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Top 15 MUST-PACK Items for Taking Your Baby to the Beach

Beach Essentials for Baby and Toddler – What Things Should You Take to The Beach

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Top 15 MUST-PACK Items for Taking Your Baby to the Beach

It is summertime, and long weekends, vacations and days spent in the beach are close for some of us. Going with a baby to the beach is similar to packing up for a riverboat cruise, and jungle safari all at once. However, you might think I am exaggerating, but I am being serious. It is difficult to replicate your home comforts on a vacation when you go with baby.  All that handy gear which takes up every single square inch of your home is convenient and transforms into your daily pattern with your baby.

Bringing your baby with you to the beach can turn out to be a fulfill experience and they will be captivated with the beach atmosphere. I actually discovered that by bringing the right baby beach accessories with you, your baby will be happy and would actually be at peace in the beach.

So, are you taking a trip to the beach and you want to bring your baby with you? Nothing is worse than leaving an important item behind. Discover all the must have beach essentials for baby to carry with you to the beach during your next summer trip.

1. Swim Diapers

When visiting the beach with your baby it’s important that you carry a waterproof beach swim diaper with you. You will have to decide if you want to make use of a disposable swim diaper or if you will like a reusable diaper. Irrespective of your choice, never forget a swim diaper behind when going to the beach with your baby.


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2. Sunscreen

While you are in the sun you will need to apply some sunscreen to your baby’s skins so as to keep them from being or getting sunburn or other illnesses caused by sunlight. Per each sunscreen bottle manual, ensure you follow the guidelines in order to get the very best applications meant for skin protection. I personally use this sunscreen for my baby, which has SPF 30.


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3. Infant-toddler beach towel

Bring along a baby towel to keep your baby in a dry state. Your baby could get his hands, legs, or face wet. An infant beach towel would do the trick of making sure your baby stays dry and clean. Here you have a great baby-toddler beach towel, which is very easy and comfortable to use.


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4. Big beach towel

Bring along a few big beach towels. Beach towels are different from bath towels primarily because of their larger size, but many are also thicker, more durable, and more decorative than bath towels. A good beach towel does more than dry you off after a swim; It gives you a place to lay or sit down on when you’re at the beach. Moreover, in a situation where your baby is sandy or wet, you can spread it over your car seat, that way the ride back home will be more comfortable.


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5. Beach tent – umbrella

Buy a beach tent or an umbrella to keep your baby cool and protect him from the sun. You must keep your baby protected in the sunny days in order to prevent sunburns, so ensure you bring a beach tent or an umbrella with you. Here you have a large beach umbrella, which will be very useful for you too, and an awesome baby tent, which designed for children under 3 years of age. This tent has a mini pool at its bottom, and it can allow your baby play in the water instead of going to the seaside, which will give you an extra time to enjoy the beach trip.


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infant baby beach tent

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6. Pre-freeze snacks

If the baby eats solid foods, I will advise you freeze some food pouches prior to the night of your beach outing. They will turn a slushy, chilly, consistency in the beach as well as be very helpful in keeping your baby hydrated and cool. You might find these Silicone Food Storage Bags very useful.


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7. Beach sandals

Beach sandals are important if the beach has sharp shells, rocks, or coral or in case the beach sand rises to a high temperature. I bought these beach sport sandals for my baby, which are light weight, very comfortable and also water-friendly.


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8. Baby seat boat toy with sun canopy

Your baby could get tired of crawling around the beach, so whenever you are at the beach with your baby, make sure you bring a baby seat boat toy, that has a sun canopy over it to keep your baby away from the sunlight if he wants to swim with you.


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9. Sun protection hat

Keeping your baby safe from sunlight should always be your top priority whenever you are at the beach. Bring along with you a hat that has a broad rim which does not only covers the head of your baby, but also covers the neck and ears. Hats which have a UPF+ sun rating provides extra protection.



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10. Swimsuit

While the public pools will need your baby to have swim nappy on, it is up to you in case you choose to place your baby in any swimming costume meant for infant. There are several very cute baby boy and baby girl swimsuits which are available in case you will like your baby to put on something over his/her swim nappy. You should know that a baby swimsuit can also protect your baby from the sunlight.


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11. Beach Toys

Maybe not too important when your baby is still very little. But I discovered that babies love to have toys with them at the beach once they can crawl around and play with the sand (without trying to eat it ?). You can bring a special beach toys, which can either be washed or cleaned easily.


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12. Freeze water bottles

The night prior to the day you plan on a beach outing, get some baby water bottles frozen. Take them with you to overcome the heat.


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13. Cooler on wheels + Pack snacks

A cooler that has wheels and several pockets implies that you can easily load it up with all the things you require while you keep your hands free from holding the baby. If the baby is drinking directly from your breast, then make sure you stay fed and hydrated by bringing along with you pack snacks. Here you have a comfortable cooler on wheels.


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14. Camera

Taking pictures of your baby while he plays around the beach will definitely put a broad smile in his face and will help you remember these happy life moments. For that reason, the presence of a camera in the beach shouldn’t be taken slightly. Ensure you have a camera with you when on a beach vacation with your baby. I bought this awesome Polaroid Instant Digital Camera, which is very fun to use since I get trendy and high-quality photos immediately.


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15. Go at Off-Hours

If you arrive at the beach after 2pm or before 10am you will then be skipping the day’s very powerful rays. And you may have the beach all to yourselves ?


Top 15 MUST-PACK Items for Taking Your Baby to the Beach

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