What is the Best Blog Host
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5 Best Hosting Companies for Bloggers

What Is The Best Blog Host


Would you agree that during 1995 there only existed 23,500 live websites, each one having 1,908 users? However last year, under 2.5 million websites had gone live, each one having 3.7 users. These stats have made it very clear and the general public now realized the value and benefits that blogs have for small companies and anyone else having public info to share.

It is eye opener which helps with demonstrating the improvement in user-friendliness of developing websites over 20 ago. It is also true that almost everybody can have props for fixing up a basic website. The right blog hosting companies are not built equally as well. Whether you just started or perhaps you already have thousands of followers, the very best blog hosts will assist you in reaching your target audience.

You do not need to let the hundreds existing blog hosting companies confused you into an analysis paralysis. The very first question that should come to your mind whenever you are looking through the very best blog hosting company is the hosting plan details and the price associated with it.

Listen to this:

Free or less expensive may not really be the right way to go, you should also check the hosting service type you get, management system, owning the domain name and more. Below are some top-rated blog hosting companies and why you opt for them.

1. Blue host

For any kind of WordPress blog, I will recommend the blue host for all web hosting offers and services, this is where my own site is hosted as well. It is among the most affordable blogging services you can ever get. Apart from the shared hosting they offer, they offer free SSL Certificate as well, which is a very relevant search engine factor for ranking. Apart from that, they offer a PHP 7.0 too which is the most recent PHP version which enables the website to perform much faster. One thing I can assure you is that it is very easy to use – the signup prosses is very quick and you can start your own site just in a few minutes! If you want to read more details about what it takes click here to reach the “PURCHASE DOMAIN NAME, BLOG HOSTING AND INSTALL WORDPRESS” chapter 5 – from my guide “How to Start a successful blog“.

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2. Host gator

Host gator is reputable and renowned for being among the fastest and quickest load times worldwide (They often run at 100%). They also offer a wide range of hosting plans meant for most websites. Host gator offers both Window and Linux web hosting plans as well. They also offer many features and the services which are reliable for any web development.

Host Gator also has a high quality server that is fast as it’s secure. If coding and tech are not your forte, you will enjoy the 24/7 support.

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3. Just Host

For more than a decade now, Just Host has remained on top as the biggest names inside the web hosting, online marketing, and domain registration. Just Host offers a lot of services and aspire to be the choice of all of your Internet desires and needs.

Web domain name registration and hosting do not sound like a very exciting thing to do, in short, it sounds very downright tame. However, Just Host has tried to stay in the general public eye with an unpopular Super Bowl advertising and its founder recreational habits.

But what about its hosting? Just Host came in a very comfortable third position in research on web hosting with 83% rating. While Just Host is not the least expensive company around, you will certainly get enough returns on money with the services it provides.

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4. Site Ground

Site Ground is one rare beast, as well as a hidden gem within the web hosting platform and market. Its innovative commitment specifically in shared hosting is quickly making it become one of the most relevant hosting providers that all small businesses should try. Despite some minor niggles, Site Ground overshadows a lot of its rivals on the features that most small businesses require, such as uptime, speed, as well as customer support.

However, Site Ground is not perfect. Like all other web hosts, it also has its weaknesses. You will discover a few niggles right under the hood. But it is not quite a deal breaker. Site Ground gives you the opportunity of experimenting as your site grows.

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5. iPage

Last but not least, meet iPage. This probably will be one of the cheapest hosting companies you will find. iPlan offers free domain registration, free SSL certificate, free drag and drop builder and more for just 1.99$ per month for a 3 years plan. Moreover, like all the other web host companies, you have 30 days money back guarantee. Originally started in 1998, iPage Hosting now has offices in six worldwide locations serving over one million websites between two data centers in the U.S.

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