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Ideas for Pregnancy Announcement

When to Tell People You’re Pregnant

When you can’t wait to start a family, announcing to the world that you are pregnant can be exhilarating. This is because pregnancy can be a way of proving to others that you are fruitful, especially in case it took a while to conceive. So, the pregnancy announcement can take creative and fun-filled ways to carry out.

After ascertaining their pregnancy, one of the big questions people ask is when is the best time for them to announce to others that they are pregnant. You see, when to tell people that you are pregnant can best be decided by you and your spouse, based on various factors you may want to put into consideration.

While some people wait for about 14 weeks before telling others, there are also those who consider 20 weeks or 4 to 5 months before they spread the news so that by then, they would have ascertained the sex of the baby and also be sure that the findings of the ultrasound are normal.

So, whatever your choice is, there are lots of baby announcement ideas out there that you may choose to engage in.

Creative Ideas for Pregnancy Announcement

Creative sharing of the news of your pregnancy can come with the sharing of photos, videos and even digital cards on social media or via emails to family and friends. Ensuring that the contents of the photo or videos (depending on what exactly you are sharing) has a correlation with the message you are trying to pass across is very important.

Announce a pregnancy to your husband

When it comes to announcing to your spouse of the new position as a dad that he would be assuming very soon, wearing a T-shirt with that caption or that announces your new status can be another creative means of sharing the news. And you could write a short caption and put in his pocket, stick it to his dashboard or other places you know he would quickly notice it.

Other pregnancy announcement ideas could also include you getting a baby’s diaper or wears like baby shoes and putting them in noticeable areas. This will rightly pass the message of the baby about to come. Here is a list of cute pregnancy announcement ideas for your husband.

Announce a pregnancy to a group of people

If you are trying to announce to a group of people, you may want to consider getting a baby banner to express that. You and your spouse could just conspicuously hold the baby banner for everyone to see and discover for themselves what you are trying to tell them in action.

Holding a book or reading one that is related to expecting mothers in a way that others can easily read the title can be another creative way of passing the message across. Here are a few more creative ways to announce your pregnancy at work.

And if you already have a baby, another pregnancy announcement idea you could engage is to brand a T-shirt that carries the message of what he/she is soon becoming and make him/her wear it to a function or wherever you want the news announced. Captions like “I’m becoming a big brother/sister soon” will make sense. Here is a list of t-shirts available online for the whole family

However you choose to carry out your pregnancy announcement, one thing you should always keep in mind is the audience you are sharing it with. When you know your audience, you will know the best means to pass the message across to them. Then. Keep it simple and easy to interpret.

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