Pinterest group boards to join
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Pinterest Group Boards to Join

Why You Need to Join Pinterest Group Boards & what group boards can I suggest you

Pinterest group boards to join

As a giant visual search engine, Pinterest has more than 100 million users, and it undoubtably has an important role in the bloggers promotion strategies.

As you probably know already, one of the most useful things you can do to promote your blog through Pinterest is joining well performing group boards that are relevant to your content, where you can find your audience.

If you make a quick research and read a few Pinterest pining strategies, you will find out that all the successful bloggers that generate high passive monthly incomes, use these group boards to promote their pins and to get them highly exposed. In addition, one of the tips for making a Pinterest pin go viral is to pin it in high performing group boards.

Another interesting thing that I noticed is that most of the bloggers (new and old) who use Pinterest to drive traffic to their blogs, manage to drive up to 95+ percent of their blog traffic from Pinterest – which is outstanding! Although it is better not to rely only on one traffic source and to work on driving traffic from other search engines like Google or Bing as well, in order to get faster results, Pinterest is definitely one of the best ways to do so! Therefore, you better keep on perfecting your Pinterest strategy!

According to these conclusions, I have given the task of joining well performing group boards a high priority.

So how can been a part of well performing group board help you?

Well, it will help you engage and collaborate with other bloggers and you will increase your reach and expose your pins to new audience (the board owner’s followers and collaborators).

But, you should know that not all the group boards are good for you to join! Why is that?

Most of the bloggers don’t write about it but joining as many group boards as you can and pinning as much as you can are not the best strategies for increasing your profile performance. First of all, it is spammy, therefore Pinterest started to use the Smart Feed, which means that Pinterest is prioritizes pins based on engagement.

Second of all, not all the group boards are related to your niche, which will also affect your pin engagement.

So, how to choose the best Pinterest group boards that will boost your exposure?

Here are a few things you can check before joining:

  • The group board niche must be relevant to your pins.
  • The group board must be active but not spammy (you better check the group board pins quality).
  • The group board doesn’t have too many collaborators (up to 150 is great).
  • The group board has a high number of followers.

If you have read to this point, I guess you are looking for new group boards to join.

What group boards can I suggest you?  

As a blogger whose purpose is to increase my pins exposure and blog traffic, I sometimes find it very hard to find these groups, specially getting a quick answer regarding my joining request.

I know it can be very frustrating when you finally find a suitable group board for you, but the group board is no longer accepts new collaborator’s requests or you just don’t get any answer to your joining request or the joining steps are too complicated (for example getting in different Facebook groups and liking irrelevant pages). Sometimes it is just too hard to find these groups or to find the right niches where your audience might be.

So, I decided to make this all progress much easier by start my own new group boards and managing them by myself.

But, as much as I want these group boards to work and grow, I know that without the right group boards collaborators that will frequently pin a quality content, it will not work.

My purpose is to create high performing Pinterest group boards, where Pinterest users will find great content and therefore follow them, with high engagement and huge exposure for the collaborators. Come and join the success!

Meet my Pinterest group boards

Bloggers Monthly Income Reports Group Board

If you are a blogger and you publish posts regarding your monthly income reports – Join this super interesting group board! Together we can make this group board engagement extremely high and expose our pins to new relevant audience!

Click here to reach the group board>

Mommy Tips & Hacks Group Board

If you are a mom blogger and you want to share a quality posts about mommy tips, mommy hacks, baby and child care tips, parenting and other inspiring posts – Join now!

Click here to reach the group board>

Organizing Tips, Tricks & Ideas Group Board

If you write quality posts about home organization and decoration, if you are addicted to home decoration and DIY or if you have really awesome organizing tips and hacks to share – This is the right group for you!

Click here to reach the group board>

Make Money Online – The Bloggers Group Board

If you write quality content about how to start a profitable blog, how to make money online, affiliate marketing, work from home, wealth and money, personal finance tips – You must join this group board!

Click here to reach the group board>

Post update – 9/28/18:

A few more Pinterest groups boards you can join:

Baby Care Tips & Support – Click here to reach the group board>

Parenting Tips & Support – Click here to reach the group board>

Pregnancy Tips & Support – Click here to reach the group board>

Best Pins For Busy Moms – Click here to reach the group board>

Why and how should you join these group boards?

Easy to join – no Facebook groups needed, all you have to do is to follow me, follow the board you want to join and send me an email with a link to your Pinterest profile account and the name of the board you want to join. My Email:

Quick response to new collaborator’s requests – all the new requests will get a response within 3 working days! In order to build the perfect collaborators team – only profiles with relevant niches and high-quality content will get invitations.

Simple group boards rules – I believe in keeping things simple, therefore each group board has these 4 simple rules:

  1. Post up to 3 posts a day.
  2. The posts must be relevant to the group board niche (otherwise they will be deleted).
  3. Do not add any sections.
  4. You must engage with the last 2 pins after posting your pin.

Please join these group boards only if your niche is relevant, you write a quality content and you want to boost your blog traffic by joining high performing group boards!