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10 Fun and Simple Activities to Do with Your Baby

Creative Things to Do With Babies at Home


Stumped on ideas for how to play with your baby? Wondering what to do with your baby throughout the day? As a mom, you will be your baby’s first friend and teacher, and so everything you do count. The way you smile, express feelings, and interact with your baby are some things your baby picks as he/she grows.

Below are 10 fun, simple and creative things to do with your baby throughout the day:

1.Tummy time

Start placing your baby on the tummy for 3 to 5 minutes. You can repeat it about 2-3 times daily, as long as he likes it. Aim for around 20 to 30 minutes a day of baby tummy time by the time he is 3 or 4 months old. Then keep the practice up until baby can roll over on his own. As your baby ages, you can do it even more often, and place toys before him to encourage crawling. It helps develop your baby’s upper body and prevent the back of his head from getting flat.

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2. Tube Tunnel

From the top end of a tube tunnel, throw a ball in and tell your baby to watch it roll out. Your baby might find it exciting. Then, ask him to put the ball in himself and go after the ball inside the tube tunnel.

3. Tiny Trampoline

Stand your baby up in the center of a bouncy mattress bed then bounce him/her on the bed gently. Your baby might be able to bounce on his/her own if he/she is walking already.

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4. Learn Face Parts

This game is a fun way to teach about face parts names while working on children’s listening and attention skills. Place yourself in front of your little one and let your baby touch different parts of your face. Then, say out the names of the parts and direct your baby also to touch his facial parts.

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5. String Along

Attach a piece of shoelace or yarn to a small toy of your baby. Then, encourage him/her to tug it. He would love to pull a string on his toy. When your baby starts crawling, keep the rope at a distance so he/she would have to reach out to it.

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6. Reading

Read books with bright illustrations to your baby, and always point to pictures and make expressions while reading. Also, let your baby react to stories and turn pages.

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7. Baby Sit-ups

If your baby’s body is in good control and he can sit by himself, lay him on his back and gently place your hands beneath his arms. Then, guide him carefully to a balanced sitting position to tone his muscles.

8. Climb Cushions

Arrange safe objects, like pillows on each other, to create an obstacle for your baby. It will help promote climbing and grasping skills in your toddler.

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9. Massage

Undress your baby and lay him face up on a blanket or soft towel. Make sure the room is quite warm. Gently massage his arms, legs, and belly in a slightly firm manner, at least, to the extent that he tolerates. Here is a special baby oil to upgrade the massage.

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10. Silly Stuff

Do whatever makes your baby giggle. Try out mirrors, funny hats, and big sunglasses.

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Playing with your baby doesn’t only promote bonding, but also boosts physical and mental development. Take your time and enjoy this special period of time with your baby.