monthly income report exactly how i earned 1500 blogging
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Exactly How I Earned $1,500/mo Blogging and How It Changed My Point of View About Blogging

Blogging Income Report

monthly income report exactly how i earned 1500 blogging
Blogging Income Report

How I earned $1500 Blogging by selling marketing content, what I have learned from it and why I decided to start a new blog.

This is an unusual blogging income report. Wondering why?

Since it is based on my first blog experience, in which I have done all the huge mistakes that a blogger can make but still managed to earn great income each month, and because of this experience I decided to start a new blog all over again!

All the mistakes I did managing that blog and all the things I have learned from these mistakes had completely changed the way I think about blogging and the way I blog today! If you want to know what were these mistakes that I did during my first blogging experience, which made me start a whole new blog from scratches all over again – Click here.

So, I bet you are thinking what is the significant change that I have undergone that made me change the way I’m thinking and blogging today?

Well, when I first started blogging in March 2017, I was new at blogging and I barely understood how it worked. I didn’t know a damn thing about how to run a blog especially a money making one.

A few of the niches my first blog covered were fashion and home design, while my plan was to sell marketing content to young designers whose purpose was to promote themselves online.

I managed to earn good monthly incomes by selling marketing content, but I soon found myself feeling overwhelmed by this money-making technique, which was based on direct selling to designers and small business owners. I started to feel frustrated because I had become someone that I didn’t really want to be, kind of a telemarketing saleswoman, and it started getting on my nerves.

How exactly did I earn money from selling marketing content?

First, I was planning to write an article about 5 best designers/items in a certain niche. Then I was selling the participation in that article to 5 different business owners. The cost of a participation in one article was $100 to each business owner, so I managed to earn $500 for each article.

I was collecting phone numbers of relevant business owners or designers, then I was personally calling each and every one of them and offering them to participate in the articles.

For a few months, during 2017, I managed to earn each month more than $1500 from selling marketing content on my site.

And what happened after these few months?

After this experience everything started to be clearer to me, my goal was to build a passive income, and selling marketing content wasn’t the right thing to do at that time.

I didn’t know how exactly I should build a passive income stream, but I knew one thing for sure, building my blog based on selling marketing content was not something that I wanted to do! Although I learned a lot about how to be a good saleswoman, I decided to start learning new techniques to earn passive income online (such as affiliate marketing and display ads). But I sure will use marketing content as one of my income streams in the future when I will have massive traffic on my blog.

Wondering what is going on with my blogging today?

Here are my achieved blogging milestones:

  • On May 28, 2018, I have started building my current new blog, which mainly covers motherhood and blogging niches.
  • Around 27th of June 2018, I first started pinning on Pinterest which included my current new blog posts.

This is my daily page views in the last 3 months 2018 from Google analytics – Urban Mamaz Blog.

google analytics 3 months page views - urban mamaz - june-jule-august-septemper
Google Analytics 3 months page views – Urban Mamaz – June – September 2018

Today, 3 months after I started pinning on Pinterest, I managed to gain a total of 19,826 page views, while maintaining consistently an average of 200-400 daily page views on my blog with in only 3 months! For me that is awesome!

Here you can see my blog page views in September 2018 from Google analytics – Urban Mamaz Blog.

google analytics page views - urban mamaz -septemper 2018
Google Analytics page views – Urban Mamaz – September 2018

As you can see – this month I have already 8,994 page views in my third month of blogging and pinning – and this month didn’t end yet – I have still 3 more days to go!

I guess I will reach more than 10,000 page views this month!

10/1/18 update: I got 10,748 page views in September 2018!

10,000 page views in my third month of blogging is pretty cool! And the most amazing fact is that most of the traffic comes from Pinterest – More that 90%!!!

Unfortunately, I didn’t use Pinterest to promote my first blog – that is because I really didn’t know the huge potential of this great platform to drive massive traffic. With my first blog I managed to gain only 10-12k monthly page views within a year of blogging, but the big difference is that more than 70% of the traffic source is organic from Google! Which is also nice but still not awesome like Pinterest.

  • During these three months pinning on Pinterest, I managed to gain more than 5 pins that went viral! For example, this one.

Moreover, I reached 705 new Pinterest followers, joined to 46 group boards and started 8 new group boards of my own, which you can join here!

  • Since I fell in love with Pinterest, and my promotion results are pretty good – 10K+- page views my third month working on the new blog, I decided to write an eBook about how exactly I did it and what is my Pinterest strategy – promise to let you know when it will be ready!
  • Today my monthly incomes are around 100-150$, not as much as I used to earn from selling the marketing content, but the huge benefit of it is that it is 100% passive!!!

I’ll soon publish my detailed monthly income reports

I’m so happy with this monthly passive income only because of one thing – it proves me that it is possible to earn passive income online and I’m on the right track! I’m sure going to multiply it and make my dream come true – to achieve financial freedom, be a work from home mom in order to raise my kids, be there when they need me and be a happy loving family (what I didn’t have as a child) and not working in the office from 8-5!

Do you know what I love the most about blogging?

  • There is no limit for the money that you can earn blogging.
  • You can blog from anywhere – while traveling in the wildest places in the world, while watching TV in your condo in NYC or even during your studies in the academy!

For me Blogging = Limitless!

You just need to set the goals and go!

If you are dreaming about starting a money-making blog and you haven’t started it yet

Check out my free guide for starting a profitable blog, where I’ll teach you how to start a blog in a few simple steps, will share with you all the techniques and all the secrets you need to know in order to promote it and make it a successful blog! Click here to start your blog now>

If you want to know what are my next blogging goals, what is my monetizing strategy and what is my plan to increase my monthly passive income? Stay in touch and subscribe now to read my next posts.

monthly income report exactly how i earned 1500 blogging
Blogging Income Report