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Pinterest Board Strategy For beginners – NO.1

How to use Pinterest boards for blogging

Board Strategy no. 1 is a short-term strategy in which you boost your new account by joining as many group boards related to your blog niche as possible and sharing your Pins.

As a newbie on Pinterest with a small number of followers, your profile engagement is low, and you don’t have a steady high exposure.

By collaborating on these group boards, you will accelerate the growth of your followers and expose your Pins to new audiences and convert them into followers.

It is achievable for new Pinterest account to get at least 3,000 followers in less than a year, depending on your blog niche and your perseverance.

There is no precise number of group boards you should join to achieve this milestone, but I recommend joining at least 30 relevant group boards with at least 100 collaborators.

Quality parameters like group board Virality scores and number of followers do not play a significant role in this strategy. That is because new Pinterest accounts usually have a smaller number of followers and lower Virality scores than other group boards. So at this point, sharing Pins on these group boards can only help your account grow faster.

This doesn’t mean that you should join any board you see! Carefully pin on topic and check the quality of each group board before you join.

How exactly does joining group boards help me?

When you join and pin to group boards, you increase the number of people who are potentially exposed to your Pins. That is because the content that you share on these group boards is also exposed to the followers of the group board contributors, even if they are not following you.

This means that these group boards are a great way for new bloggers that don’t have many followers to achieve growth.

Having said that, over the years Pinterest noticed that some users have taken advantage of this method and in response reduced the power of group boards. As a result, using group boards has become a little more complex.

It is simply not enough to pin to every group board that you find. Furthermore, pinning to the biggest group boards doesn’t mean that you reach more users or grow your blog traffic faster.

What has changed?

Today you have to find the group boards that will work best for you.

How to determine if a Pinterest group board is good for you

First, when pinning to group boards, you must be on topic. The group boards you choose must be related to your Pins’ niche.

Second, you must pin to high-quality group boards. Check the following guidelines when searching for and selecting group boards:

  • High Virality Score – the easiest way to check whether a group board is good is to check the its Virality score using Tailwind. You can find the Virality score in the “Insights” section> “Boards Insights.” This score is the Repin/Pin rate of each board, and you can use these scores to compare and choose the best group boards.
  • Group boards with 100-300 contributors are usually better.
  • A high number of followers – Try to join to group boards that have a higher number of followers than yours.
  • No spammers – Check if the group board Pins are on topic, not repeated, and are of high quality.
  • SEO optimized – Check if the group board name and description are well optimized with relevant keywords.
  • 1:1 repin board – Check the board description to see if the board has a 1:1 repin rule, meaning that the contributors must repin at least one Pin from the group board for every new Pin they pin to that board. Although it is almost impossible to confirm that all the contributors follow this rule, I have noticed that group boards whose descriptions include this rule usually have a higher Virality Score.
  • High quality contributors – Check the identity of the boards’ contributors. Are they professional? Do they have many followers? Are they creating good topic-related content?

*In case you don’t use Tailwind and you can’t check the Virality Score, use the remaining guidelines to select the best group board for you.

How to join Pinterest group boards

The easiest way to find Pinterest group boards is to check other Pinterest users’ board lists (under the Boards section on each profile).

To join a group board, follow the instructions in the board description. You may be requested to send an email with your details, complete an onsite application form, join related Facebook groups, or perform other activities.

Before sending a request to join a group board, make sure to have a few boards with relevant Pins related to your blog niche, because good group board owners usually will check your profile before adding you to their boards.

Start your own group board on Pinterest

Starting your own group boards has many benefits. The greatest benefit is the opportunity to boost your popularity on Pinterest and gain more followers. Unlike joining other group boards, when you create your own group board, you can request anyone who asks to join your board to follow you and your boards as one of the conditions. Other benefits include:

  • Increase your engagement with other users
  • Control with whom you collaborate
  • Allow you to create high performing group boards
  • Allow you to participate in niche-related group boards that you manage
  • Help you grow your profile faster

How to start and grow your own group board

  1. Create a new group board – To make it searchable, include a popular keyword in the group board name.
  2. Add a board description that includes a short description of the board topic, a few related keywords, and pinning rules. You can use this template:


This board covers XXX…

WANT TO JOIN THIS GROUP BOARD? Follow me & the board you want to join and send me an email with a link to your Pinterest profile account and the name of the board you want to join. My Email: XXX”

  1. Add the board Category (click on the edit board option).
  2. Add a cover to your board to brand it.

 How can you grow your Pinterest group board

 As a new profile with a new group board, initially you will not get many requests (if any) to join your group board.

So, to add contributors to your board, you will have to send other users invitations even if they didn’t ask to join.

Who should you invite to your group board?

To get a quick response, you need to invite active users. Invite the users who most recently pinned to other group boards related to your niche.

Each day invite up to 4 new users – be careful not to invite too many at once. If you do, Pinterest might block or even ban you.

Over time, as your group board grows, you will not have to look for new contributors anymore. Your group board will be popular enough so you will start receiving requests from other users to join your board.

To keep your boards spam-free, make sure to check your boards from time to time and see if all the Pins are on topic and not repeated.

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