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What You Should Pack in Your Diaper Bag in Advance

Diaper Bag Checklist


If you are a second-time mom, by now you know that baby’s need a lot of gear. As a first-time mom, don’t be alarmed. Your diaper bag is what will work as a home for you when you are away. So when buying a diaper bag, you need to get one with a lot of pockets because of all the things you will need to pack. In addition, these pockets should be easily accessible.

What should be in your diaper bag?

1. Diapers

Of course, you are going to need diapers. Pack at least 1 diaper for every hour you are going to be out. It may seem like a lot but you will have to change your baby diaper many times a day and you don’t want to get stranded.

2. Plastic bags

Once you change your baby’s diaper, where do you intend to throw the dirty diaper? For the environment’s sake and hygiene, carry biodegradable plastic bags with you to wrap the dirty diapers. Sometimes, your baby may wet herself or get wet for one reason or another. You can use plastic bags to secure wet clothes.

You should also pack a travel pack for disposable diaper wipes.

3. Diaper rash ointment

Don’t forget to pack some ointment that you will use on your baby as you change their diaper. I like using WELEDA diaper rash cream or DESITIN in severe cases for my baby.

4. Baby wipes

One of the most useful things you will need is a pack of baby wipes! I never go out without a pack or two of baby wipes. They are good for cleaning your baby during the diaper change, after feeding, in case of vomits, etc. Super useful!

5. Change of clothes

Anything can happen. After feeding your baby, you are going to burp them and this can cause them to mess up their clothes. So you need to carry a change of clothes for burping or any other reason that would necessitate a change of clothes.

6. Hand sanitizer

Before and after changing your baby’s diaper, you need to ensure that your hands are clean to avoid transferring germs from one person to another. Furthermore, as you breastfeed, sometimes you hold your breast to direct the flow of milk. It is paramount that your hands are clean when you do so to keep your baby from taking in germs.

7. Baby blanket

The weather gets unpredictable. So don’t be too sure and assuming about it. Carry along a baby blanket especially when you will be out for a while with your baby. You never know when you may need it

8. Pacifier

Your baby can get fussy and start crying. They may not be hungry and all your swaddling and rocking may not work effectively. A pacifier will do the trick.

9. Baby toys

You don’t have to carry a whole bag of toys. You just need to carry along those toys that your baby loves.

10. Clean bottles and formula

If you are formula feeding your baby, it is important to have a set of clean bottles and formula. Your baby’s tummy is delicate so you don’t want to mess that up.

It sounds like a lot of things but they are actually not. Since your diaper bag is all you have when you are away from home, it must have everything you need.







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