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All The Mistakes I Have Made My First Time Blogging And What I Have Learned From It

Things I wish I did before I started my first blog


Today I’m going to share with you what I have learned from my first blogging experience and why I decided to start a new one. I’m sure that if I knew then all the things I’m going to share with you today, MY MONTHLY EARNINGS TODAY COULD HAVE BEEN MUCH HIGHER, AND I DIDN’T HAVE TO START A NEW BLOG FROM SCRATCH.

My Blogging Story

When I first started blogging, in March 2017, I didn’t know that bloggers can generate a high monthly income. My Vibes, was my first blog, which was a feminine blog that covered a few topics that I liked such as design, fashion, and women entrepreneurship.

I started seriously working on that blog after my first son’s birth in July 2017.

My income plan was to sell marketing content to young designers and this was my first income blogging. I was planning an article about 5 best designers/items in a certain niche and then selling a participation in that article to 5 different business owners. The cost of participation in one article was 100$ to each business owner, so I managed to sell one article for 500$.

For a few months, I manage to earn more than 1500$ monthly by selling these articles. It was good money, but it was pretty hard to sell it directly to the business owners since I had to have minimum 5 participants to start working on each article and this all process took too much effort and time.

After the tenth article, I decided to stop because I was looking to build a passive online income and not dealing with direct selling.

I was promoting my blog using the SEO method which I have learned in a professional course I made during that time.

Today my blog has about 13K monthly page views while more than 85% of them are organic traffic from Google.

Three months ago, I have started a new blog named – Urban Mamaz, June 2018.

Why did I start this new blog?

First, I wanted to start a new blog that will focus on pregnancy and my life as a new mom.

Second, my first blog, My Vibes, was written in Hebrew, the main language of Israel, that has only 9 million citizens that speak this language. Compare to English, which is a universal language and have billiards of people who speak that language.  So, in order to increase my blog traffic, earn some good money and build a successful blogging career, I knew that I must write in English, otherwise it will take me forever!

So, what were the mistakes I made during my first blog experience that you can avoid, and what I have learned from them?

1. Target the right potential audience

My targeted audience was too small! I wrote to women who speak a certain language in a super small country. If my purpose is to earn passive income from adverts and affiliate marketing online I must write to a bigger relevant audience since earning this kind of income requires generating huge monthly blog traffic.

2. Learn and get education about how to start and run a blog business

I started my blog without planning anything and without making any research. I didn’t really know or understand how bloggers earn money. What were my options? I started selling marketing content, but it wasn’t the right thing to start with since my traffic was too low. I didn’t understand what affiliate marketing is and how does it really work, I didn’t know how to monetize my blog and I had little knowledge about how to start a blogging career. Before you start a blog, you must read and learn all the information that you can find about it.

Today I know that I have learned all this the hard way, but I could have taken a few pro courses or follow good guides and make my life much easier! I learned how to start a profitable blog, what is an affiliate marketing and how to earn monthly income using this method, how to drive massive traffic to my blog, when and how to sale marketing content, and more great things about blogging!

All that I have learned during this hard but amazing blogging experience I turned into a free guide that I’m happy to share with you – How to start a profitable blog! In this guide I’m teaching all the steps for starting a blogging business and all my secrets and tips to make it a success.

3. Choose your niche

I spent my time writing on a bunch of different topics that didn’t have a specific niche.  I couldn’t decide what is the main topic of my blog – a “small” thing that was disturbing me for the first year of blogging and therefore I was writing with no clear purpose. It had a bad effect on my achievements since I was working with no goals, writing the wrong content that didn’t increase my blog traffic and didn’t solve any problems to my audience.

4. Write a business / working plan

Working with no clear purpose was the worst thing I did since I wasted so much time, to be correct – all my first year of blogging! I didn’t set goals, I didn’t plan my steps and I honestly was lost.

Before starting a blog, you must write a serious business plan or a work plan that will include each step in your process and how it is going to help you start your profitable blog.

You must define and have an answer to these questions:

  1. What is your blog niche and concept?
  2. Who is your targeted audience?
  3. How are you going to monetize your blog?
  4. what are your goals for the first year?
  5. What are the exact steps to achieve these goals?

I truly hope that this article will be helpful for your blogging journey!