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The Stages Of Labor And Birth In A Vaginal Delivery


During the birth process, three distinct stages occur, and the first of these stages is marked by certain phases within the stages. Simply termed the first, second, and third stages of labor, it is important for a mother to know what to expect during the delivery process.

Stage One

This is the longest stage of labor, lasting up to 16 hours for women bearing their first born. For subsequent births, this stage is often shorter, ranging 6-7 hours. At the first stage of labor, you will begin experiencing light contractions that may be up to 20 minutes apart. Throughout the contractions, your uterus is effacing. Stage one doesn’t end until the uterus is 100% effaced. There are 3 phases to Stage One labor.

Early Phase During the initial phase, you will experience irregular contractions as you dilate from 0-4 centimeters. The pain experienced in this phase is comparable to that of menstrual cramps. Most women spend this stage of labor at home. The Early Phase can last as long as 8 hours.

Active Phase The active phase begins as your contractions become longer, stronger, and closer together. Remember, you need to measure your contractions when calling the doctor. He or she will want to know how long each contraction lasts, the intensity, and how far apart they are. If you will be using an epidural, it is administered during the Active Phase of labor.

Transition Phase Although it is the shortest phase of labor, it is the most difficult. You will experience intense pain as your cervix dilates from 7 to 10 centimeters wide. There may also be a lot of pressure as the baby moves down into the birth canal. The good news is, it’s baby time!

Stage Two

This is the stage of your labor in which the baby is born. Stage two can last up to 2 hours. You may feel like you have a bowel movement, but it is very important not to push until you are instructed to do so. Pushing before the right time can cause swelling in the uterus. Crowning come to a place when the widest part of the baby’s head appears, just a few more pushes and your baby will be delivered! Immediately afterward, fluid and mucus are removed from the baby’s nose and mouth with a syringe and he will take his first breath. Also, during this time, the doctors, or the father will cut the umbilical cord. Once all this is complete, you can finally meet the little joy that you have worked so hard for.

Stage Three

Stage three is the shortest and likely the most comfortable stage of labor. Once the baby is delivered, you will need to deliver the placenta. Your contractions may have stopped already, but they will resume so that you can complete the birth. After this, you are all done! You will now be monitored for contractions and to make sure there is no excessive bleeding. Get to know your new daughter or son is what have to do now.

stages of childbirth
Stages of Childbirth

How Long Is the Average Length of Labor/Delivery?

When you approach your due date, it is normal to ask yourself how long the average working time is for most women. This can be hoped to predict the duration of your work and the delivery time. The problem is that there are no very strict rules for the duration of the workforce because many factors can influence the duration of the work.

The Average Labor Time

The length and experience of each labor are different for every woman and every pregnancy depending on a variety of factors. The factors that can affect the length of labor include:

  • If you’ve had a baby before (parity)
  • Your pelvis (shape and size)
  • Your baby’s position
  • Contraction strength and timing
  • Natural labor or induction
  • The age of the mother (maternal age)
  • First-time moms were reported to generally experience 6-12 hours in the first stage of labor (from the time they are dilated four centimeters) with an average length of 7.7 hours.

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