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5 Wildly Successful Blogs That Earn Outstanding Incomes

The most profitable blogs

most profitable succesful blogs

The internet has given birth to a lot of opportunities to earn online. Whether it is a small business or a giant brand in the market, everything and everyone is online. The idea of blogging changed the entire concept of working and then getting paid as now you can work once only and get paid again and again through a successful blog.

There are so many people out there who are making good money through their blogs. The blogging field has helped a number of people to earn more than what people actually earn through a full time job. Today, irrespective of the niche you hunt for you will get a plenty of blogs for each and every niche.

It is all about presentation and how you run your blog. The niche you choose matters but if you know how to make your blog successful, you will certainly be able to create a blog for almost any niche and make it work. It may need efforts initially and things may or may not work, but with right approach you can work towards making your blog a successful blog. Your blog can earn you a decent amount of money in the long run. So, it is like you work once and keep reaping in the benefits for a long time.

Before you plan to start a blog, you should identify the factors that make a blog successful and try to work on those aspects. Many successful blogs have learnt about the ingredients that results in success for their blog and they have made it happen.

Yes, it may not be as easy as it sounds but many successful blogs have proved it making millions on a yearly basis. Let us have a look at 5 such most profitable blogs that generate millions of dollars annually.

Smashing Magazine

It is a blog started in around 2006 and completely belong to technical niche wherein useful content is provided to those who need education in web development and designing field. If you are someone who would love to learn about different elements from the technical field this blog is for you.

The blog earns $215,000 per month and also started hosting services for conferences in web development which is organized in different cities internationally and the conferences are sponsored by some of the big brands from the tech industry. The blog normally earns through a membership area wherein the users register to view a series of tutorials from the array of educational content.

Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton is an interesting site that revolves around controversial gossip started by Lavanderia, who actually wanted to be an actor and when he started his acting career, he started this blog as well.

He couldn’t do well in his acting career but his blog did exceedingly well. It earns around $575,000 per month. He basically earns through advertisements that come through a number of sponsors and Lavanderia also make television appearances as a commentator and celebrity gossip.

The blog is profitable because of the attractive subjects related to the celebrity gossip that attract individuals who blog at home, small  and big media companies who want some resources to support their reporting etc, This is a big market place for many people.


The blog was started in 2002 and it includes subjects related to design & technology. It also includes topics associated with politics and science. The blog was also started in different languages like Spanish, French, German and Portuguese.

The blog earns $325, 000 per month and gets most of its income via advertisements. The home page includes ads related to real estate and other pages attracts historical traffic.


A highly successful blog that earns $2,500,000 per month covers the related news from the field of technology. It was founded in 2005 and it highlights the tech news which includes every new product launched in the field of technology.

The blog is quite profitable because they have visitors who come have a common interest. This helps them make good money as people share the common interest. They have stuck to their niche that is to bring technical news and have not been switching their niche.

TechCrunch as the name suggests discuss tech and keep the content simple and transparent. This attracts even not so tech savvy people to visit the site regularly to learn new things about technology.

They do not believe in copying the content of their competitors or edit the content to match theirs. They publish original content that differs from the rest. This is why people visit TechCrunch before they visit any other tech news section. They believe in producing quality content keeping in mind the quantity too. You will see a number of posts every day on this blog.

The fact that they have a large group of readers makes them successful and these readers not only come via Google, but also come through references from their friends.


The blog started in 2005 in Scotland. The blog produces quality content on a regular basis. It earns $2,000,000 per month and emphasizes on social media to reach millions of viewers via different platforms like Twitter and Facebook. It gets its income via advertisements scheduled in different formats.

They focus on the niche they started the blog for. They do not shift their niche and publish quality content on their blog. They ensure quality content in simple and understandable so that more and more visitors can learn through this site.