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10 Tips for Promoting Your Blog for Free

How to drive more blog traffic?


In case you are looking for promoting your blog, then don’t worry promoting your blog will not be a concern now. There are so many ways that you can use to promote your blog for free. This article will help you understand the 10 tips that will help you promote your blog for free

Start commenting on a couple of other blogs

It is one of the easiest ways to promote your blog that is to start commenting on other blogs. With each comment you post, feed in the same URL and name in respective sections given in comment form. This will help boost your SEO efforts after a period of time. It is always better to post relevant and interesting comments so that people follow the posted link back to the blog to know about you and find out what you want to say.

Frequent posting

If you engage in frequent posting it can improve the search engine traffic. Every new post will be like a source that would help the search engines come across your blog. If you write according to the SEO terms then it can enhance the value of each post and generate traffic towards your blog.

Join and be active on online forums

You can choose the online forums that are related to the subject you have chosen for your blog. Start interacting and be active on the forum. Along with forum signature you can also include the blog URL so that it is seen by other members on the forum.

Put social media to use

Unleash and avail the many benefits of social media. You can join social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook and include your blog URL along with recent posts in the profile. Also, join various social bookmarking sites like Delicious, Digg, StumbleUpon etc and post unique content. You can also get into micro blogging and be an active member on Twitter.  These things will help your blog get recognition online and get exposure.

Include the URL of other blogs

Include the URL of other blogs in your blog posts and try to refer other blogs through your post that you actually loved reading about or the ones you found really interesting. When the trackback feature in those blogs will be ON via their software programs for blogging a link back to your blog will automatically be seen in the comment section. The other person who is into blogging may find incoming links via your blog within their blog stats report. This will place your blog in their zone which automatically gives your blog more exposure.

Place your blog link on business cards or email signature

The idea is to include the URL of your blog almost everywhere possible. The most important places where you can include the blog URL is on business cards and email signatures. It is all about promotion so do not hesitate and include your blog URL wherever you can.

Run Blog contest

In case you want to gain new visitors the best thing you can do is to run a blog contest. It acts as one of best promotional tools to publicise your blog. You can announce a contest on various contest websites.

Be part of Blog Carnival

The most effective method to attain links to the blog in a huge community of people is to join blog carnivals. You will be able to drive a huge traffic to your blog if the blog carnival is closer to the subject of your blog.

Guest blogging

You can offer the services you own as an experienced guest blogger for many other blogs that fall under your niche especially those that drive more traffic to their blog as compared to what your blog drives. Guest blogging is a superb and efficient way to fetch links to your blog, your articles, and your thoughts from people who are keen on finding more about your blog.

Create multiple sites and interlink them

It is always better to have more blogs wherein you write your thoughts as it aids interlinking. You can use the interlinking to promote the blog via a range of channels that again will attract different visitors. Make sure you build a combined plan for blog marketing by arranging your promotion tasks across different blogs you own to harvest the benefits.

Apart from the tips mentioned above you can also share images while promoting your blog post. Images attract more people and posts that include images are the most searched posts. Visual content like images, videos, and info graphics can help you grab audience attention more than just plain text.

You can also use different media formats and create your multimedia portfolio to support your content. The media format can be utilized for cross promotion to catch the attention of a lot of people. There are many influencers that are related to your niche, make sure you connect with them and let your content shared as well as liked. You can participate in various discussions which will help you get recognized on a bigger platform. Make sure your blog is interesting and has relevant content that attracts audience. Make sure you work towards increasing your network through your friends and ask them to refer you to others they know. This will increase your network easily.

The above mentioned tips are simple yet effective promotional tips for your blog. It wouldn’t cost you anything to promote your blog using these techniques. Make sure the content you post on your blog is unique, original and interesting. When you comment on other posts, ensure your posts is impressive to help others link back to understand about your blog.



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