15 Indian Home Décor Ideas That Are Full of Style
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15 Indian Home Décor Ideas That Are Full of Style

Indian Home Décor Ideas

Are you looking to add traditional Indian home décor to your home? Indian inspired décor typically incorporates rich wood furniture with vibrant colors and folk-art. Learning how to combine these elements can be tricky. That’s why we’ve rounded up 15 ideas to create an Indian-inspired space in your home.

15 Indian Home Décor Ideas That Are Full of Style

1. This home in North India celebrates all things South Indian

We love the simplicity of this living room and how the blue chair and artwork pop against the sand-colored walls. The wall art gives the space character without drawing too much attention away from the focal points of the room.

The modern coffee table complements the midcentury modern style armchair, while the side table and lamp add traditional elements. These elements blend old-world and new-world style in this space.

2. Step Inside the Delhi Home of an Indian Princess

The living room of this Indian princess is a feast for the eyes and combines bright, vibrant colors beautifully. It’s the epitome of Indian home décor and was clearly designed with entertaining in mind.

The large mirror helps make the room feel more spacious and brighter. Careful placement of the sofas provides a comfortable space to relax and converse with friends, family or guests. The ottoman-style seating on the opposite wall creates a more relaxed space. Poufs can serve as room dividers and additional places to sit.

An abundance of colorful pillows makes the space cozy and inviting.

3. Rajasthani Style Interior Design And Decor Ideas

In this Rajasthani-style home, guests truly get comfortable. The floor sofa’s mustard color keeps the vibrant pillows, area rug and curtains grounded. The hanging pendant lamps and plants add to the cozy and welcoming atmosphere.

Despite the abundance of colors and patterns in this space, it still feels balanced and inviting. The key is to incorporate like-colors and to choose just a few dominant hues to play off of.

4. Home Tour: A beautiful Antique Modern home in Bangalore

Who wouldn’t want to spend the afternoon relaxing in this room? The gorgeous Jhoola swing celebrates the sacred elephant and gives guests a unique place to sit and relax. The oriental side table (which has elephant trunks for legs) features a beautiful red top and ornate details that complement the red swing pillow.

On the wall, wooden shelves play host to plants and spiritual figures. Palms and other greenery surround the seating to make it feel like you’re resting in a tranquil garden.

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5. The Thakurs’ Colorful Home Is an Ode to Rich Fabrics and Patterned Floors

This colorful room is inviting, with patterned tiles, silk furniture, lime plaster walls and vintage furniture. The teal sofa is the focal point of the space and complements the purple/pink and blue rugs. Vibrant patterned throw pillows match the throw rugs and wall art. The rustic coffee table shows off little knickknacks that highlight the family’s personality. The curtains tie the room together and potted plants bring natural elements into the space.

6. Vibrant Sitting Area

If you love the bright colors of Indian home décor, you’ll love this space. The plush floor cushions provide a comfortable place to sit and read or meditate. Plants are the focal point of this space, which feels like a jungle. The candle stand at the center of the room and red area rug adds to the cozy atmosphere here. The ottoman next to the door is the perfect place to store a stack of books.

If you don’t want to put a space like this near a door, it will work just as well near a windowed wall or a bright corner of a room.

7. 50+ Indian Interior Design Ideas

This seating area celebrates Indian tradition and culture. The gorgeous mirror features ornate and traditional details that make it the focal point of the space. The bright blue colors and patterns on the upholstered bench complement the large area rug, inviting you to come in and sit down for a while. Tall plants on either side of the bench balance the space and add natural elements to the room.

This space would be perfect for an entryway or a sunroom where you can entertain guests.

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8. A grey palette and intricate jali work lift the interiors of this Vadodara bungalow

This simple sitting space puts a modern spin on traditional Indian décor. Earthy tones from the wood, artwork and upholstered chair ground the space, while the blue rug and blanket add some color. The off-white curtains balance out the room, allowing for privacy or to let in natural light. The modern floor lamp makes this chair the perfect place to read a book or enjoy a cup of tea.

9. Oonjal – Wooden Swings in South Indian Homes

Indian home décor is stunning, and it can also be a lot of fun. One of the iconic pieces in Indian homes is the swing. Add in some pillows, and you’re half way there with creating this look. A beautiful rug to put your feet on and push off of when swinging will also help.

You can also add in end tables and seats, like are seen in the back of this picture. However, the swing and rug are more than enough to mimic this room’s look. It’s fun, relaxing and different.

10. A Chettinad Style Apartment in Bangalore

This is one room that is easy to recreate because there’s not much going on. However, you’ll notice that the main focal point is the hanging lights. You’ll find a few different varieties of these chandeliers, including this floor lamp that doesn’t require you to hang it from the ceiling.

Add in some window treatments, and you’ve completed this look.

If you want to change it up a little, you can add in semi-sheer curtains, and a rug to add color and elegance when you walk into the room.

11. 15 Wonderful Wicker Decor Ideas

You won’t be able to recreate this room completely without some renovation work, unless you have your own window seat. However, you can still purchase a cube bench, place it against your window and put a few throw pillows on top of it.

Next, it’s impossible to ignore the stunning rug and two-tier table in the middle of the room.

Finally, add in a cube pouf, sofa and window treatments. Of course, place flowers on your end tables, a pendulum light or hanging lamp in one corner and you can add an additional sofa or chair if you have the space.

12. Home Tour: A Stunning Hyderabad home styled with Warm Colours

What’s nice about this space is that it can complete any countertop in the home. You’ll need to find a way to add the lovely tiles that are reminiscent of Indian home décor worldwide, and these peel and stick ones match this look very well.

Next, you’ll want to add in a splash of greenery, artificial ferns and a white flower pot work exceptionally well.

A large organizer tray filled with knickknacks and jars will complete the look.

13.Simple Indian Sitting Space

Greet your guests with this simple sitting room, perfect for gathering, talking to friends or just relaxing. The room has a lot going on, and it’s hard to distinguish the true focal point of the space. The long bench stands out due to its rich orange padding with beautiful wood tones.

Golden décor is scattered on the walls, add in a golden Ganesha, Buddha statues and platters on the wall.

Add in a small stool with a flower pot on top, and don’t forget the tall, skinny table on the right side for additional flair. You might not be able to recreate this room 100%, but you will get a lot of inspiration from it.

14. From riads to royal palaces, the best places to stay in Marrakech

This room is simple, sleek yet extremely enticing. Imagine walking into this room with the oversized mirror on the wall, wicker table and matching chairs. Dark wood tones fill this room, but you can experiment with your own color options.

Curtains drape the side of the windows, which, if you haven’t figured it out yet, is a major design touch in Indian home décor.

However, this design isn’t quite finished. You’ll also need the perfect rug and some tall floor lanterns. Add in some flowers or oranges on the table like in this pin, and you’ll have your own Indian oasis in your home.

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15. Decor Inspiration All Around On #RittikaLookAtThis

Stunning is the perfect word when viewing this little oasis. A pink accent “sofa” truly makes this room special because it provides deep contrast that Indian home décor is known for offering. Large curtains box the room in and cause a sense of separation.

Hanging plants drape down from the ceiling while the eight-sided table fits perfectly with the wooden accent/armchair chairs.

Add in a beautiful floor lamp, and you’re able to recreate this look in your own space. Don’t forget to add your own splash of color and style into this room.