Urinary Tract Infection During Pregnancy: Symptoms & Prevention

How to avoid Urinary Tract Infection during pregnancy?

The most important phase and the most beautiful of a woman is the pregnancy period and childbirth. Releasing a child cannot compare with anything, it is happiness.

Pregnant women are encouraged to take care of their mental and physical being for a healthy baby. They must follow their health with their offspring not only for nine months but up to two years after birth.

Pregnancy hormones change your entire system, including your urinary system. The urinary tract is a fertile breeding ground for bacteria. They multiply rapidly and then spread into the skin, and then into the stools when your womb starts to dilate. It reaches your urinary tract, disturbs the urine flow and causes other problems.

Pregnant women are confronted with these problems of urinary tract infection during weeks 6 to 24 of their pregnancy. Urinary tract infections can cause severe problems if left untreated because you may not feel the symptoms, even though you may have an infection. The March of Dimes estimates that approximately 10% of pregnant women will have a urinary tract infection at some point during their pregnancy.

Urinary tract infections are a severe health problem that affects millions of people every year. One in five women develops a urinary tract infection during her life.

Urinary Tract Infection Symptoms

A person suffering from potential bladder infection may experience all these:

  • Strong urges to urinate
  • Painful burning sensation while urination
  • Uncontrollable urge to urinate
  • Leakage problems
  • Soreness in the lower abdomen, back, or the sides the body
  • Urge to go frequently, with small amounts of urine eliminated each time.
  • Urine may seem cloudy or have a reddish tinge from the blood.
  • Urine may have a foul or strong smell
  • Feeling fatigued, shaky and washed out

In the case that the infection may have reached the kidneys, one may experience fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, and backache, in addition to the effects mentioned above.

Urinary Tract Infection Prevention Tips

If you are worried about getting a urinary tract infection, or if you already have one and you do not want it to come back, you can do this in different ways. Here are the steps to follow to try to prevent a urinary tract infection.

Consume as much water as possible

Drink at least 8 liters of liquid portions every day to stay hydrated. The result would be to urinate often. Urination eliminates all germs and bacteria from your bladder.

Train good hygienic habits

After bathing, clean your entire body with a soft, dry cloth. Be sure to wipe your area of genital water droplets that can prevent the growth of bacteria. Even after urination, cleaning the area would help prevent urinary tract infections.

See what you eat

Check what you consume daily because this has a direct effect on your urinary tract infection. The food you eat may cause inflammation and irritation of the bladder. Whatever you eat, make sure it does not cause side effects.

Choose foods that are rich in vitamins and avoid refined and processed foods, and eat high-sugar foods. Use probiotics such as cottage cheese.

Change your underwear every day

Daily changing your inner clothing can help to prevent the moisture content of your body, preventing the formation of bacteria in this area.

Do not bathe for longer than 30 minutes

Go for a shower instead of a bath and do not stay any longer. Take only two baths a day, if possible, and avoid bubble baths or other substances that can cause urethral openings.


  • Wash your hands before and after your arrival in the bathroom.
  • Do not wear tight pants or underwear.
  • Choose to take a shower before taking a bath. If you swim, avoid hot tubs or long baths.
  • Go to all your prenatal appointments to check your urinary tract infection, which has no symptoms.
  • Clear your bladder very often during the day. If you keep your urine in your bladder, this gives the bacteria the time to grow and multiply.
  • Empty your bladder after sexual intercourse to remove bacteria that have entered your urethra.
  • Put on cotton underwear and change them at least every day to keep the area clean.

Most people with a UTI try to drink gallons of cranberry juice until red in the face but in vain. It is true that cranberries can be used as a natural remedy for a compound of this miracle fruit follows from the E coli bacteria in the bladder wall. However, you need to know how to remove the bacteria after spreading.


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