20 Stylish Thanksgiving Table Runners
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20 Stylish Thanksgiving Table Runners

20 Thanksgiving Table Runners We Love The Most

You have planned the meal and drinks down to the last detail and now want a decor that reflects your effort and vision. Please look at the comprehensive list of stylish Thanksgiving table runners to help perfect your tablescape and create an unmatched ambiance for our Thanksgiving dinner.

1.   Embroidered Leaves Table Runner for Thanksgiving

Leaves Table Runner for Thanksgiving

This delicately embroidered runner shows exquisite artistry and design elements. Made from double-thick, lightweight fabric, this runner has been made with beauty and function. With classic fall colors to showcase various leaves and fruits, this runner beautifully showcases all the gorgeous elements of Thanksgiving. This busy runner will need little else in terms of decoration elements but is still able to carry as a statement piece all on its own.

2. Artoid Mode Buffalo Plaid Eucalyptus Leaves Pumpkin Table Runner

Buffalo Plaid Eucalyptus Leaves Pumpkin Table Runner

Made from 100% spun polyester, this handsome runner from Amazon boasts beautifully muted tones, perfectly capturing the color of the eucalyptus leaves. The runner is machine washable, durable and inexpensive; this runner can easily be used for your fall decor or everyday use in the kitchen. Pair the runner with bright orange or yellow table accessories to make the runner’s vibrance pop.

3. Folkulture Thanksgiving Table Runner 72 Inches Long with Tassels for Home Decor

Thanksgiving Table Runner long with tassels

The striking russet orange stripes of the Folkulture Thanksgiving table runner pair perfectly with the tassels to create a rustic feel to your table decor. This multifunction indoor/outdoor table runner is made from 100% cotton. Striking enough to make an impact but not overbearing in a way that dominates your Thanksgiving table, this runner can still be used with your favorite fall decorations.

4. Simhomsen Thanksgiving Harvest Pumpkins Table Runners

Thanksgiving Harvest Pumpkins Table Runners for Autumn Or Fall Decorations

Bright colors of fall are gorgeously embroidered on this delicate table runner from Simhomsen. Maple leaves and pumpkins are intercity set out on a beige background, accentuated with precise cut-out details along the edge of this runner; all work together to create an excellent vintage look. Pair it with delicate porcelain or elaborate silverware to complete your dream look.

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5. Vitalizart Cheesecloth Table Runner Terracotta

Cheesecloth Table Runner Terracotta ORANGE

This stunning terracotta table runner from Vitalizart will be a total showstopper at your Thanksgiving party. The deep umber tones show amazingly against the soft grain of a natural wood table and pop when paired with simple white and pale green tones. This elegant runner looks amazing when draped loosely over the table, showing off all the ruffles for added depth to your table. Check out this beautiful Thanksgiving table decor inspiration made with the same orange table runner.

6. Seahorse Tree Table Runner Runners

Beige Table Runner Runners WITH TASSEL

Simplistic and elegant design, this table runner from Seahorse Tree will be a must-have waterproof runner this season. Its durability and waterproof quality make it a good option when having minor children at the dinner table. No need to sacrifice beauty for practicality when this runner can combine both! Have a look at the lovely Thanksgiving decor ideas with earth tones.

7. Burlap Table Runners Farmhouse Style Table Runners

Burlap Table Runners Farmhouse Style Table Runners

Stunning in its simplicity, this burlap table runner is an excellent base for building a fabulous Thanksgiving table. Try some vintage pumpkins for a farmhouse look. Or add some muted green and orange fall decor items. This versatile runner can be used on more than one occasion; you can simply dress it up per season.

8. Table Runners Beige

Silky smooth beige Runner Table Runners Beige for Party

Fade-resistant and durable, this elegant runner can be the perfect addition to your formal Thanksgiving dinner. This silky smooth and luxurious fabric is made from expert craft. Made with a rare woven technique to incorporate velvet strands, this runner was designed to keep its shape and color for as long as possible under the correct care. This runner will look amazing with a more formal decor of crystal glass and abundant silverware.

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9. Pinata Thanksgiving Table Runner

Thanksgiving Table Runner Turkey

A playful and colorful runner from Pinata. This cute turkey design will surely be a hit with small children or cartoon-loving adults. Busy enough to stand on its own, this runner will not require a lot of extra decor for styling, which can help immensely, especially if there are young hands that might do damage to the more traditional Thanksgiving decorations. Versatile and durable, this runner will add tons of fun to your table.

10. OWENIE Fall Table Runner Thanksgiving Pumpkins Table

 Thanksgiving Pumpkins Table Runner

Bright and beautiful, this embroidered runner from OWENIE is made from 100% polyester fabric. The pleasing design of maple leaves and pumpkins captures the heart and soul of the fall season. An excellent option for a farmhouse or rustic-themed Thanksgiving, this runner can also be used throughout fall for decorations in your house; it does not need to be limited to only Thanksgiving.

11. Grelucgo Elegant Thanksgiving Holiday Table Runner

Elegant Thanksgiving Holiday Table Runner

The vibrant yellow and red colors of this elegantly embroidered table runner from Grelucgo will stand out on any table. The scalloped detail of the edge of the runner is perfectly accentuated with stunning cut-out detail. The bright colors of the thread used in the embroidery perfectly show the delicate design of the runner.

12. Fall Decorations Floral Orange Stripes Table Runner

Fall Decorations Floral Orange Stripes Table Runner Thanksgiving

This orange-striped table runner features some gorgeous artwork to help create a statement piece for your table. The deep orange color and direction of the stripes can add dimension and depth to your table. This runner is made from a fade-resistant polyester blend and is foldable, durable, and reusable.

13. Craftbot 100% Cotton Ribbed Table Runner

Craftbot orange Thanksgiving Cotton Ribbed Table Runner

Made from 100% cotton, the burnt umber orange of this ribbed table runner is a bold feature on any Thanksgiving table. Slight shrinkage might appear after the first wash as the runner is made by a handloom. The runner is quite versatile as it is not designed explicitly for Thanksgiving and can be used anytime. Pair the bold runner with some white and orange flowers for a stunning centerpiece.

14. Fall Decorations Watercolor Orange Blue Leaves Table Runner

Fall Decorations Watercolor Orange Blue Leaves Table Runner Thanksgiving Autumn Farmhouse

This fantastic fall-colored leaf print runner is not only decorative but functional too. This runner’s understated blue and orange tones can be brought out beautifully when you add decorative pumpkins of the same hue. Look at this gorgeous succulent idea, where the desert rose would perfectly match this runner’s blue undertone.

15. Artoid Mode Fall Eucalyptus Leaves Pumpkins Table Runner

Artoid Mode Fall Eucalyptus Leaves Pumpkins Table Runner

Another great runner from Atoid has made the list of stylish Thanksgiving table runners. This runner stands out from traditional fall colors and is filled with soft teal-printed pumpkins. Its cold tones add a variation to the usual Thanksgiving decor, capable of offering you an alternative choice for your Thanksgiving table.

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16. White Modern Linen Table Runner

White modern linen table runner RUSTIC

A perfect option for that ideal glam Thanksgiving dinner, this simple yet elegant runner makes for a gorgeous backdrop. Made from natural linen, this runner strives for durability and luxury. Pair it with bronze tableware and white accessories to bring out this exquisite runner’s herringbone detail.

17. Cheesecloth Tablecloth Runner

Gauze table runner bulk - Cheesecloth table cloth Thanksgiving Halloween

This 100% true gaze cotton cheesecloth runner is absolutely stunning. Perfect for a boho look, this table runner will look great when paired with wispy grass or bold, big flowers. The hazy fabric will look impressive on a dark table or to further accentuate a pristine white tablecloth. 

18. Pine Cone Paper Table Runner

Pine Cone Paper Table Runner fall Thanksgiving Friendsgiving

This cute, quirky pine cone pattern table runner will make a perfect farmhouse-feel tablescape. With the neutral background, you can easily pair it with dark or colorful vases and pumpkins. You can even decorate natural pine cones with glitter or spray paint to create an accent piece on top of the paper table runner.

19. Artoid Mode Hello, Pumpkin Fall Table Runner

Artoid Mode Hello Pumpkin Fall Table Runner

This warm and inviting fall table runner from Artoid checks all the boxes for a cute and functional table runner. The teal-colored runner is made from 100% polyester fabric, making it durable. Pair the runner with a blue-gray underplate and soft teal pumpkin decorations for a great farmhouse look.

20. Orange Velvet Thanksgiving Table Runner

Orange Velvet Thanksgiving Table Runner Thanksgiving Table Decor

This gorgeous velvet runner perfectly encapsulates the precise orange color that embodies fall. Striking and vibrant, this set comes with a runner and napkins, enabling you to decorate your Thanksgiving table with this luxurious look. Match it with gorgeous bronze and white vases or pumpkins to create a look all will envy. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my fabric table runner?

Most fabric table runners are machine washable unless stated otherwise in the washing instructions. Have a care with embroidered runners, as machine washing can damage the threads and ruin the design.

What works best, a table cloth or a runner?

That depends on the look that you want to create. A runner is a great way to add some extra protection and a pop of color to your tablescape; while a tablecloth can do the same, it always risks getting dirtier, especially with small children.

Final Thoughts

Picking the perfect Thanksgiving table runners should be a fun and exciting part of your Thanksgiving planning. There are so many great options available, capable of supporting most decor and design ideas. We hope this list was able to help you narrow down your perfect choice!