10 Insanely Creative Ceiling Storage Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind
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11 Insanely Creative Ceiling Storage Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

Looking for ceiling storage ideas? We’ve got you covered. Your ceiling space is one of the most underutilized areas for storage, but these 11 insanely creative ideas will help you make the most of this forgotten space.

11 Insanely Creative Ceiling Storage Ideas That Will Blow Your Mind

1. Get the Beam-It-Up Ceiling Storage System

If you’re serious about ceiling storage, the Beam-It-Up system from Dolle is something to consider. This smart storage system consists of beams, wall rails and storage modules that pull down for easy access.

The system works for rooms with widths of 94-214 cm and ceiling heights of at least 233 cm. You can combine modules, or you can install a single module or storage shelf. It’s the perfect system for anyone who lives in a tiny house or just wants to maximize their storage space with a more sophisticated storage system.

The company also sells ladders that you can use to easily access any items that are sitting on shelves rather than inside the storage modules.

Here is another version of this storage:

2. Install an Overhang Garage Storage System

If you have a garage, you can make full use of the ceiling space here to store items up and out of sight. An overhang garage storage system is a great way to add more storage, and it’s a system that’s relatively easy to install.

You can make your own from scratch, but you can also find products like this one or this one from Amazon that are ready for installation.

The great thing about garage storage racks is that they can hold a lot of items. Many of these racks can hold up to 600 pounds, which means you can store seasonal décor, sports equipment, clothing – just about anything you want.

The only drawback here is that the items aren’t easily accessible without a ladder.

3. Hang Ceiling Shelves

One of the simplest ceiling storage ideas is to hang shelves. It may not be the flashiest storage system, but it works. You can hang shelving all along the ceiling of the room to maximize your storage space.

One nice thing about this storage idea is that you have more control over the design. For example, if you only need space to store books or small items, you can hang the shelves closer to the ceiling. But if you want to store taller items, add plants or add storage baskets, you can hang the shelves a little lower to give yourself the space you need.

You can hang shelves on one wall and not the others, or you can install them on all of the walls in a room.

Shelves will help you maximize the vertical space in your home while maintaining a contemporary look.

The main thing to consider with this storage idea is weight. Make sure that you understand the maximum weight limit for your shelves, or you could have a disaster on your hands if they fall.

4. Install Overhang Storage Compartments

The space between the door and the ceiling often gets overlooked when it comes to storage, but you can find plenty of space here if you install the right system.

Adding overhang storage compartments is a nice way to add valuable storage that keeps items out of sight. They also create a cozy feel in the room and do not take away from its style. In the above example, lights were added to make the space even more functional and inviting.

To recreate this idea, hang flip door cabinetry along the ceiling. Make sure there’s enough clearance to open the door.

If you hang these storage compartments across the entire room, you’ll find that you have a ton of new storage space.

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5. Build Built-in Shelves with a Rolling Ladder

If you’re looking to add a lot of storage space, why not create a wall of shelving that spans the entire height of the wall?

In the idea above, the top shelves and cubbies are used to store pillows, but you could easily use this space for books, albums or even small appliances that you don’t use often (if you’re installing them in your kitchen).

The rolling library ladder makes it easy to access these high shelves without having to drag out a step stool or ladder every time.

You can add as many shelves and cubbies as you want with this idea, and this is what makes it such a great choice for ceiling storage.

This same idea could work if you want to create a library in your home. For example, maybe you have an empty wall in your living room and a huge book collection. Installing shelving all the way to the top of the wall would allow you to create a beautiful reading space that maximizes your ceiling space. Add in a rolling ladder, and you have a proper library that you’ll be happy to use.

Of course, you don’t have to use shelving this way. You can also make use of storage baskets and containers to keep items tucked away and out of sight.

6. Create Storage Cubbies for Books and Albums

Here’s another play on ceiling storage ideas that hang shelves from the ceiling. In this case, the homeowners made good use of the ceiling beams to create little cubbies for their book collection.

Even if you don’t have something like this in your home, you could recreate it with the right materials and expertise.

Rafters and floor joists are excellent spaces for storing long and skinny items. For heavier items, adding plywood bottoms allows you to make full use of this hidden space.

7. Install Bookshelves Above Doorways

One simple way to add more storage to your space is to hang shelves or a bookshelf above a doorway. These are great spaces to tuck away books, store extra towels or toiletries in a bathroom, or even to store shoes and rarely-used dishes.

You can find many styles and options for above-door shelves, from metal to wood and more. You’re sure to find something that complements your space.

Just make sure that the shelf can handle the weight of the items you want to store. And for aesthetic purposes, make sure that your shelves are slightly wider than the door to keep things balanced.

If you need more ceiling storage space and you have a narrow doorway, you can also create something like this:

This shelf is reinforced by two door frames and a simple shelf with wheels that allows you to reach the items stored in the back.

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8. Use Wire Shelves to Hold Items in Basement Ceilings

If you’re looking for ceiling storage ideas for your basement, here’s a great one. It’s another variation of rafter storage that makes use of wire shelves instead of plywood to keep items in place.

This is a great option for small storage bins, like you see in the picture.

Simply drill the shelves into the beams to create a sturdy storage shelf for your little items. These are great places to store small craft items, screws and small tools, children’s toys, seasonal items and more.

Wire shelves are a great option here because they’re just wide enough to hold items while still making everything easily accessible. You may still need a ladder to reach your items, but you won’t have to dig around to get what you need.

Installing the shelves along the walls also helps keep the storage bins from accidentally falling through the other side.

If you have a basement and you want to make clever use of the ceiling space for storage, hanging wire shelves is a simple, DIY-friendly idea that actually works.

9. Install Cabinets Along the Ceiling

Here’s another great idea for ceiling storage – installing cabinets along the ceiling. The homeowner in the photo above makes great use of their bathroom space by adding a wall of cabinets and ceiling cabinets that wrap around to the other side of the room.

The ceiling cabinets are great for storing clothes, and you can store bags on top of the cabinets. You could also store blankets, linens, towels and other items in these cabinets.

Installing a rolling ladder will make it easy to reach these items whenever you need them.

10. Build a Recessed Wardrobe

We love clever ceiling storage ideas like this one. It looks almost like an attic door, but it’s actually a built-in wardrobe that gives you space for clothing, personal care items and more.

The wardrobe is recessed into the ceiling, so when you’re done, just close it up, and it sits flush against the ceiling. When you’re ready to use it again, just pull on the latch to bring it back down.

If you don’t have closet space and want to make the most of your ceiling space, a recessed wardrobe is a unique and interesting way to get the clothing storage you need.

These 10 ceiling storage ideas are insanely creative and will help you make the most of your home’s vertical space.

11 . Kitchen Ceiling Storage


This is another creative storage idea, but this time for your kitchen. A hanging shelve where you can organize your wine glasses and more products on top. Not only useful but also looks great! Available on Amazon here