The Benefits of Exercise During Pregnancy

Why is exercise good while pregnant?

Many women have questions regarding exercises during pregnancy. Maybe it’s a question on the safety of engaging in activity while pregnant. Well, the good news is that exercising during pregnancy is generally safe. It does not put you at risk for miscarriage. As a matter of fact, many doctors recommend it. It is even better if you had a regular exercise routine before you got pregnant. Unlike other exercises that are done to lose weight, the purpose of exercising when pregnant is not to do so but it may help with weight loss after the delivery.

What are the benefits of exercising during pregnancy?

It is common for pregnant women to be lethargic but a 30-minute daily exercise routine is very benefits. Activity is important to get your blood flowing. For success, plan the days and times you will exercise.

The benefits of exercise include:

1. Reduced backaches, constipation, bloating and swelling.

Pregnancy comes along with all these uncomfortable conditions. It’s inevitable. Backaches are a part of pregnancy especially as the baby grows. Whatever the cause, back pain disrupts your daily routine and sleep. Constipation due to infrequent bowel movements is unsettling. It may be caused by anxiety, minimal physical exercise or a low-fiber diet. Fortunately, exercising during pregnancy can reduce the swelling in your feet and frequent constipation and back pains.

2. Prevention and treatment of gestational diabetes.

This condition is not rare in pregnant women especially those who had a high BMI before they conceived and those who are over the age of 35. It is also common in women who have a history of diabetes.

Gestational diabetes is in many cases a temporary condition where the body does not generate adequate insulin to regulate sugar during pregnancy.

3. Increased energy

Many expectant mothers are frustrated by lack of energy during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. This is attributed to either due to the hormonal changes that happen in pregnancy or decreased blood pressure due to increased blood flow

Don’t forget the emotional health associated with pregnancy. The stress, mood swings and anxiety can take a toll on your mental and physical energy. You can minimize these experiences by exercising during pregnancy.

4. Improved moods

It is no secret that pregnancy comes with mood swings. The stress and anxiety can be overwhelming and contribute to your mood swings. Exercise is a stress reliever and will significantly improve your moods.

5. Improves your posture

Poor posture can trigger or escalate back pains. Exercising during pregnancy improves your posture and significantly reduces your back pains

6. Promotion of muscle tone, strength, and endurance

Strengthening exercises during pregnancy generally help in toning your muscles and building strength and endurance. Strength and endurance are essential especially during delivery

7. Improved sleep

There’s nothing as important as sleep to an expectant mother. With the challenges of pregnancy, a good time of rest is essential

8. An easier time during weight loss after birth

Losing weight after birth is something women have battled with for a long time. Make your story different by exercising during pregnancy.

Exercising during pregnancy is too beneficial to ignore. Include regular exercise routines during pregnancy to enjoy these benefits. You should know that there are a few exercises you should avoid during pregnancy in order to maintain a safe and healthy pregnancy. Read more information about what the safe exercises for pregnant women are here.


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