How to Keep the House Clean with Kids

Mommy Tips for Keeping The House Clean and Organized

If your kids are like mine, you will notice they don’t like to sit quietly while you tidy the house. My oldest son (age five) is my constant shadow. He wants to get himself involved in whatsoever I’m doing. If he is not with me in the lobby, he will be clinging to my trouser at the corridor. The fact is trying to keep the house clean with kids around can be difficult. Sometimes, you would be happy to have tidied up the kitchen successfully and move to tidy up the living room, only for you to come back and meet the kitchen a lot messier than it used to be.

The good news is that your house doesn’t have to be messy just because you got kids around. There is a way out as outlined below.


Kids love toys and dolls. And this is often a play tool around the house. My kids use their gadgets to decorate the living room and later turn it into a messy place with toys flying all around the place. I discovered that if I could limit toys in the mum area of the house and restrict it to the kid’s room, the house could be a lot tidier. I bought a standard toy organizer for them. And this allowed me to breathe some fresh air again. Aside from toys, I arranged different items in the kids shelve ranging from books, school, and some other accessories. It made the house to look cleaner than before.

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Seriously, cleaning can be very tiring. Especially when you got lots of chores to do, coupled with work and a busy schedule. Sometimes, I become exhausted after doing some little house chores, and I might not have the time for anything else for the rest of the day. How did I get around this? I decided to get a  MULTI-TASK: floor and carpet cleaner. When I mean multitask, I don’t say you should try to do everything at the same time. As for me, I got this multi-surface cleaner which I used to vacuum floor wash the floor at the same time. And it has been beneficial.

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I know you don’t expect your 6months old to pick up the cleaning brush anytime soon. But kids that are of age like 3-year-olds love to help out with the chores. You can buy a kid size broom along with a cleaning paste, and encourage them to participate in the routine cleaning and mopping. This way they get to learn a useful skill as well. As keeping you out with chores. Cleaning paste are effective ways of keeping the house clean. My kid can use it effectively and I love the fact that it’s affordable.

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Your house can’t be messier than when clothes liter everywhere around the living room. Pulling clothes up when you have kids around encourages dirt and rodents. I once faced the same challenge until I figured a way out. I got a brand new laundry chamber basket. It was great l because it took care of my laundry stock and the whole house became tidier than it used to to be.

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I don’t know about you, but as for me, my living room became a paradise when I decided to get a drawer for storing my kids’ toys and other valuables. It did not just serve that purpose, but it also provided extra storage space around the house, and this enabled me to store more items such as school supplies, toiletries, and clothes. It became the best storage solution for my home, and even the kids loved it. To keep your house clean, you have to organize your kids’ toys and keep them all choked in a drawer.

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Kids can be messy only when they got things to mess around with, trust me. I this is a constant lesson I have to teach myself as a parent. When your kids eventually group up, they will remember a very messy house, and how you struggled to keep it clean.


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