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A Step-by-Step Guide to Driving 50,000 Visitors a Month with Pinterest

Pinterest for Bloggers

Are you a blogger or an affiliate marketer looking to drive 50,000 visitors or more to your websites every month?

It may be your product page that is not performing, or you might be a web owner whose content is not getting the desired views as supposed by the right audience.

Well, I have a few tips for you.

With Pinterest, you can drive massive monthly traffic to your site or blog page for free.

This is a short version of my Pinterest step-by-step guide which is tested and proven – since I managed to drive almost 200K page views a month to my website by using only Pinterest!

Now, you can end your search on how to increase site traffic. Just follow the steps, and increase your monthly blog views and followers from Pinterest.

What is Pinterest and who is it for?

Pinterest is more than a social media platform. Pinterest is a search engine founded by Bell Silberman, Evan Sharp, and Paul Sicarra. It is a mobile app company and a social media website that helps in the discovery of information around the world.

Pinterest enables bloggers and web content owners to gain customers, publicity, and traffic to make more money.

With Pinterest traffic, companies can drive the relevant audiences to read content on their sites. Regardless of the usefulness of platforms like Pinterest, it is useless if you don’t have the right strategies to drive visitors to your page.

Before I take you through the step-by-step guide on how I used Pinterest to increase my site traffic from 0 to almost 200,000 in less than a year, allow me to give you a brief look at what Pinterest represents.

Facts That Define Pinterest as The Best for Driving Traffic

If you’re still having your doubts, here are the statistics for 2019 that shows why you should start using Pinterest right away:

  • Pinterest is the world’s fastest-growing website by membership growth—beating Facebook by 56%-%6 growths.
  • It’s the second-largest social network after Tumblr by membership growth.
  • Pinterest has more than 300 million active users—and they aren’t just there sitting idly.
  • More than 200 billion pins are posted and saved on Pinterest.
  • Over 14 million articles are pinned daily on Pinterest—meaning there are substantial activity levels that will benefit your business.
  • 6 out of every 10 millennials use Pinterest to find new products—that makes it a promising social media marketing strategy for you.
  • More than 600 million searches are recorded on Pinterest every month. That’s an excellent opportunity for your business to be discovered by online searchers.
  • More than two-thirds of all the people that use Pinterest lives outside the United States. That means your business can benefit from a vast global presence.

We can go on and on, but the information above would suffice. It also means that Pinterest thrives as one of the best software systems designed for data. The uniqueness of this site, as earlier stated, is what makes it very useful for bloggers, affiliate marketers, and online business models. The use of images to search for content is a beautiful and innovative way of increasing traffic.

If you’re a beginner or if you feel that your knowledge of Pinterest is limited, this article will help you. So pay attention. You are about to learn how to create a Pinterest profile that rocks.

Set Up a Pinterest Business Account

Signing up for a business account on Pinterest is easy and straightforward.

Steps to opening a Pinterest business account  

  •  Download the app or visit the website – Search for Pinterest.com or download the app on play store.
  • Sign up for free – When you have downloaded and installed the Pinterest app, you will see at the bottom of the Pinterest home page a signup option. That is for a personal account. If you want to optimize your account for Pinterest traffic, then you should check for the signup business account call-to-action button. Sign up for your Pinterest business account (it’s totally free).
  • Fill in your details: after you sign up, click on the settings of your account, and fill your profile. You must put in your best and utmost care into creating this account. Include detailed information about yourself and your brand. Use professional logos or pictures, and sometimes, including a success quote helps. Make sure you have added your email address, your URL, and every little thing that matters so other Pinterest users can know what your site offers and intends to provide.
  • Verify your website after opening your business account
  • Add a “Save” button to your website
  • Enable rich pins

6 Pinterest Strategies to Drive Over 50,000 Visitors with Pinterest 

You may be wondering, “Could this be possible?”, “How can I get all this Pinterest traffic for free?”

Well, it’s all possible. The tips I’m about to give you below worked for me, and in my first year of trying it, my monthly page views grew significantly.

Here are 7 tips on how you can get more than 50,000 visitors with Pinterest.

1. Make Sure Your Niche is Popular on Pinterest

If you want to drive tons of traffic to your blog, you must write about popular topics.

I’m sure you’re thinking that popular niches are competitive, and it is true. It is not a secret, all you need to do is to get inside Pinterest insights and check out what the popular niches are.

This is why you should write high quality content too.

By writing the best content that you can about popular topics, you will increase your chances to generate high traffic to your blog.

What Are the Most Popular Niches On Pinterest?

  1. Arts and crafts
  2. Traveling blogs
  3. Food
  4. Fitness and diets
  5. House and homes
  6. Fashion

2. Optimize your Pinterest Profile 

To optimize your profile, start with setting up a good profile name. Your name is a crucial aspect because having a good name helps to be ranked high on Pinterest search engine results (SEO).

For the best result, make sure your business name comes first, so visitors can know who you are. After that, add a few related keywords that best describe your blog niche.

Adjust the profile to your audience. In other words, design your profile in a way that people who are looking for a particular service will know at a glance that you’re offering this service.

The next optimization step is to organize your Pinterest boards and Pins. Make your boards focus precisely on what your target audience is looking for. You can do this by choosing relevant names and writing quality board descriptions that will target your niche audience.

Always think about how your profile looks in your customers’ eyes.

To understand better what people are looking for on Pinterest, you must make keyword research. That means that you need to find the most popular keywords on Pinterest that are less competitive. Check out this free printable planner for Pinterest bloggers that includes the exact steps you should take to make good keyword research.

After you will have a list of optimized keywords, make sure to include these keywords in the following places:

  • Profile name and description
  • Board names and descriptions
  • Pin titles and descriptions
  • Hashtags
  • Blog posts

3. Join Several Group Boards On Pinterest That Are Related To Your Blog Niche

 After setting up your account, you can start getting the most of your views by joining group boards on Pinterest. Group boards are the best medium for driving visitors to your post, especially if you are a new blogger. These boards are actually communities where other pinners can pin their content. With these group boards, you can reach out to a broader range of audiences, which is perfect for your traffic growth.

Just make sure to pin your posts every day. Once your content is unique and is what interests them, there will be a follow up from members.

Group boards are quite popular; hence, you can grow your follower base through them. To find new group boards, you can look for related keywords in the Pinterest search query or look for other users’ board lists.

For instance, you can type travel and get many results if you choose “search for boards” option. To join a group board, you need to contact the board owner. The only way to join a group board is by invitation. Most of the group boards have instructions on how to join them. Usually, the group board owner will ask to send an email with your details and the name of the group board you want to join.

Arrange your boards properly. Here there are more helpful strategies that I use to organize my boards.

I believe there should be 2 main board strategies. One is for new bloggers and the second is for advanced bloggers. Each stage is different and you should adjust your strategies to the stage you are in now if you want to achieve the best traffic results on Pinterest.

4. Create an attractive blog content 

The contents of your blog matter a lot when optimizing for traffic. Write high-quality blog posts that solve people’s problems – write about popular niches that people are looking for. To generate a lot of readers, create the best content you can. Make them see that you have their interest in mind.

Even if you’re a beginner, it very important to make your blog contents look professional. The majority of the people that use Pinterest are there to learn and get inspiration, and it’s only the best content that can satisfy and convert them into loyal viewers and followers. Represent your strings of ideas in a direct and straightforward way, so even those who are not familiar with your niche get a good glimpse of your post.

Use branded images to improve the outlook of your blog post. Make blog’s contents more professional, and avoid fluffs, so you don’t get your readers disengaged.

5. Design Pins that will go viral

For your pins to go viral, you must use clear titles, high-quality photos, and 2:3 pin size. You can use Canva or Adobe Illustrator to create your pins.

Pinning attractive images and Gifs from your blog pages on your Pinterest will make your profile look more appealing.  

If you want your Pins to go viral, make sure they have:

  • A catchy title
  • Popular topic
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Well-designed Pin
  • High-quality image
  • Interesting creative
  • Leads to high-quality article
  1. Establish Pining Action Plan

Watch this video to learn how I create a pin in Photoshop:

6. Pinning consistently at the right times is very critical.

Plan a pinning schedule that will include:

  • The best times to pin on Pinterest. Usually, it is between 2 am – 4 am EST or 8 pm – 9 pm EST. You should Pin when your audience is the most active on Pinterest.
  • Spread your Pinning sessions during the whole day. Don’t pin it all at once. You should pin more during weekends because users are mostly online throughout the day on weekends.
  • Post at least one new Pin a day – Pinterest love fresh content.
  • Pin 15 to 25 Pins a day (max 50 a day).
  • For each blog article create at least two pins
  • Use Tailwind scheduler to automate the repines
  • Join at least 30 group boards that are related to your niche and track their performance on Tailwind statistics on a monthly basis.
  • Plan a Pinterest pinning strategy and make a daily, weekly, and monthly task plans – Use this free printable planner for bloggers to set your goals.
  • Be consistent.

Bottom Line

With Pinterest standing as one of the fastest rising social platforms and business platforms, investing your time in it is very safe. If you adhere strictly to these Pinterest strategies, be sure to generate high monthly traffic to your blog from Pinterest.

Feel free to share your thoughts!