How to increase blog traffic using Pinterest
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Pinterest Traffic Guide: How to increase blog traffic with Pinterest


Did you know that Pinterest is one of the best platforms to drive free traffic?

Site traffic is very important for making money online. While Google is a great traffic source, Pinterest can boost your blog traffic faster, especially if you are a new blogger.

Learn how to drive traffic with this simple strategy (that I share here for FREE!!!) that increased my blog traffic by 2,000% without spending a fortune! Pinterest helped me reach almost 200,000 monthly page views with my new blog!

Check this out:

almost-200K-monthly-page-views blogging

​In my first year as a blogger, I was a full-time mom, had my second child while raising a toddler. Time was my most precious commodity!​

By implementing this simple Pinterest strategy, I managed to skyrocket my blog traffic while working only 2-4 hours a week on Pinterest!

In February 2019, I turned my blog into a profitable business and started working for myself full-time!

Later that year, I wrote this guide that describes all the steps I took to achieve almost 200K monthly page views with Pinterest. Here I share all my strategies, tips, and hacks that can help you boost your site traffic.

How I Grew My Blog So Quickly

I was super determined from the very moment I signed up for Pinterest to make this thing work out for me.

I did everything I could to master the Pinterest platform, and here I’m publishing my Pinterest traffic guide.

Download my free Pinterest printable planner that can help you kick start your new Pinterest marketing strategy fast and easy – check it here >>>

Use the table of contents below to easily navigate between guide’s pages.

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STEP 2 – About Me

STEP 3 Introduction to Pinterest

 STEP 4 – Pinterest Profile Setup

STEP 5 – Pinterest SEO

STEP 6How to Organize Your Pinterest Boards

STEP 7How to Rank First on Pinterest

STEP 8Pinterest Board Strategy for Beginners NO.1

STEP 9What to Pin on Pinterest

STEP 10Design Pinterest Pins That Drive Traffic

STEP 11Pinterest Strategies

STEP 12Pinterest Follow-Up Spreadsheets

STEP 13The Best Time to Pin on Pinterest

STEP 14Pinning Principles

STEP 15Track Your Best Pins with Google Analytics

STEP 16Manual Pinning Vs Scheduled Pinning

STEP 17How to Use Tailwind for Pinterest

STEP 18 – How Many Pins Should You Pin a Day

STEP 19 – Make Your Pins Go Viral

STEP 20 – Boards Strategy for Advanced Bloggers NO.2

STEP 21 – What to Do If Your Pins Are Stolen

STEP 22 – Avoid Pinterest Jail