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How Long Before Taking Newborn Out In Public


Nothing is more exciting for new parents than showing their newborn to the world; it brings so much joy. It is also very elating for friends and family, and well-wishers to welcome your baby to their midst and show love, especially if you enjoy a cordial relationship with people. It is the same feeling for seasoned parents as well; parents of a newborn are eager to show off their adorable baby.

Taking your newborn baby outside for the first time is an exciting milestone for parents. But the question is when it is safe to take your baby out in the public.

Is it Safe to Take Your Baby Out to The Fresh Air?

Taking your newborn baby out for the first time could be daunting.

Well, if your physician hasn’t advised you otherwise, you may take your newborn out as soon as you feel yourself ready for it.

Fresh air and a change of pace can be good for people of any age, including babies.

You may feel daunting because of the fragility and the small size of your baby at first, but the fresh air and the change in the atmosphere will bring a good change in your mood.

However, in certain circumstances, like if your newborn baby was born premature or he/she has a health issue in which the immune system can be affected, your doctor may not suggest you go outside with your baby.

When to Take your Newborn Baby Out in Public?

You shouldn’t be in a hurry to take your fragile baby out in public, especially to crowded places. Although, it is not medical advice; bitter and regrettable experiences of some mothers should serve as a lesson and precaution to wait until your baby’s immunity is strong enough to withstand the harsh reality of the world we live in.

Every season has its ups and downsides; this should be a consideration before you take your baby out. Some mothers who warned against hurrying to go out with your newborn cited incidence of flu and other airborne germs common at a particular time each season as the reason.

Should you Avoid Some Places?

Yes, there are certain places where it is not good to go with your newborn babyFor instance, newborns and younger babies can easily catch germs and fall ill. Therefore, you may not take them to crowded places such as shopping centers and restaurants. You should avoid such crowded places, especially, in the first 6 weeks of your baby’s life.

Similarly, you may also not welcome too many guests at your home in these early weeks. Obviously, everyone would like to embrace your newborn baby, and this will expose your baby to a number of different germs.

If you cannot stop people visiting you, you can ask them to wash their hands thoroughly before holding your newborn.

How long should you wait?

A pediatrician in the ER corroborated these experienced mothers’ warnings, and advice you should wait at least six weeks before taking your newborn out in public to crowded places. The reason for six weeks without public outing is to have the child immune system appropriately strengthened to withstand the many possible infections flying around outside the house.

She said infants under six weeks old with fever complications would immediately get a septic workup and spinal tap which will cause them to be admitted in the hospital for about 36 hours. The reason for such a terrible condition, she said, is because the baby’s immune system is still fragile and will breakdown with any exposure to infection. Even while at home, you should be careful who you allow access to your newborn because not everyone is as healthy as they look.

She added that your baby looking hale and hearty now doesn’t mean you should throw caution to the wind as a baby can present any sign of sickness at any time that can be severe. She concluded that from her experience, she waits at least six weeks before contemplating taking her newborn out to crowded places.

Newborns Are Delicate

A newborn is in the formative age that just left the well-protected environment of the womb where everything is available for their needs. And now have to build his defenses to cope with the real world; mothers should be patient to allow their babies to grow enough before subjecting them to the harsh reality of the world.

Nobody is saying a medical report or research asks you to keep your newborn in the house up to a specific time, but experience sometimes is the best teacher we need to learn from. Some mothers hit the streets with two-day-old babies without any incidence. While their immune systems are beginning to kick into gear to keep up with everything they’re exposed to, they are still susceptible to illnesses that can be dangerous for them.

Dangerous Illnesses lurk around 

You need to protect your newborn from these fatal illnesses:

  • Stomach Viruses With Diarrhea
  • Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV)
  • Whooping Cough or Pertussis
  • Influenza
  • Pneumonia

Schedule Doctor’s Visit Wisely

If you want to take your child to a doctor for a regular visit, weight check, or even because of jaundice concerns, you should plan your visit wisely.

This is because such places are not ideal for newborns to visit and spend hours there waiting for their turns.

Many clinics offer separate waiting areas for sick and well, just to separate these populations and keep healthy kids safe from exposure to germs. Some doctors offer separate waiting areas for newborns as well.

The best thing you can do to keep your newborn safe is to avoid busy timings. Usually, when a doctor’s office is open and right after school (around 3 pm), the place is crowded. Therefore, it is better to avoid these timings.

However, these tips can help you:


If you have a newborn baby and you want to take him/her out, there are some tips to help you:

  • Keep Your Newborn Baby Tucked Away: If it is necessary to take your baby out to a family gathering, holiday, or to a religious ceremony, try to keep your baby in a bassinet, cot, car seat, or a stroller. It is better to keep your child in the corner of the room, or preferably in another room.

Remember, people can praise your child from a distance as well. Avoid passing your child around, as it may increase the chances of going your kid in the hands of a sick person.

  • Cover your Baby: While you are out with your newborn baby, try to keep him/her covered with a blanket.
  • No Direct Sunlight: Keep your newborn baby away from direct sunlight. Newborns can only get indirect sunlight. It is because newborns have low melatonin, which makes them prone to sunburn.

Keeping these guidelines in mind, you can take your newborn baby out and enjoy your time with them.

What to do when you are back in the house

Since there is no tradition that says you can’t take your newborn baby out in public, but be guided as already discussed. If you ever go out with your baby, ensure to bathe her immediately if needed, when you are back at the house to wash away possible germ. It is advised to wash your hands before feeding or doing anything to your baby.




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