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101 Ways to Make Money Online

Ways How to Make Money Online (on the Side)


The modern world and its business activities revolve around the internet. Therefore, to make money online has become easier than ever. Gone are the days when you need portfolios to earn. With a great internet connection and a browsing device or a laptop, you can make money online from the comfort of your home.

Earning just got more comfortable with the internet and it greatly depends on your creativity and the amount of effort you put in.

There are many ways to make money online. All you have to do is define your potentials and discover the niche that best suits your expertise. You might also want to learn how the niche you are choosing works, so you earn without stress.

In this article, I’ll take you through 101 ways you can make good cash online.

101 Ways to Make Money Online

Here are top 101 ways to earn money online:

  1. Blogging – If you’re looking for ways to make it big online, then consider blogging. It involves creating a blog/website and post exciting articles that will attract visitors. With Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Pinterest marketing, you can accelerate your level of income from blogging. By driving a high number of visitors to your blog, you will increase your chances and opportunities to earn money from your blog. Ways to earn money from blogging are displaying ads, selling products, affiliate marketing, etc.

If you haven’t started a blog yet: follow my step by step guide on how to start a WordPress blog on Bluehost.

If you already have a blog and you are wondering how can you boost your blog traffic: check out the Pinterest strategy that I use that helped me to increase my blog traffic from 0 to almost 200,000 page views a month.

  1. Freelancing– This is also one of the most significant opportunities for you to make money online. Many worksites provide numerous opportunities for those who want to work as a freelancer from home. It is an avenue for you to earn big if you have a great skill.

Skills like content writing, web designing, graphics design, etc., are in high demand at freelancing platforms like Upwork and Fiverr. If you’re competent in any of these fields, go over there, set up an account and start making money.

  1. Affiliate Marketing – Under this type of online money making source, you can help companies sell their products and get paid for it. Affiliate marketing is a good way of making money online if you are a beginner. You need no special skills to be an affiliate marketer. Just a good knowledge of how to be creative and enticing is enough. As an affiliate marketer, I earn money through “Clickfunnels.” They have a 100-day affiliate Bootcamp program to teach you all you need to know. Making money just got real.
  2. Google Adsense or Other Display Ads– We all know that Google has various ways you can make money. One such way is by signing up for their Adsense program – a cool way of increasing your income. Provided you have a site or a blog; you can start making money right away. Google will place ads on your site or blog, and the more clicks those ads receive from visitors, the more money you get. It is even better if you manage to join one of the following ad network companies that pay higher rates per thousand page views (RPM), like Mediavine, Adthrives, Blogher, Monumetric, Café Media, The Blogger Network, Bloomly, Ezoic, and GourmetAds. Most of them require a certain monthly traffic to apply.
  3. Selling on e-Commerce Sites– With sites like eBay and Amazon, you can make money online by selling products or Dropshipping. Just choose a niche (what to sell) and improve your earnings. Making millions on their sites is never surreal.
  1. Earning As a Writer on Sites– You can be a writer for bloggers, publishers, Online Magazines, and more. Writing is a great way to earn if you are a beginner. It does not take long to learn.
  2. Review Writing– Get paid for writing honest opinions about things you are told to. You can review apps, games, restaurants, and so on.
  3. SEO– Search Engine Optimization services are also a great way to make money online. With a good knowledge of SEO, you can make millions.
  4. Consultancy– If you are an expert in a particular field, earn by being an online consultant to companies, teachers, students, business owners, and so on.
  5. SEM Services– This is an extensive part of SEO and is a marketing way of making money. Help business owners to increase their sales through the major search engines.
  6. Email Marketing – Bring powerful results for companies by creating professional email campaigns and get paid.
  7. Selling of Email listing– With attractive headlines and good story-telling, you can earn through sales of the email database. It is a legit way of making money online when you know how to sell it.
  8. Marketing Newsletters– You can market products as well as sell your newsletters to earn daily.
  9. Social Media Marketing – You can earn as a marketer through social media for companies.
  10. Social Media Management– Companies employ people to manage their social media and be a recipient of customer feedback.
  11. HR Recruiting– A recruiter who thinks like an employer can save other companies time and money on all people matters. Help other business owners to find employees and get paid for it.
  12. Software and Apps Solutions– Do you know how to proffer solutions to improve websites, apps, and software? If yes, then you can earn big by giving your opinions to companies who need it.
  13. Earn Through Payment Gateways– Being a web developer and with valuable knowledge of coding, you can create sites like PayPal to earn.
  14.  Direct TV– If you can start a direct TV, then you can earn through ads.
  15. Sales Funnels– You can establish a platform where businesses can come to market their goods and have them delivered easily. You can build platforms like Clickfunnels to aid better selling.
  16. Membership Sites– You can also make money by establishing a network for bloggers. Earn through paid memberships. Also, monthly access fees to these sites can fetch you money.
  17. YouTube– You can amass millions through your YouTube channel. Allowing Youtube’s ads on your videos can be a great way to make money.
  18. MLM – Network marketing is also a cool way of earning via the net. Multilevel marketing brings money by marketing products for companies, almost like affiliate marketing. A slight difference is you can be your customer as well as be a recruiter.
  19. Earn Big by Downloading and Using Apps– Some sites pay to download and install apps, which you’ll review after using it for some days.
  20. Various Sites Pay for Question and Answer Sessions – You can solve problems, advise the visitors, and make money.
  21. Online Tutoring– You can earn through creating videos to teach people courses. Not necessarily YouTube videos but on your platform or other platforms where you can make “how-to” videos and earn through ads and traffic.
  22. Online Universities – The creation of degree programs to take people on courses like business, law, and many others can make you money. People register for the courses you offer and pay for them. A lot of people want to learn while they work and get more knowledge. This makes the relevance of online universities quintessential.
  23. Get Paid for Watching Videos Online – This is quite easy but it might take some time to earn a lot of cash with this method. However, it’s a cool way of making money at leisure and entertaining one’s self.
  1. Sell eBooks– Making money selling eBooks is a lot easier than most people think. All you need to do is pick a topic you are knowledgeable about and write on it. There are many articles you can read about how to market your eBook online.
  2. Taking of Surveys Online – With each survey typically netting you between $1 and $5 dollars worth of rewards, taking surveys online isn’t going to replace your full-time income, but it is definitely a great side hustle to make money from home.
  3. Virtual Transcription – This is the use of your listening skills to transcribe and earn. You can be paid for every video or audio you transcribe.
  4. Work as a Social Media Influencer – Helping personalities and businesses build their social media status to heights of publicity is another cool way of making money. All you need is digital or social media marketing skills.
  5. Selling of Domain – Domain flipping is yet another way of making money online. You can use domains in a variety of ways to make money. Domains increase value over time, especially if they have some commercial value. You can buy a domain name at low price and then sell it high price.
  6. Website Flipping – One of the best ways to make money online is to find a website that you can turn around quickly and sell it for profit. Unlike domain flipping, this entails sale of the total website.
  7. Work as a Website Designer for Sites – Anyone can start a web design service with just a small investment. This requires you to have graphic design skills. Web designers make an average of $55000 per year. Some make more, some make less. You can take a graphic design course or watch free online tutorials on You Tube.
  8. Get Paid for App Development – You can earn either by developing your app or building apps for companies.
  9. Translator – Being paid for your knowledge of several languages is an awesome way to make money online. Work anywhere, anytime. Become a translator and earn money with your language skills.
  10. Transcription – Making money through transcription is great. You can work for freelance sites, specialize transcribing sites, and other people online.
  11. Data Entry – Most companies work via the internet. They might need people to help convert their documents and do copy typing for them. Thus, they employ people with the skill of data entry. It’s pretty easy to also earn through data entry.
  12. Earn Money Playing Fortnite – Online gaming and esports experience strong growth. In Fortnite, players have the option to spend money on in-game currency, called “V-Bucks. You can play with other people from around the world and earn money.
  13. Ghost Writing – As a ghost writer, you can be paid for writing for websites but mostly authors. This is easy via the internet. But remember, none of the work you do is yours.
  14. Online Teaching– Teaching online can be a fun and profitable business. You can start part-time to generate some extra income and grow it to become a full-time business. You can earn by teaching online adults and kids. Parents who find it unsafe for physical teachers make online teaching an option for their kids.
  15. Online Casino Sites – Creating of casino sites though risky, is a great way to net funds. All you need do is have a site for the gambling. You can also have your ads displayed thereby doubling your earnings.
  16. Sell Printables – Looking for a way to make passive income on the Internet? Consider creating and selling digital printables online.
  17. Virtual Assistant – Help companies and entrepreneurs by being a virtual assistant and earn money. You’ll need a laptop, good communication skills and time.
  18. Selling of Your Write-Ups – This is also a cool way of making money online. You can sell your write-ups like a recipe book to a recipe website and make good money. This can only be more realistic online.
  19. Become an Online Notary – If you’re already a notary, you can sell your services online.
  20. Proofreading – You can be a proof reader for authors, e-book writers and blogs to help scrutinize posts and have them well written.
  21. Editing– Being an editor also abets your income. If you’re great at plagiarism corrections and rewriting or editing of contents, then this is your niche. Earn through an online platform as an editor.
  22. Drop Shipping – Selling and buying from other countries is money making. Once an agreement is in place with your supplier, here’s how dropshipping works. The customer places an order for a product on your online store and you collect the money. You forward the order and shipping details directly to your dropship supplier and pay the agreed upon wholesale price for the product. Dropshipping might be the most profitable way to make money online especially for anyone starting out on the commerce world.
  23. Start Your e-Commerce Website –Build your own platform and help people sell. Amazon, Etsy, eBay are typical examples.
  24. Brand Ambassador – Earn by being an Ambassador to a brand online.
  25. Start Your Own Dating Site – It’s only few people that know that dating sites can bring in crazy money. Sites like Elite Singles are typical examples of dating sites.
  26. Selling of Your Used Ups – There are sites where you can sell home furniture or used up things rather than throw them away. Earn from your junks. It is quite simple to make money online through sales of used ups.
  27. Joining a Mock Jury – Court proceedings could be fun or not. But you can earn extra income by mooting and mocking a court proceeding online. Join a mock jury and find out more.
  28. Get Paid to Play Games – Online games are a fun way to pass the time. If you haven’t heard, the video game industry is booming. According to some estimates, the global gaming market was valued at nearly $140 billion in 2018. Some sites pay to test their games.
  29. Online Real Estate Investment – Investing in real estate is another million earning opportunity online. You can buy and resell properties online.
  30. Podcasts – This is almost like a blogger and YouTube kind of earning. You can also earn through your podcast channels and ads on these channels.
  31. Resume Writing – Writing resumes for people is a cool way of increasing your income online.
  32. Sell Your Photos and Videos – You can have your beautiful memories and pictures make you money online. There are tons of stock images websites online that will pay you for your best shots. Adobe Stock, Foap or Shutterstock a good places to start.
  33. Website Testing (QA) – Another amazing way is to get paid to test websites.
  34. Get Paid For Searching The Web – This innovative idea by Qmee rewards you for searching in Google, Bing or Yahoo.
  35. Online Workshops – Businesses are always looking for unique ways to help educate their workforce, and if you can package your talents into a day or half-day long session, you can sell that to companies all over the world to make money online.
  36. Sell Your Artworks and Design – If you have a flare for creativity and looking to have your works appreciated then selling of your works is great. Check out Etsy.
  37. Be an Online Journalist – Get paid for writing for real TV online and newspapers.
  38. Shop on Apps and Get Paid – Some platforms pay you for downloading and shopping on their apps.
  39. Become a ‘Clickworker’ – There are a variety of tasks, but most commonly they involve mindless data entry, web research or form filling.
  40. Become a WordPress Developer – Become a freelance WordPress developer and earn money from home.
  41. Have Your Music or Videos Sold – You can have your platform where selling of videos and songs are made easy. For example, iTunes, Amazon.
  42. Online Music Listening – Some apps pay to listen to music online on their platform – Signing up with sites like this is just great for you. It entertains as well as given you gains.
  43. Forex Trading – Just get on one of the established or fast rising stock exchange platforms platforms like E-Trade and Fidelity. Here you can predict and read the rise and fall of an income while you stake on them. Risky but realistic. It could take your life for a drastic turn.
  44. Product Testing – You can also be paid for testing products or giving those products out for testing. You need to review the product before you get paid.
  45. Paid to Like and Comment on Instagram – Most companies tend to increase their page on Instagram by paying to like or comment. It’s a cool and easy way to earn online.
  46. Paid to Like and Comment on Facebook – This is also like the Instagram like. The difference is it’s on Facebook.
  47. Sharing of Sponsored Posts and Links – Earn commissions for sharing posts on your social media handle.
  48. Offer Your Gig on Fiverr – Fiverr is the world’s largest marketplace for digital services. Check out Fiverr’s gigs and see if there is anything you can offer too.
  49. Sales of Insurance Online – This is for insurance companies who want to promote their services online.
  50. Online Reservation Bookings – Create your own portal for reservations booking and tickets selling. It is absolutely easy, safe and money making. Just have a portal and you are good to go.
  51. Ad Revenue System – Sale of Ads in packs. This entails you buying ads in bulk and selling to others and also on your site.
  52. Review Videos – You can be paid to make video reviews. Just have a good knowledge of the niche to be reviewed and make a quality video.
  53. Graphics Designing – With a vibrant knowledge of graphics design, you can work for businesses to help them do their graphics work.
  54. Managing Websites for People – As the name implies, it connotes you helping to manage a person’s website to a rise point. You’ll be paid pretty well for it.
  55. Sale of Space on Your Website– Mostly associated with sales funnel sites. You can sell a space for another user and generate more visitors and traffic for your website.
  56. Invest in Stocks – To make money investing in stocks, stay invested the best companies tend to increase their profits over time, and investors reward these greater earnings with a higher stock price. You can invest in stocks yourself by buying individual stocks or stock mutual funds, or get help investing in stocks by using a robo-advisor. Tip: Learn how to invest before buying stocks.
  57. Design and Sell Your Clothing – You can have your unique designs marketed and sold online.
  58. Medical Coding – Code for doctors on sites like Aviacode and earn not less than $2000 monthly.
  59. Voice Over for Podcasts – If you cannot start your own podcast, you can help a podcast channel be their voice over and be paid handsomely.
  60. Online Customer Service– You can bring in extra income as a customer support employee for companies all over the world. Due to the 24/7 nature of online businesses, companies are looking for people in different time zones to help deal with issues that their users are having.
  61. Sales Rep – Selling a product to customers is how any sales rep makes a living, but It really depends on what the sales rep is selling. If you want to make real profits, then you will need to partner up with a company that will give you large commissions on a product that has a quick sales cycle.
  62. Rent Out Your Stuffs – If you cannot sell your stuffs, you can have them rented for money online.
  63. Daycare Service– Create an online platform to publicize daycare/babysitting services. Parents who really have no time to manually search for daycare for their kids usually sign up with online service. This could increase your monthly earning double.
  64. Doggy Care– Like daycare and babysitting publicity, this is also great to improve your earnings.
  65. Paid to Lose Weight– Nowadays, sites pay to exercise. You are challenged to lose a specific pound of weight if met you will be paid in cash.
  66. Sell Your Recipe Books – Have your unique recipe books sold for money online.
  67. Start an Online Consultancy Business – Starting an online consulting business is a good idea to keep costs low. If you have the knowledge, starting an online consultancy business is a great way to earn money and help business owners.
  68. Online Coupons – Sale of coupons online is another good way to make money online. Start your own site or Facebook group to share the coupons.
  69. Yoga or Gym Instructor – Create a site and become an online personal instructor for people seeking fitness.
  70. Sell Sponsored Blog Posts – Start a blog and monetize it with sponsored posts.
  71. Real estate agency – You don’t even need to have your own apartments or buildings. Get in touch with property owners that want to sell and rent out apartments and homes. Put them out online and make good commission when interested buyers come to buy.
  72. Webinars– You can make money through webinars. To make money from a free webinar, you offer a paid product at the end. People are able to purchase your product or offering and take what they learned to the next level. If you promoted your webinar correctly, taught your attendees well, and delivered a pitch that made sense, people will buy your product live!
  73. Perform micro tasks – There are many micro task sites where you can find micro jobs that can earn you passive income. The pay may not be much, but it’s a good starting point for beginners.