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At What Age Can Your Baby Go Outside for the First Time?

When should you take your baby out in public?


Many moms are skeptical about taking their newborn out for the first few weeks or even months. The fear is mutual among most especially first time moms. But you and your baby cannot stay cooped up in the house till forever. It is important for your baby to go outside even for a few minutes. The new environment will do both of your some good. The first day out is something you should look forward to because it is an exciting milestone. Unfortunately, many moms are confused on when the right time is to take their babies outside.

The right time

The good news is that you can take your baby outside at whatever time you feel ready to. This may not mean the first week but it is really up to your discretion what age you see fit enough to take your baby outside. Nevertheless, your pediatrician may have a different opinion so you need to take his or her advice into consideration before taking your baby outside.

Your fear of taking your baby outside may be because of their fragility and smallness but the fresh air is good for you.

When it comes to deciding when to take your baby outside for the first time, you must think about what is best for your baby. For example, it will be pretty unwarranted to take a premature baby outside for the first one or two months. Your baby doesn’t have to be premature. They may also have a health condition that prevents them from going outside. So don’t insist on taking them out.

However, if your baby is of perfect health and your doctor gives you the go ahead, then you can take your baby outside at whatever time you wish.

There are certain things that you need to remember when taking your baby outside for the first time:

  1. You need to avoid certain places that pose a risk to your baby’s health. For example, places that make them more vulnerable to catch germs. These include crowded areas like shopping malls
  2. Don’t allow strangers to keep holding your baby all the time especially for the first few weeks. Your baby’s immune system is quite vulnerable at that time and they could easily fall ill.
  3. Don’t go out for too long with your baby. Keep it simple and short. It is not just about protecting your baby’s health but also because you are likely to get tired of holding them all the time
  4. Dress your baby for the appropriate weather. If it is hot, don’t overwhelm them with too many cloths. It will be uncomfortable for them. When it’s cold, dress them warmly and don’t stay out for too long.

When people see you taking your baby out for the first time, they will want to know how old they are. If your baby is below two months or so, they might sneer and call you a bad mom. But you are the one who knows what is best for your baby so don’t allow their comments hurt your feelings.