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Best tips for photographing your own newborn

How to Get Professional Looking Newborn Photos at Home

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There is so much excitement that comes with having a baby. However, the reality of the expensive nature of raising a newborn comes in when you are shopping for diapers and the things that your newborn is going to need. But what you should not forget to invest in is making memories through taking. You don’t have to go to a studio to get your photos done. You can do this from the comfort of your home with a little bit of creativity and patience.

1. Get a location

Walk around your house at different times of the day to scout for a perfect location. Take notice of how the light changes and use your camera to capture the light throughout the day. Do this for two days and then compare you options. With the captured photos, you can choose the time and place that has the brightest and clearest light. The best time is usually early mornings of afternoons and the best place is near a big window or door.

2. Set up your studio

Your scouted place is now your studio. You need to create a space in that location that is comfortable for your baby but still offers a clean and seamless backdrop. You can get a beanbag, an armchair or a couch with draped fabric. It is up to your creativity. The most important aspect of your studio is the fabric you choose for your backdrop. Don’t use a wrinkled or old blanket. Don’t use fabric with an unflattering color either. All these will make your photos look messy. The best fabrics are the pretty, clean, soft textured fabrics such as fluffy white duvets or a colorful knit blanket.

3. Gather the outfits, props, and accessories you need

Select the outfits and accessories that you would want your baby to wear. Keep it as natural as possible. Have backup options in case of anything. You can add in a few props like toys or framed photos into the setting.

4. Carefully manage your model

If you have tried taking photos of your baby before then you know that she is a little fussy about being placed alone in the middle of a sheet while you are pointing a camera at them. So it is a good idea to coordinate the photo shoot with your baby’s nap time to avoid dealing with a crying baby. Then there is also the sweetness of capturing your newborn’s face when they are quietly dozing. The photo-shoot should be in a warm place probably with some soft music or white noise in the background.

5. Strike a pose

Don’t move your baby too much. Instead, just focus on one or two poses. There are many ideas of turning up those poses from Pinterest which you can try.

6. Photo composition

The best baby photos are those that pay attention to details. Get close-ups and different angles. Take your time. Zoom in on some features and try full-body shots as well. Keep checking your photos during the process. Get more Newborn Photography Ideas here.

Photos are for a lifetime. With your iPhone, you can do an amazing baby photo-shoot in the comfort of your home.





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