Pregnancy After Miscarriage – You Are Not Alone

    How long after a miscarriage can you get pregnant again? Most women will have a successful pregnancy after miscarriage. In fact, having one or two miscarriages doesn’t mean you’re at higher risk for miscarriage in the future. Spontaneous abortion or miscarriage is defined as the loss of pregnancy less than 20 weeks gestation. According to NCBI, it is estimated that as many as 26% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage and most happen within the first eight weeks. In other words, miscarriages are more common than most women think.  A late period may actually be a miscarriage, and it can even happen before pregnancy is detected. The risk of miscarriage decreased after…

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    How to get pregnant fast with irregular periods

    How to get pregnant when your periods are irregular  If you want to get pregnant but your periods are irregular, you’re probably asking yourself how to get pregnant fast with irregular periods. But before we talk about getting pregnant with irregular periods, let’s talk a little bit about what it takes to get pregnant.  It is one amazing feeling when you get married to the person you love. When you start living together, “how to get pregnant?” is the next big question you both have in your mind. This is an important question because everyone loves to make their relationship even stronger by having a baby. Getting pregnant is a…


    How long should you wait between pregnancies

    How Long Should You Wait Before Getting Pregnant Again? If you want to get pregnant again and you wonder how long should you wait between pregnancies, this article is for you. Here is all you need to know about interpregnancy intervals – how long to wait between babies and why.  Health experts advise women to wait at least 18 months between delivery and new pregnancy. This means that your baby should be at least one and a half years old before you become pregnant with another baby. Why is it recommended to wait 18 months between pregnancies? This time gives your body time to fully recover from your last pregnancy…

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    Facts about Fertility and Infertility

    What should you do when having a problem to conceive? Every couple is always excited as they try to get pregnant. The ruminations of who your will baby will look like are always a joy. There is always the question of what kind of parent you will be and how life with a baby will look like. However, as time goes by, you begin to realize that you are not getting pregnant. Month after month, you start to become anxious which is quite a natural feeling. With the anxiety comes emotional and psychological stress. So what point does the nervousness become a justified worry? How long you should try before…

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    Can Infertility Be Cured?

    Common Infertility Treatments For Women Infertility treatments for women vary depending on the cause, the age of the woman, how long she has been infertile and many other personal preferences. Some causes of infertility can no longer be corrected, although a female can still be able to conceive with the means of assisted reproductive technology or other methods to bring back fertility. Infertility is the inability of getting pregnant after a year of unprotected sex. Men and women can be responsible for infertility. As far as infertility in women is concerned, the treatment of female infertility is vital for those who are trying to conceive, but they have still not…

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    How to Get Pregnant Fast

    Tips for Getting Pregnant Faster Once you have made the big decision to start your own family, you may not like to wait any further before having kids as soon as you tie the knot with your heart rob. But it is advised not to wait too long (if you must wait) after that before trying to conceive. This is because, getting pregnant most times is not just all about having intercourse, but it got to do with timing and to create the enabling environment. If you like to take the bull by the horn and kickstart your pregnancy plans, then you need to know how to get pregnant fast.…

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    What Are the Common Causes of Fertility Problems in Women

    What can cause infertility in females? According to medical experts, infertility occurs in a situation whereby a woman fails to get pregnant after one year of unprotected sexual intercourse. In the US alone, it is estimated that about 18% or women are experiencing trouble getting pregnant or having a successful delivery. Although men experience infertility problems but not as women, who are mostly hit by infertility. In most cases, infertility problems can become very difficult to diagnose. Often, medical practitioners conclude after conducting a series of tests on the patients and asking some questions about the medical history to ascertain the real cause of infertility. The causes of infertility vary…

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    What are the signs of infertility?

    Common Signs of Infertility in Women and Men After 1 year of unprotected sex, about 85 percent of couples will get pregnant. After that period, the inability to get pregnant might be a sign of infertility. However, it depends on the age of the couple as well. In the case of women, the main symptom is not getting pregnant but, in this situation, a man can be infertile as well. There are many other types of symptoms that you may notice in this situation. However, the signs of infertility may depend on the cause. There are various health conditions that often make it hard to get pregnant. In some cases,…

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    What to Eat to Conceive

    Nutrition While Trying To Get Pregnant When you are planning to conceive there are many things that you have to consider and the most important one is your diet. If you are not able to pay attention to your diet changes then you might need to deal with various complications during pregnancy and it will affect the health of your child. While you are ready to conceive it is better than first, you pay attention to your dietary habits. Here are a few things that will help you during the process. Get enough folic acids You can start with the folic acids which are highly beneficial for pregnant women. When…

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    How to Conceive a Boy Naturally

    How to Increase Chances of Having a Boy Many couples have a certain idea of what parenthood will look like. Perhaps they always assumed they would have only boys or one girl first and then a boy. I always wanted to have a baby boy while my husband wanted a baby girl. Today we’re parents of two little boys, and the only thing we want now is to have another baby girl. But can we affect the chances of having a particular baby gender? We sure can! Here’s what you need to know about conceiving a baby boy. The Theory on How to Conceive a Baby Boy There are a…


    What to do When Having Trouble Conceiving

    Having trouble getting pregnant? Trying to conceive is an issue many couples have to go through. A number of them have trouble conceiving due to female infertility problems, male infertility problems or other contributing factors. In the case you have had unprotected sex for more than a year without conceiving, you might need to see your doctor. 65% of all couples who get treatment for fertility problems have been successful in conceiving. Trying to conceive can be difficult and heartbreaking for some couples. Follow these steps to address such a situation: Make an appointment with your OB/GYN Sometimes the best decision is to see your doctor. If you are under…

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    How To Get Pregnant Fast Tips

    When To Have Sex If You Want To Get Pregnant Fast Now that you are ready to get pregnant, there are a few things that you can do, or not do, to increase the chances of getting pregnant ASAP. It can be quite confusing to know when is the best time and how often you should have sex to get pregnant fast, especially if it’s your first time trying to conceive. You should know that getting pregnant fast does not always work for everyone. For some couples, it can take longer, which is natural and it doesn’t mean that something is wrong with you or your partner. According to infertility…

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    Ovulation Test: How to Use It and When is The Best Time to Take It?

    How to use ovulation test kits in order to get pregnant fast This page contains affiliate links meaning I may earn a commission if you use them. I only recommend products I use and honestly trust. For more info read the full disclosure.  While you might find it unsettling to keep track of your basal body temperature and cervical mucus on a daily basis, it is at least the only option you have to know when you are ovulating. Knowing will help you maximize your chances of getting pregnant. This is where the ovulation tests come in. Ovulation tests are tests that determine your fertile days. They help you maximize your efforts in…

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    Stress and Pregnancy: How Stress Relates to Getting Pregnant

    Stress and fertility: Can stress cause me not to get pregnant? This page contains affiliate links meaning I may earn a commission if you use them. I only recommend products I use and honestly trust. For more info read the full disclosure.  Trying to conceive with no success can be emotionally draining and result in stress. Unfortunately, stress can cause problems in conception. Stress affects the functioning of your hypothalamus. The hypothalamus is a gland in the brain that regulates your appetite, emotions and the hormones that tell your ovaries to release eggs. Essentially, this means that if you are stressed out, you may fail to ovulate or do so at a later…

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    What Can Cause Problems Getting Pregnant?

    7 Reasons why you can’t get pregnant Many couples out there in the world struggle with difficulties related to getting pregnant. If you are dealing with similar issues, you need to figure out the reasons why most of the couples are struggling to conceive. Then you can go through appropriate steps to overcome these issues and have a baby of your own. Below mentioned are some of the most prominent causes that can keep you away from getting pregnant. 1.Fertility issues Fertility issues can be considered as the number one reason, which keep women away from getting pregnant. However, it is important to keep in mind that fertility issues cannot…

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    7 Important Changes to Make Before You Get Pregnant

    Trying to conceive: Things You Should Do Before Getting Pregnant Before you try to conceive, it is important to make some healthy changes in your life. Then you will be able to end up with successful results within a short period of time. It can also provide excellent assistance to you with a healthy delivery. Below mentioned are few such prominent changes that you will need to make in your life before you try to conceive. 1.Maintain a healthy weight All ladies who are trying to conceive should take appropriate steps in order to maintain a healthy weight. According to healthcare professionals, both overweight and underweight can create negative impacts…

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    What are the common ovulation symptoms

    Signs of Ovulation Ovulation is the natural process in which the mature egg is released from the ovaries and it sets up the stage for fertilization. It is the time when the egg is fertilized and it would lead to pregnancy. For most healthy women, ovulation generally happens once a month, a few weeks after menstruation begins. Ovulation commonly happens at the 12th to 16th day after the first period and it will only last for 2 to 3 days because after that menstruation cycle will start. Women who are planning to get pregnant have to pay attention to the ovulation symptoms. Here we have some of the symptoms that…