Love

1. Holiday Survival Kit in a Jar

We all love the holidays, but let’s face it – they can be stressful. Some weeks it can feel like you’re running from one family member’s house to another or one party to the next.

Give this gift to friends and family early in the season to help them get through the holidays with their sanity intact.

You can put whatever you want in your survival mason jar, but here are some ideas to help you get started:

2. Bird Seed Mason Jar

Do you have a friend or loved one with a bird feeder? Give them a bird seed gift jar for Christmas.

Fill a large mason jar with bird seed (like this seed mix from Lyric) and add some cute decorations to make the gift special. Add a fake bird’s nest and bird (like this one) to make your gift stand out. Tie a bow around the mouth of the jar and add a cute tag to complete your mason jar gift.

3. Shake and Pour Pancakes

Looking for food mason jar gift ideas for Christmas? These shake and pour pancake jars are perfect. They’re easy to make and even easier for the recipient to make and enjoy.

All they have to do is add water and shake up the jar to make their pancake batter.

During the busy holidays, your friend or loved one will appreciate having a quick and easy comfort meal like pancakes.

Don’t forget to include a label with instructions on how to make the pancakes and a list of ingredients.

4. Peppermint Mason Jar Candles

These peppermint mason jar candles smell amazing, and they’re easy to make. Candles are great gifts for friends, neighbors and co-workers, and the fact that they’re handmade is impressive.

All you need for this gift idea is some peppermint essential oil, soy candle wax, candle wicks and some mason jars. You can find all of these items at your local craft store.

Decorate the jar with a ribbon and a label if you like to make it more festive.

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5. Baker’s Jar Gift

If you have friends or loved ones who love to bake, this mason jar gift idea is perfect. It has all of the little things they’ll need to bake, like:

You can slip in a few printed recipes, too. All that’s left to do is decorate the jar.

6. Sewing Kit in a Jar

Here’s a cute gift idea for the sewing enthusiast in your life. Fill a large mason jar with sewing essentials, like:

You can add cute little sewing-related decorations and a vintage label to complete the gift.

7. Tub Tea

These tub tea mason jars are perfect gifts for friends, neighbors and co-workers. They’re fun to make, and the recipient will appreciate having an excuse to relax and pamper themselves.

Fill the jars with your favorite tub tea recipe and include a steeper to prevent messes.

If you don’t have a favorite recipe, here’s an idea:

Add a cute bow or ribbon and a label with instructions on how to use the tub tea.

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8. Artist Jar

Need creative mason jar gift ideas for Christmas? Here’s a great idea for the artist in your life – a jar filled with painting supplies.

Fill a large mason jar with:

Leave the lid of the jar off, and add some ribbons or cute decorative elements to make this gift shine.

9. Spice Rubs

Spice rubs are a fun gift idea for people who love to cook, and they’re easy to make. Fill small mason jars with your favorite dry rub recipe, and hand them out to friends, neighbors and co-workers.

If you don’t have a favorite recipe, here are some ideas:

10. Gift Card and Candy

If you’re giving someone a gift card this year, you can use mason jars to present them in a fun way. This idea actually uses two mason jars: an 8-ounce and a 4-ounce jar.

Slip the gift card into the bigger mason jar, and fill the smaller one with candy. The tutorial explains how to put the whole thing together.

11. Painted Rocks Kit

Here’s another great gift idea for the creative person in your life: a painted rocks kit. You’ll need a wider mason jar for this idea, but it’s such a fun and unique idea for a mason jar gift.

Fill your jar with rock painting essentials, like:

Add a ribbon and some decorations to finish your kit.

12. Dog Lover Mason Jar

This mason jar gift is perfect for the dog lover in your life. Fill your jar with dog-related gifts that your friend and Fido will love.

Here are some ideas to fill your jar:

Add a pretty ribbon or whatever other decoration you may want and a tag.

13. Peppermint Hot Cocoa Mix

It’s the perfect time of year to enjoy some hot cocoa, which makes this one of the best mason jar gift ideas for Christmas.

Fill a mason jar with ingredients for peppermint hot cocoa. All the recipient has to do is add the mix to hot water and enjoy. You can use mini jars for single servings or bigger jars for a gift that will keep on giving.

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14. S’mores in a Jar

Who doesn’t love a good s’more? Gift this tasty snack to friends, neighbors and co-workers in a cute mason jar.

Add all of the s’mores essentials to the jar and finish off with a label, tag or other decoration.

The classic s’mores ingredients are:

  • Graham crackers
  • Marshmallows
  • Chocolate

But you can also get creative with different types of chocolate or use cookies instead of graham crackers.

15. Cookie Mix in a Jar

Looking for sweet mason jar gift ideas for Christmas? These cookie mixes are easy to add to mason jars, and they look gorgeous. Add all of the dry ingredients to a jar and add a tag with instructions on how to make the cookie dough and bake their cookies.

You’ll find nearly two dozen recipe ideas here, so there’s bound to be a cookie that the recipient will love.

16. Cinnamon Honey Butter

Here’s a homemade gift that everyone will appreciate: cinnamon honey butter. It’s perfect for toast, rolls, pound cake or even pancakes.

Use mini mason jars for this gift, and decorate them with mini berry branches or other holiday decorations.

Here’s a great video tutorial on how to make cinnamon honey butter.

17. Bloody Mary Mix

Cocktail mason jar gifts are always a hit, and this one is fun and easy to make. Fill your mason jar with:

Add a tab with instructions on how to mix the cocktail. If Bloody Mary isn’t your cup of tea, you can add ingredients for whatever cocktail you like.

18. Pumpkin Spice Latte Mix

Here’s a great gift for all of the pumpkin spice lovers in your life. Add all of the ingredients for a pumpkin spice latte into a mason jar, so they can enjoy this fall-inspired drink anytime they want.

You’ll need just a few ingredients for this:

Instead of the usual Ball mason jar, try adding your ingredients into a mason jar-style mug with a handle.

19. Mason Jar Herbs

Here’s a gift for the gardener or plant lover in your life: mason jar herbs. You can give this gift a few different ways.

  • You can fill the mason jar with soil and add an established herb plant from your local garden store.
  • You can add all of the essentials the person will need to grow their own herb plant from seed.

Either way, this is a gift that plant lovers are sure to appreciate.

20. Homemade Spiced Nuts

Spiced nuts are a real treat, and you can make your own mix at home to create a special gift for friends and loved ones.

Grab your favorite nut mix (here’s a great one), mix with spices and bake for 10 minutes.

21. Cookie Jars

Instead of gifting cookie mixes, why not gift already baked cookies in a mason jar? If you love baking, this is a great way to gift treats.

Add a pretty label and gift these to friends, neighbors or co-workers. They make great holiday party favors, too.

These 21 mason jar gift ideas are sure to make any person on your list happy this Christmas!