5 Must-Haves for New Moms

Must-Have Baby Items for First-Time Moms

Those blue lines on that pregnancy kit are a kick starter to many new things. A new journey, new emotions, new experiences and of course new advice. Be it fellow moms, experienced elders or those enticing promotions shouting out of just about everything giving you suggestions about what to buy and how to gear up for the arrival of your bundle of joy may be helpful but overwhelming as well. If you too are confused about what to buy to prepare yourself for the new arrival, here’s the most practical list of things that you should pick up while everything else can wait.


It is natural for a baby to be close to his mother. Babies are happiest when being held by mom. Babywrappers is a great way of keeping baby happy and to help build a stronger bond between mom and her baby. A baby wrap or carrier help you to move your baby around freely without worrying about hitting his head against something behind. Also, it serves other purposes because it makes the baby feel warmth due to the heat generated. This is particularly vital during the cold. It also helps babies grow up smarter and happier. You can get a good baby wrap/carrier at most baby stored near you.

must haves for new moms - carrier
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A great stroller and travel system is an essential need of every mom. Newborns will need a carriage to lie down flat and face you while going out for a small walk or to the supermarket. They will soon become supported sitters and start sitting with your help. Prams with fully reclined seats or bassinets are suitable for babies at this stage.

At six months or so, babies begin to sit upright and become independent sitters. They don’t need to lie in a reclined position anymore and are curious to take in all the sights and sounds around them. Taking them outdoors in a stroller will help you introduce them to the world around them.

must haves for new moms - stroller
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Toys serves various purposes. The most vital reason for getting a toy for your baby is to awaken’s your baby’s five senses. Baby teething toys are beneficial, not only for helping to relieve a baby’s pain, but also for helping a baby’s cognitive development. My little’s boy teething toy allowed him to develop motor-skills. A baby must see the toy, grab it, and guide it into the mouth in order for it to be chewed on. So a good study is required by going through different teething toy reviews before opting for one. When my child was cutting his teeth, I bought the Vulli Sophie la Girafe – the most beloved teether for babies. I found this product to be a great remedy for my son’s teething problems.

must haves for new moms - TEETHING TOY
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When my son was 2weeks old, I was still engulfed with the excitement of being a mom. I envisioned him sitting, crawling and even walking. But I soon I had to get an infant seat for him to quickly encourage him to sit by himself. I was a bit confused regarding the infant seat to buy as there were like a thousand brand in the market. Based on recommendation, I purchased the 4Moms mamaRoo – Infant Seat. And I felt relaxed because the seat was just my perfect need. It bounces up and down and sways from side to side. My son was quickly able to sit on his own soon afterwards. Indeed, it’s one sure thing moms should consider buying.

must haves for new moms infant seat
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Can we ever mention what moms should purchase without mentioning the diaper bag? If you go the hospital or baby centers and ask for a shopping list for your baby, everyone would tell you: you need a diaper bag. It’s extremely important especially for first time moms.

Expectant moms need several items to take care of newborns and themselves. From diapers to baby carriers, the list is endless. Even if you can’t purchase everything. Ensure your baby got the necessary items and an intense care which they deserve.

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