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Write High Quality Content That Generates Revenue

How to Create Profitable Content Your Audience Will Love

Content is king.

Quality content that adds value to the readers is the most important factor that will keep the readers coming back to your blog.

The more time people spend on your website, the higher Google will rank your website and the more money you’ll earn. 

Nowadays, we are overwhelmed by large amounts of information. In order to get the reader’s attention, you need to be creative and write high-quality content that they won’t find anywhere else. Your content must be professional, reliable, and up to date.

But, first of all, you need to understand what profitable content is.

What Is A Profitable Content and How to Find It?

Profitable content can be any content that generates income on your blog. For example, if you plan to earn money with affiliate marketing, an article about the best laptops for bloggers that contains affiliate links to products can be a profitable article. The same with displaying ads, a well-ranked informative article that gets a steady monthly traffic of visitors and earns money from ads is profitable content.  

When blogging for money, you must learn how to create this profitable content that sells. 

I use two main strategies to create this kind of content. 

Content Strategy #1 For Affiliate Marketing

In this strategy I create two main types of content:

  1. “Best products” posts – this is where I research and list the best products in a certain category. Here I place my affiliate links. I display ads also on this page but when this page gets very profitable and people are buying through my affiliate links, I remove the ads from it to increase the conversion rate, which means to prevent readers from leaving this page by clicking an ad. 
  2. “How to” posts – this is where I teach, review, explain how to use certain products, and link it to the “Best Products” post. This is the best way to gain your readers’ trust and help them. Once you managed to help them and they trust you, they will follow your recommendations. I add affiliate links to this type of post and display ads on it. 

For Example:

Let’s try it on breast pumps for moms.

  1. “Best products” post is: “5 Best electric breast pumps for breastfeeding moms”.
  2. “Best products” post is: “How to use breast pumps when breastfeeding”.

Once I wrote the “Best products” and the “How to” posts, I’ll link every new related article on my blog to these two because of two reasons; the first one is that it helps me build a website hierarchy that tells Google that these are important pages on my blog that I want to promote. And the second reason is that every reader that will visit my website, will get to these profitable pages. To rank these pages high on Google you’ll have to work on backlinks.  

Content Strategy #2 For Displaying Ads

This strategy is based on finding low competition keywords that have a good amount of monthly traffic and writing the best posts to rank first on Google. When you find keywords that have very low competition, you can rank first on Google more easily and earn from displaying ads on it. This is the reason why you don’t have to build backlinks to these types of posts. If your content is good, Google will rank it high. 

The problem with this strategy is that if you want to earn a lot of money, you’ll have to publish thousands of high quality articles. This usually takes longer or requires a large investment in hiring content writing services.   

***It is important to note that no matter what strategy I use, I make a keywords research to track the best keywords that have low competition and good traffic volume. If you want to rank high with competitive keywords, you’ll need to build many backlinks to your posts from high authority websites. I show how to do this exactly on this page here

5 Tips To Write Interesting Content That Attracts Readers

Here are 5 tips to write content that will help you get more visitors to your website:

Write Content That Solves Problems

People are always looking for the best solutions to their problems – try to help people to solve them.

Use Attractive & Catchy Titles 

A good headline will attract readers to your blog and will make them read your article. Focus on writing clear and compelling headlines. Don’t forget to place the keyword!

Tell Powerful Personal Stories

People like to read personal stories that will make them learn about their lives. By letting your reader get to know you better, you will get them closer to you and loyal to your blog.

Products Reviews, Useful Tips, and Hacks

Many blogs were created in order to share recommendations, reviews, tips, tricks, and hacks. This way users can get information and decide to purchase or not a specific product. If your recommendations are reliable, users will come back to read more.

Use High-Quality Photographs  

The need for eye-catching visual content has never been more important! You must use creative and high-quality images in your blog posts, especially if you want to promote your blog on social media. So, you have two options  to select from:

Take Your Own Photographs

 you can buy a quality camera or use the latest smartphone camera for taking original pictures for your blog. For taking my photos, I bought this outstanding and highly recommended Canon camera, which is half professional and very easy to use. If you want something more comfortable to carry, the latest iPhone version will definitely do the work.

The greatest benefit of shooting your own photographs is that they are 100% original, only you are allowed to use them, and there is no one in the world who might have photos exactly like yours. This way you can express yourself, your personal style, and the concept of your blog in the best possible way.

Buy Photographs On Stock Photo Websites

There are many stock photo websites where you can purchase a monthly or a yearly plan and download the images for commercial use. Taking unique photos or creating vectors or drawings can take time and get you stuck with unexpected expenses. Therefore, in order to keep it simple, it is recommended to purchase a monthly plan for downloading these photos and saving time. I use DepositPhotos to buy images and vectors for commercial use. They offer an affordable package for bloggers – 30 quality photos for only 29$! Best value for your money.

Don’t Download Images From Google

Free doesn’t always mean free, especially on the web.

It is strictly forbidden to download photos from the internet, as this may infringe upon the owner’s copyrights. Therefore, there is a real risk that you could end up getting sued for using images you downloaded from a website after searching “free photos for download” on Google.

You should know that there are certain websites that offer free downloadable photos with approval for commercial use.

Here are 3 popular websites where you can download photos that are free for commercial use:

Here is the full list of recommended free stock photo websites

Remember, free is great but everyone can use them. So if you want to make your blog special, I recommend limiting the number of free images you use on your website. 

Make sure to check this list of the best sites to buy stock photos online.

How Often Should I Post?

This question is frequently asked and is very important. As the owner of a new blog, you must post as many quality articles as you can, remembering that quality is better than quantity. During the first five months after I started this blog, I published 200 articles. This means I posted an average of 40 articles a month, 10 articles a week.

You may think that this is too many, but this was the number that worked for me and I managed to take my blog to a higher level. I worked like crazy, writing, and reading for 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. After 5 months I managed to gain more than 64K monthly visitors to my website, joined Mediavine, and earned my first great income as a blogger!

After I joined Mediavine, I continued publishing 3 posts per week.

Generally, it is recommended to publish at least 2 to 3 posts per week. This way Google knows if you work on your website on a regular basis and your returning readers will read new articles. 

What About The Post Length?

To get better SEO ranking results and increase your ad income in the future, each article should include at least 1500 words. Make sure the text is clear, the font size is at least 16-18px, and the article structure includes titles, subtitles, and short paragraphs.

When to Hire a Freelance Writer?

As a blogger, I write, read and edit on a daily basis. If you don’t like writing or you want to scale your blog faster, you will need to hire a freelance writer to write for you. Although that are many freelance writers and companies that provide content writing services, it is difficult to find good writers that are not expensive. 

I use Fiverr to find freelance writers online. Fiverr is an online marketplace for freelance services where you can hire writers, graphic designers, video editors, virtual assistants, etc.

You can type in the service you need to find a freelancer:


On Fiverr, you can find writers from around the world, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and America. You will find out that the cheapest writing services are from Africa and Asia. While you can hire great English writers from Africa and India, the slang and writing styles may be different than in Europe and America. This is the reason why I prefer to hire writers from the US or United Kindom. This is definitely something your need to consider before hiring a freelance writer. 

Other good websites where you can find freelance writers are:

What’s next?

Once you publish at least 10 high-quality articles on your blog, you can start promoting them on social media. Go to the next step to learn the best social media strategies to get free traffic. 



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