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12 Things I Regret Not Doing to My Baby in His First Year

Things you’ll regret not doing to your baby in his first year


The first year of your baby’s life moves faster than you expect. As the first year slips, you feel there are more things you could do as a mom for your baby than just cuddling and getting him fancy toys.  Whether he is your firstborn or last born, if you haven’t done these 12 things in his first year, you will regret it!

Getting them into a good sleep routine

You should train your baby to a good sleep routine and trust me, as a mom myself, I know you will be thanking yourself years later. Good sleeping habits mean your baby should be able to pacify himself to sleep, moreover, it is recommended to start sleep training your baby at early as 4 months of age. This will help the baby as they can put themselves to sleep after short awakenings, and you too can have a sound sleep at night. Remember, more sleep for infants helps in better brain development and enhanced motor skills.

Working Less

Your baby needs you more than ever in his first year as he is developing an association with familiar faces and sounds. A mother’s warmth and love can soothe a baby and this bonding is innate! We aren’t telling you to leave your work completely but you can surely cut down some working hours to spend some quality time nurturing your baby.

Taking them to Playground

Your baby might be too small to play in a playground but some fresh air will definitely do good to him. Take him to the playground so he interacts with other children, this will enhance your baby’s receptive and cognitive skills and it’s a great source of entertainment too!

Taking enough family photos

You should have enough memories to hang on the wall so you can cherish them whenever you recall that time. As your child grows older, you tend to miss his early years quite a lot and just so that you can hold onto some great memories, always capture them in family photos!

Open a savings account

Any cash you get as a gift for your baby, save it up. Raising a baby can be expensive, make sure you are saving up by opening an account and investing the money in substance things for your baby such as a new crib, nightstand or a walker.

Make sure to set up iCloud properly (to store photos)

Make backup storage at iCloud properly to store photos. This way even if your phone breaks or your camera breaks, you won’t ever lose track of your child’s 1st-year memories. Mothers usually regret this the most as once a picture lost, or your memory card gets corrupted your babies photos can’t be retrieved.

A color print with his hands and feet

You will always regret not taking a print of his little hands and feet so do it before he turns older!

Not taking professional newborn photographs

The first year calls for a professional baby shoot, these look incredibly adorable and reminds you of the time you enjoyed holding your baby for his perfect pose! Here is a short DIY guide on how to how to take professional looking newborn photos at home.

Not giving a pacifier

Pacifier helps soothe babies and according to research babies who took a pacifier in their first year were calmer and less rebellious in their later life.

Listening to other people’s advice and going against what I felt

Sometimes you really should go for the gut feeling. A mother said “lately I felt my baby has colic and when I went to the doctor, he confirmed this” Other than this we as mothers must listen to and learn from other mother’s experiences.

Speaking my native language with them

Children imitate and learn fastest at the age of 1 as their cognition skills are in the developmental stages. Speaking your native language will help them learn it easily and more quickly than you think! A mother says, “I started speaking to my baby in my native language at the age of 1 and now at the age of 6 she is as fluent as me!”

Taking him to swimming classes

It’s an introduction to water for them. You can sit with them at the pool and just watch them babble and splash away the water, enjoying their time. a lady claimed, ” spending my time with my baby along the pool has been the most memorable time ever!”


Time flies by so fast that before you get a grip on it, it’s too late, start making memories as early as when your child is 1 year old so you won’t regret and will cherish those moments for a lifetime!