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What You Need to Know About Daycare

Putting your baby in daycare? Factors You need to understand about Daycare Service


Daycare is the best option for moms who are not full-time moms and need to go back to work. It is the safest way to ensure that your child is not just receiving adequate care, but you are also having a comfortable and undistracted time at work to make those bucks that you need to bring her up.

It’s a Hard Decision to Make, but Easier Once you Know About Daycare 

It is essential that you learn what you need to know about daycare because taking the decision is not always easy. Every mom will tell you that the first day of leaving her baby at daycare was the hardest because she couldn’t imagine leaving her baby in the care of strangers. However, it gets better with time, and sometimes you make things a lot easier on yourself by ‘easing in’ to the daycare system before finally leaving your child at the daycare.

Many parents will tell you that they have greatly benefited from daycares. Some of these benefits include: 

Baby’s Development

Leaving your baby cooped up with a nanny all day long is safe but not really helpful. Your baby needs to interact with other children. It helps her to develop her social skills on how to deal with other people. Besides, it also helps her develop her speech and communication even faster. What your child learns in a daycare, she cannot learn with just staying in the house with a nanny.

Playing with other kids is good for your child. There is a lot of exposure to new people and she also gets to make friends. As a matter of fact, you might find that your child enjoys going to the daycare more than you had expected. Daycares are a learning environment for your child and they improve her ability to learn and grasp ideas. She will grow up less isolated, unlike a child who grows up with no playmates or friends.

Time to go to work

The truth is that not every mom can afford to be a stay-at-home mom or can do work from home. Some moms love their jobs and need to go to the office to work. Besides, it is not emotionally and mentally healthy for a mom to stay cooped up at home with her child for a long time. This is how postpartum depression comes about.

A daycare will ease all your worries. You get to work while your baby is receiving adequate care. You can always create ways to meet your deadlines. So, you don’t get to worry too much about getting fired or how your child is doing. It is a win-win situation as long as you know what you need to know about daycare.

 Age guidelines

When is the best time to put your baby in a daycare for the first time?

Research has shown that the best age for a child to start daycare is at least 12-months-old. However, not every mom has the luxury to wait for 12 months before enrolling their child at a daycare.

Since many working parents have only a six-week leave and their families rely on their income, waiting until the baby is older is not always an option.

Provided you understand what you need to know about daycare, you don’t have to wait for your child to be 12 months to take them to daycare. However, you should also not take them too early, for example, below 6 weeks. Most daycare centers will not take babies under 6 weeks of age anyway. The reason is that they don’t always have the special facilities that the newborns need.

The suitable age to take your child to daycare will depend on your reservations and the daycare you choose to take them to.

Final thought 

Opting for a Daycare service for your child is good but as long as it is the best daycare that operates professionally, understanding, and with patient staff. Ensure you leave your child in the best care. Click here to read more about the warning signs of an inadequate daycare.