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How I Got 10,000 Pageviews in 24 Hours From Viral Pins With My New Blog!

How I managed to generate 10K pageviews in 24 hours to my new 4 months old blog

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It happened during the fourth month after I started my new blog.

It was another typical day, I had my coffee, organized my older son and took him to the kindergarten. By the time I came back, my husband was awake too, drinking his morning coffee in the living room.

After I went through my morning routine, I got to my working desk, ready to start my daily tasks.

During that time I worked from home as a social media freelance marketer, and I was in the eighth month of pregnancy.

The first thing I do every day before I start working is to check my blog traffic in Google Analytics and the Google AdSense earnings balance ๐Ÿ˜Š

That morning something was different.

I opened Google AdSense App and I was a surprise to see that I already earned $4 that morning, which was extremely high compared to my previous earnings.

I got into my Google Analytics account… and WOOOWWW!

I couldn’t believe what I saw!!!

It was 9 am and I already had 800 pageviews and more than 30 real-time visitors on my site at that moment!!!

I immediately understood that there is something going on โ€“ maybe a viral pin?!

I tracked the most popular landing page in Google Analytics and I checked its referral source.


It was Pinterest!ย 

Yeap! My Pinterest pins went viral!

Two different viral pins that lead to the same article on my blog went viral together at the same time!

A M A Z I N G !

My Pinterest Strategy is working!

That day I checked Google analytics every 30 minutes! And I’m not exaggerating! Hahahaโ€ฆ

The peak was in the evening when I saw 60+ real-time visitors in my blog at the same time!

I thought my blog is about to explode!

At the end of that day, I went to sleep with a big smile on my face, praying that maybe this Pinterest magic will continue also the next day!

I’m sure you know what was the first thing I checked as I opened my eyes the next day!

Yeah, I checked my blog’s traffic in Google analytics!

And it was insane!

I hit 10K pageviews in the last 24 hours on my blog! Unbelievable!

This is how my analytics looks that day!

2 viral pinterest pins google analytics
2 viral Pinterest pins Google Analytics

ย What have I learned from this exciting experience?

  • Pinterest has a huge potential to drive traffic! And I’m sure that what I had is just a small taste compared to the traffic that big bloggers get on Pinterest.
  • You can get two viral pins at the same time to the same post (URL).
  • The pins went viral 2 weeks after I have published them on Pinterest and repined them in 7 boards (regular and group boards).

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How much I earned that day?

The only sad thing about this experience is that I reached 10k pageviews in only 24 hours and I earned only $28 from Google AdSense!

I wasn’t prepared to monetize that traffic and this was my huge mistake!

The bottom line is that the RPM (revenue per thousand mills) was only 0.001 – extremely low!

But still, I am glad that it happened to me since it proves that Pinterest is truly a worthy platform to invest my time in.

These two viral Pins have a super motivating impact and the main thing I learned is that I must monetize my blog and get ready for the next time.

How will I monetize my blog?

  • Get ready with affiliate links to related products that I love and recommend.
  • Work with an alternative advertising company that pays more for every thousand pageviews, such as Mediavine (Require minimum 25K sessions to apply) or Adthrive (Require minimum 100K pageviews).
  • Maybe even selling my own related products in the future!


I hope my Pinterest experience inspires you ๐Ÿ˜Š

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