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How to Make Instagram Highlight Covers

DIY Instagram Highlight Covers

If you’re looking for an easy guide on how to make Instagram highlight covers, then you’ve come to the right place!

Instagram highlight covers are the latest trend that many bloggers and Instagram users use to elevate their Instagram profiles. It actually helps you create an aesthetic look by placing a matching set of icons as your IG highlight covers and it is very easy to use.

Today I’m sharing how to make Instagram highlight covers even if you don’t have graphic design skills.

But before we start, let’s talk about what exactly Instagram highlight covers are and what are the most common apps and websites people use to make them.

What Are Instagram Highlight Covers?

Instagram highlight covers, also known as Instagram highlight icons, are image files that can be placed as a cover of Instagram highlights.

They can be PNG files, which usually have a transparent background, and they can also be regular images, such as JPEG, or JPG.

Instagram highlights are placed under the BIO information of a profile and you can add as many highlights as you want.

When you don’t use an Instagram highlight cover, the highlight’s cover that you’ll see will be one of the stories that you published and added to a specific highlight.

Instagram Highlight Covers Benefits

Bloggers and business owners use Instagram highlight covers to create an organized and more aesthetic profile look. By using Instagram highlights you can match the highlight colors, style, and even add text to them.

Here is how Instagram highlights can help you:

  • Helps brand your profile
  • Create a beautiful Instagram profile by choosing and matching colors
  • You can add text and categories
  • Create unique Instagram profile design
  • Add personality to your account by using stylish illustrated highlights

How to Create Your Own Instagram Highlight Covers?

There are many software and apps you can use to design your own Instagram highlight covers.

If you’re not a graphic designer you can use ease to use apps to create your Instagram highlight covers such as Canva.

Canva is a free app that helps users create graphic products. It’s an easy drag and drop app that offers many beautiful free templates that you can use to create your own designs.

If you are looking for more professional software to create your own Instagram highlight covers, the best options are Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop for desktop users or Procreate for iPad users. They both require payment to use them.

Where to Buy Instagram Highlight Covers?

If you want to save time and use ready-made Instagram highlight covers, you have two options.

The first one is to buy a set of Instagram highlight covers and the second one is to look for free downable covers online.  

Visit Urban Mamaz shop to see my beautiful Instagram highlight covers collection that I designed. And if you want to get awesome freebies, then make sure to subscribe here to my newsletter! I love sharing free printables, Instagram stickers, covers, and other digital items that you can use – all completely for free!

Another place where you can buy Instagram highlight covers is Etsy.

How to Make Instagram Highlight Covers on Canva?

I created a short video where I show how to make Instagram highlight covers using Canva.

As I mentioned above, Canva is a free app that everyone can use. It’s available on mobile and you can also use it on your laptop.

Follow these steps and watch the video to learn how to make your own Instagram highlight covers:

  • Download Canva to your mobile or click here to enter Canva website.
  • Choose the option of creating your own design to start a blank page by clicking “Create a design” and then “Custom size”.
  • Make sure the size of the page you created is at list 600px X 600px to assure high-quality cover. If the cover will be too small it may look pixelated. If the file is too large, Instagram will optimize its size when you upload the file to their system.
  • Create a circle by adding a circle element from the elements category.
  • Add custom text, stickers, or elements.
  • Make sure to watch the video on how to make Instagram highlight covers using Canva

How to Make Instagram Highlight Covers Using Canva Video Tutorial

More Instagram Highlight Covers Ideas

There are so many beautiful Instagram highlight cover ideas! Here is a list of a few ideas that you can make:

  • Floral Instagram highlight covers
  • Tropical Instagram story covers
  • Solid color Instagram highlight covers
  • Illustrated Instagram highlight covers (you can use ready to use illustrated stickers on Canva)
  • Text Instagram highlights – Category titles (handwritten font or capital letters)
  • Marble Instagram highlight covers (add a marble background image to your cover)
  • Black or white Instagram highlight covers
  • Lettering Instagram highlight covers (you can add one letter to each highlight cover and create a set of highlights that will display your name or a message).

More Instagram Highlight Makers Worth Checking

Besides Canva, Adobe and Procreate, there are many other apps and websites which you can use to make your own Instagram highlight covers. I have gathered a list of options that are definitely worth checking!

 Instagram Highlight Makers

How to Upload Instagram Highlight Covers to Your Profile?

Now that your Instagram highlight covers are ready, it is time to add them to your highlights! So exciting!

Follow these steps to upload your Instagram highlight covers:

  • Transfer your highlights to your mobile gallery (you can do that by sending them to your email).
  • Open your Instagram file, click add highlight, located under the bio section in your profile.
  • Click “Edit Highlight”.
  • Click “Edit Cover”.
  • Click on the image icon located at the beginning of the list.
  • Select the cover that you created from your camera roll/image gallery.
  • Click Save!

Bottom Line,

There are many adorably Instagram highlight cover ideas that you can make by yourself. Canva is an easy and free app that you can use to create them. If you want to save time and get ready-to-use Instagram highlight covers the best option is to buy them (price range between $5-$15) or look for free Instagram highlights that are available for download on the internet.


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